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  1. Night Golf

    Anyone know of places in Virginia or Maryland that offer golf under the lights? The internet really does a horrible job of providing a list of places that offer this. All I get are the list of courses in my area.
  2. Head North

    Has anyone ever played the Akureyri Golf Course in Iceland. It it the northern most 18 hole course according to the R & A. Thinking about playing it next summer under the midnight sun. Always thought that would be an experience.
  3. Ft. Belvoir Course in Virginia

    There will be two of us. You are correct, but I would still be charged for 18.
  4. Ft. Belvoir Course in Virginia

    Thanks for the suggestion. I looked at Laurel Hill, but they did not have and tee times listed for 9 holes. I looked at going there before I finally booked Jefferson in Falls Church.
  5. Ft. Belvoir Course in Virginia

    I like Andrews, but only have time for 9 on Sunday and they only had tee times for 18, but thanks for the suggestion.
  6. Ft. Belvoir Course in Virginia

    Thanks for the information, I will skip playing it then.
  7. Top Flite

    Yesterday I saw some Top Flite drivers on sale at Dicks for $19. Does anyone know if they would be any good?
  8. Hilton Head Island recommendations

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Harbortown course.
  9. Has anyone here played the course at Ft. Belvoir in Virginia? Just wondering how it is to play. Will be playing the course next week.
  10. Juneau, AK

    Here is what I found out.
  11. Hitting the Flagstick at the PGA

    While I was watching the PGA Championship one of the players hit a drive where it hit the pin. If the pin was not in, it would have been in the hole. Do you think shots like this should count as in or play it as it is.
  12. Juneau, AK

    It is a start, but no course is listed.
  13. Juneau, AK

    Hello, can anyone give me some help. I might be going to Juneau, AK for a year to work for the Coast Guard, are there any good golf courses in Juneau? I have looked online and have yet to find any with a website. Who can help me, thanks.
  14. Custom Putter

    I'm a big Star Wars fan and I have come with a unique idea. I'm looking to have a custom putter made where the handle would be that of a lightsaber. Any thoughts on the idea?
  15. Noodle Hats

    Does anyone know where I can get a Noodle golf hat? Looking for a new hat, not used. Thanks!