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  1. Gee don't throw out "learn the golf swing in 4 moves" then leave us hangin, lol!! Sum up the ol' how-to if you please...
  2. The Tiger era is the first to turn the "game" of golf into a "sport". He caught the golf world with their pants down. The world has been tryin to hitch them up ever since. His prowess combined with the technological explosion made for a whole new ballgame. Everyone focuses on when he goes in with a lead, they fail to mention all the times he isn't even in the hunt. He is the best golfer in the world, AT THIS MOMENT. He will be surpassed, not by me lol, but it will happen. If you don't think so, think about Jack's soon to be broken records. Millions of people believed he would never be surpasse
  3. #1--Get fitted for your clubs. This is more than important. Alot of stores do it for free without purchase. Then try some in the store and don't buy anything yet. Go out with a friend and share a bag. Or rent clubs for your round and try different ones. It's much better than dropping a bunch of $$ on something you might not like by being impatient or hearing a couple of good reviews. This game gets EXPENSIVE, as anyone here can tell you. If money isn't an issue, try to spend more on lessons than clubs for a while. Try out different clubs of all kinds/brands. You need to find clubs that feel ri
  4. Yeah, wait til he develops a short game, then you're really gonna vomit...
  5. Haven't made it to pebble yet. But I will. I play expensive, I play cheap. Now with the economy it's a great time to get deals on big ticket items, including golf. That's a friggin Great deal. I'd trade one round at pebble for 5-$100 rounds or 10-$50 rounds in a heartbeat. And I'm from New England like you, think of how much you already saved on golf this crappy weather season. Put it towards pebble.
  6. My first instructor was a major coke-head...gone. I outdrove my second instructor by about 40-50 yrds. He helped with fundamentals but did not accentuate my strong points, he seemed to focus only on the minimally negative. He didn't know how to harness power, as he had none...gone. I have since had random lessons with many instructors (one top 100) and have not yet found anyone that compares to my most influential teacher, me. I know myself better than anyone else possibly can. I do from time to time have professionals check my fundamentals without robbing any natural ability. However, there a
  7. Ah, this old rant...a sick short game is better than a long ball all day, everyone knows that. But a long ball with a sweet short game is golf. When people expose their weakness as short hitters, it just breeds confidence in the long hitters, they taste blood. You may not see 300+ each and every time from long hitters, but you'll never see a poke around 200 with a driver. That would be called a shank to a long hitter, fairway or not, sorry. While I'm sure it's true some people lie about their distances (or are ignorant to them), one cannot possibly believe everyone is lying or misled. It would
  8. The only people who don't believe 300 yard drives are possible are people who have never hit them. They think that there must be some catch: wind, downhill, colorado air, etc. They refuse to believe someone can do it because THEY can't or won't do it. 300 is the outdated goal, people have been hitting that for many, many years. Feels great, don't it? If I had to choose, I'd rather stick a pin than drive a mean ball. But I wouldn't forsake either one....
  9. You're misled if you think pros don't work on distance along with short distances. This game challenges every aspect of your game, including your length. Unless of course someone plays all short courses to feel better about not being able to hang. People who can't hit the ball far just can't relate to long hitters. They don't get it. And worse off, most ACCEPT their deficiency. If distance doesn't make a difference, why do they keep lengthening courses?? 10 yards is irrelevent, but 40-50 is a game changer.....
  10. I lost a friend a couple years ago, by his own doing. That doesn't make it any easier. It actually makes it harder to take because you feel you might have been able to prevent it somehow. Your wanting to smack him around is an indicator that you would have done something, had you the chance. Now is the time for you to be there for his loved ones, and to have your loved ones be there for you. I'm sorry for your loss.
  11. Might wanna take a wider stance than normal, and slow your swing down. Don't end up on your back foot, or you might end up on your back end...
  12. Sounds like you overcorrected, whatever you did. maybe reverse what you did a little...
  13. I killed a baby duck by accident. The ball caught him right in the head, ugly sound. I felt all kinds of bad, especially when the momma was whimpering over it. It was all twitching....man, why'd you make me remember that??
  14. People do weird things. Sometimes it translates into golf, as it's always on our minds. Sometimes you get bored of the same old thing. Anyone else do odd things/drills that help your game? Here are some of my favorites: ----I putt left handed, I'm a righty ( while I sink almost everything under 10-12 feet, my lagging lacks lefty) --I go mini-golfing to keep my putting fresh. Then I come back and only have to worry about speed and break, not bank shots, bridges, and windmills ( I know, Happy Gilmore). --I chip/pitch coins off of carpet, helps keep me precise. --I putt on concrete/asphal
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