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  1. Thanks for this. I can't seem to wrap my head around the idea of why you'd want to use bounce for tighter lies. I get how it'd prevent the common issue of having the leading edge come in steep into the ground and barely launching the ball forward. However, wouldn't using the bounce make it so easy for the leading edge to hit the ball and just skull it? In a fluffy lie, I can see the club going under the ball avoiding this issue but on a tight lie, it seems like I'd just end up skulling the ball nonstop (which is my biggest issue already)! Could anyone explain why using the bounce would increase the margin of error for these shots? I don't really understand it from reading the thread.
  2. I can't figure it out. The local course here has relatively tight fairways and once my ball is inside 50-60 yards, 70% of the time I top the ball with a controlled SW shot. I've tried shallowing my AoA and different ball positions but it doesn't seem to consistently fix the issue. I'm thinking of just putting from that far out but some holes have greens going uphill and putting becomes a lot more difficult. Would appreciate any tips on how to improve this aspect of my short game. On another note, how am I supposed to improve my short game in general at a range with mats? It feels completely different from an actual fairway/rough. Are there any ways to still get better if I can't always go to the golf course for a round?
  3. So I can hit my short irons and wedges reasonably straight - maybe 100 yards on my PW and 130 yards on my 7 iron (low numbers but I'm fine with these for now as long as they're straight). Problem is, when I try to use my 5H, 4H, 3W or even Driver, they all only hit around 100-160 yards. I have a couple of ideas as to why that's the case - the most obvious being I can't hit the longer clubs flush yet or my form collapses with these clubs. Any other ideas? More importantly, how do i effectively work into these clubs? At this point there's no reason for me to bring anything longer than a 7I because they all reach the same distance anyway - with less consistency!
  4. Quietus

    My Swing (Quietus)

    I've been Playing Golf for: 6 months My current handicap index or average score is: N/A but itd probably be insanely high My typical ball flight is: Slice for driver and push right for irons The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Slicing my driver I finally managed to get a decent recording of my drive. This is my second time to ever play in an actual golf course so I still have no idea what my handicap is but I'm sure it's way up there. In terms of my shots, I've made some improvements with my irons and lessened the number of times that I push right. However, throughout the last 18 holes, not one of my drives went straight. I sliced all of them and rarely ever hit the fairway. I've read and watched a lot to try to identify what's wrong but figured it'd be a lot more helpful if I could get your opinions on it. Would really enjoy the game more if I could hit straight. I don't even care about the distance for now. Thank you! Videos: Note: I'm already intentionally aiming left to compensate but it still wasn't enough to hit the fairway. I'm not sure if the ball path is clear unless you watch it in slow motion so here is a rough idea:
  5. Yes definitely. The top pros here charge probably $40/session. Partially because the top pros here are definitely not as good as the top pros in the states. But also partially because it would be extremely difficult to establish a client base in a much smaller country if your rates are the same as that of a developed country like the US.
  6. Nah it's a 1 on 1 session. Like I said, it's a lot cheaper because I'm not from the US.
  7. Thanks for all the replies guys. Decided to start with the 10 session plan this Sunday. Hope to see some improvements in a couple of months. And yes, $24/hr is definitely cheap relative to how much most of you must be paying but this is primarily because I'm not from the US and the coach is one of the top local coaches. He did get his training from the US though. Hopefully he's good enough!
  8. Are lessons really worth the price? I found a local PGA coach who'd charge around $240 for 10 1-hour sessions. Had one trial session with him already and I think he does know what he's talking about. I'm planning to space it out and only have 1 session every week or every other week so I don't burn my cash right away. Should I bite the bullet and go with lessons once a week? My goal really is just to be able to hit straight so I can play on a golf course without going OB every shot. I just don't know if that's something I can expect after 10 lessons (around 2 1/2 months).
  9. I do not know yet if I'll regret my decision but I ended up signing up for a round of golf with coworkers. Would have been fine if it wasn't my first ever round of golf. While the mood is expected to be very light and involve barely any competitiveness, I'd rather not embarrass myself. I've had a couple of coaching sessions and hit the driving range occasionally. I think my swing is decent for someone new to the game but definitely not long or consistent enough to score well. My main concerns are not being able to hit long enough and the difference hitting on a fairway vs hitting in the range. My 7i is around 140-150 on a good straight shot, but can be very random. My driver probably doesn't even break 200. To be honest, I'll be happy even if I score 30 over par but I'm not sure if that's even realistic. Any tips so I don't embarrass myself and not delay the pace of the game "that" bad? Should I just play off the red tees?
  10. Even if you're completely new? I get how it'd be plenty for someone with their fundamentals intact as they could work on it themselves then get adjustments every month. But for someone like me, the worry is losing what I learn one session if I don't have another session quickly after.
  11. Planning to get into golf again. Last time I played was 15 years ago when I was really really young (like <10). I'm planning to get coaching but because the prices are a bit steep, the plan is to have it once a week and just hit the driving range by myself a couple of other days per week. Would that be okay or is it really necessary to have more than 1 session per week? Goal isn't to be pro or anything. Just good enough to play on an actual course without delaying anyone or looking horrible. I can aim for better handicaps once I reach that point.

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