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  1. With all the snow that melted and rain that been going through there must've been a lot of plugged balls and soggy feet... LOL I'm on high ground and my backyard looks like a swamp...
  2. Oh, I'm not really a fan of pain meds.. I try not to take them so I don't "mask" the pain, then do something and really screw the problem up worse. If I feel the onset of pain, that means stop. Do what you can to stay off dialysis.. A friend of mine, a type 1 diabetic, who lost half his foot to that, then his kidneys began to "shut down" slowly and he also found out he has to be gluten free. . He fought hard for several years to stay off dialysis but, it got him. He's now "plumbed" permanently a goes through 4+ hour sessions 3 times a week. It was rough for him the first few months
  3. I used to play with a guy that, when closer to the hole, he would at times walk around, pick up or move /adjust his ball while I was putting. (This is a guy that said he could "feel" the break of the green by walking it)... I wouldn't say anything, I would just back out of it, maybe clean off the club face, and then just stand there. After a few moments he would then give me this "are you going to putt" look or actually say it. I would reply with a "I thought YOU were putting first". I would then go back to my putting procedure.
  4. I didn't want to plug up the 2018 goals thread because this really isn't a goal.. so, here's my story.... I had to give up playing golf around the second week of November ‘17. All season I normally play every morning Monday through Friday as long as weather permits and the course is open. Well, I woke up one Saturday morning with extreme pain from my left hip down my left leg. So much pain that I couldn’t walk normally and it would bring tears to my eyes just to move a short distance. I went to a couple of doctors and It turns out it was a pinched sciatic nerve. I got pain kille
  5. I voted "Made" but hey, I'll add a twist... MAYBE the reference to "natural born" is actually referencing eye dominance. I'm right handed but left eye dominant so, when I'm over the ball and I peek towards the hole I'm seeing the line "natural" or, straight on with the dominate left eye mostly. On the other hand, if I putted LEFT handed and peek towards the hole i would see the line just slightly to the left with the "weak" right eye mostly. . The above reference is to a straight line putt.. no break, etc. Eh, but what do I know LOL... I'm just relating back to when I sh
  6. I went with 100% because I rarely visit a driving range.. maybe a few time in the winter months I'll go. I hate hitting off of the plastic mats it doesn't feel right plus, it's a PITA to get the green plastic that's burned into club soles off. My swing is fast, except for chip shots and obviously putting but, trying to swing slower just screws things up for me. I practice on the golf course. Besides, it's actually what I'm going to playing on.. up hill / down hill lies, ball above or below the feet and all the other "quirky" lies a ball may be in. This past week I "parked" the wedges and
  7. LOL... don't worry, you're not alone. Plus, the putting green is right outside the clubhouse and if I tried filming, all one would hear in the background is stuff like this... "what the hell are you doing?" , "why are you filming that?", "I bet you miss the putt". etc. I also have no clue how to edit and post a video.
  8. Based on the one that posted the video it's probably getting cold up there at night.... "Jason Helman PGA of Canada and Director of Golf at the Wyndance Golf Club, Uxbridge, Ontario is a graduate of Golf Academy of America." The video would have been better if a golfer was there when that geyser occurred. LOL
  9. Good point.. the University I used to work at built a huge 5 story library to to replace the smaller 3 story one. It turns out starting well before I retired in 2015 the library was being "down sized" in relation to printed material. They had numerous bins full of printed books that were heading to the dump and being replaced by digital material. I was odd seeing is this big library which now had a lot of empty floor space. Talk about poor planning and a waste of taxpayer money. They could have simply remodeled the old library.
  10. It's been nice here in S/W CT.. still in shorts and usually I have to remove the pullover to short sleeves by the 5th hole. This coming week is suppose to be sunny and around 60* at the start of the week and 70* towards the end of the week... 5 more days of nice golf weather for me.
  11. We tee'd off and were walking down a par 3 hole towards the green.. The previous hole is a 270 yard dog leg left and the last 50 - 60 yards or so parallels the hole we were on. We were several yards from a very large rock on edge of our fairway when were heard "FORE" from the previous hole. As we turned away I heard a "click" and saw this golf ball fly high and past us. We noticed where the ball went and started "hootin" & hollerin".. This group that hit the ball came racing up to us and were apologizing profusely. We were like.. Huh??.. WTF?. It wasn't THAT close. I then asked i
  12. If not a troll... He / she probably never knew that before GPS, there were printed road maps that one could get for free.
  13. Hybrid mostly.. for me it glides through the pine needles, leaves etc much better. I'm not looking for distance, just putting back into play. It's a 1/4 to maybe a half swing at best. A lot of the trees /branches I encounter are very low pines. If it's tree I can somewhat stand under, which is rare, I'll go with a low loft iron. LOL, there are two pines on the course that I play that if the ball goes under them, you're taking an unplayable.
  14. I wear my wedding ring and also a signet ring on the right hand. Neither bother my while golfing nor do I wear a glove. In fact, trying to play with a glove on bothers me. Anyway, the wedding ring has been on so long (40 yrs) that it would have to be cut off. It will not go past the knuckle. The signet ring is getting to a similar condition, it's been on since '93,
  15. Wouldn't you know it but, after our round this morning I found Grandpa's clip towel in the parking lot. Burgundy colored towel, leather strap and a nice nickle plated clip. I know it was Grandpa's because it said so on the towel. Hopefully Grandpa collects it after he finishes his round so he doesn't have to explain to the grand kids that he lost it. ;)
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