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  1. When will data science finally reach the world of golf?

    Any pieces of advice for me about this topic, because I'm pretty confident in doing that research. Maybe the help of your own experience will be of a great help.
  2. "The Art of the Short Game" by Stan Utley

    I've read so many reviews about this book, both negative and positive. Is it worth reading?
  3. Is the science research gap widening?

    agree with this
  4. When will data science finally reach the world of golf?

    It's a great topic for research. I'm pretty sure we can find some great examples of data science in golf. Wanna ask important site to do that research and I think it will be a great paper about this.
  5. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

    can't beleive they killed Han Solo, such an idiots.