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  1. I bought the new Ping G400 with extra stiff shaft and 9 deg loft... WOW, my previous wild drives have halved and although the distance is about the same as my old Ping K15 the drop in wild shots has been simply amazing. The guys at Ping say it's designed to correct fade and add distance through lower trajectory and it does exactly that, The lower trajectory now that the course has dried out since the wet summer has added 30-50 metres on each shot just through the roll on the hard ground. If any of you can get a chance to test drive it, do so, you will be amazed.
  2. Ok guys my apologies for letting the thread denigrate to personal insults and body parts , Downbylaw is quite right and to him I personally and openly apologise. He is after all a fellow left handed and should, like all lefties be respected, we do after all sit to the right hand side of god. My theory and it's only my theory , on distance is that left handlers are simply right hand tennis players playing a powerful backhand shot, feet planted hips rotating and shoulder unfurling and realeasing the wound up power. To build speed you drag the club towards the ball with your right hand and at the same time rotate your hips, the left hand is doing nothing but gently guilding the clubs direction , club, racquet, bat it's doesn't matter, the power comes from the hips and the right arm and shoulder. BUT accuracy is not guaranteed, that comes with skill and experience , a 5 deg error is not to bad at 200y but at 300 it's is exponentially bad and probably out of bounds.
  3. Arrr now appears the smile ... I'll say nothing more
  4. Well I have to say your post tells me a number of things: 1. You live life with your eyes closed; and 2. you are a typical jealous golfer who can't hit a ball very far - hitting 300 yards is not hard. I say that because heaps of players good and bad can hit 300 'yards' and the only ones who say they can't are the ones who do play off better than 20 handicaps and can't hit it more than pathetic 220- 240 yards. My handicap is 28; I often drive off the tee 300 meters which is 330 yards and my best is 350m which is about 380 yards ( had a very good tail wind assisting that day). Now the reason for my rant is I have noticed how better players HATE, and I mean HATE being outdriven by a high handicap ( 20+) player even though they will easily win the game by often more than 10-20 strokes as they should. But their small penis ego hates to see the newbie less experienced player tee off and the ball is still rising as it powers past their shot by over a hundred yards So let me say this about when you say - "It's not the size that counts"... we all know you have a small dick, and when we a hear you say " 20+ handicappers can't hit 300 yards", we all know you can't hit 200 yards AND you probably have a small dick as well. But after you say it ... we won't say a thing, we will just smile to ourselves...
  5. Nah 300 yards is not hard if you know how to hit , my best so far is 320 metres which is 350 yards once converted , but some guys who grew up playing cricket or baseball will find it easy and others will find it hard if they don't understand how to get swing speed up. I do say this; heaps of guys hit further than me and those that don't believe it and bag guys who can hit 300 yards are just jealous .
  6. I hit 300 yards every time, no big deal but do I hit it straigh?t ... no way . I joke that my membership only allows me to play in the rough not the mown part down the middle. I've been playing golf for 6 months and been a member of a club for 3 - my handicap is 26 ( on a good day). As for hitting 300 yards which is about 270 metres in Australia as we are smart enough to have successfuly converted to metric 40 years ago, well that's easy but I'm not a big young guy, I'm 180cm and 105kg or 5'11 and 240 pounds ... unfit 50 yo lawyer. I get my speed from my younger days playing A grade cricket where power comes from your hips and timing the club onto the ball , abosolutly nothing to do with your arms , weight or height. My swing speed is 117mph and when I get the smash factor up to 1.5 + I can easily hit 290metres or 230 yards, but rarely straight. When I play with my retired 77 year old neighbor who hits dead straight and only 150 yards , he can regularly beat me on almost any hole . If I do hit it straight 300 metres , I will usually top the second shot or overshoot the put ....and the reality is long drives don't win games , all they are good for is the spectacle from the tee with your mates who WILL beat you with shorter drives and lovely 5, 9 iron and putts .