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  1. During an experiment, I installed my driver shaft (Ping G400 SFT) onto my 3 wood (Ping G400 SFT) and noticed more efficiency. I gained 15 to 20 yards off the tee and my fairway shots required less effort. As a result, I currently have my 3 wood at +1.125” longer than stock given me a even gap in shaft on my driver to 3 wood to 5 wood.
  2. There is a lot of good advice here. You will see what work for you. I now stay away from the range, the conditions do not simulate a course, but will chip and putt before a round. Getting the chipping in order helps me with my round. At home, I take on average 50 swings per day to keep my golf muscles working, stretch daily and eat healthy. I enjoy beer, but none when I am playing \ practicing \ learning. I play practice rounds (best ball, 2 max, if needed) and note all the shots and which ones require more practice. I have a chart with my clubs, yardage and any key information on the club. As a result, I have gone through equipment changes for the last two years and now have a set I play consistent with.
  3. I carry 5 fairways, Ping G400’s SFT (16°, 19°, 22°) and Ping Rhapsody (25°, 30°) which allow me to hit from 80 to 200 yards using the same swing on tight lie fairways. For yardage under 80, on the tight lies, I use my wedges positioning the ball on or behind my non-leading foot. In addition to the clubs mention my bag consist of Ping G400 SFT (10°) G10 irons (7 to LW).
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