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  1. I should have been a little clearer. That was a fitting. It was not a complete fitting but going from stiff to regular was a big difference.
  2. I went to another local golf shop and checked the ping shaft chart looks like I need to go to Regular. Thanks, all.
  3. I have been looking at ping i200 for awhile. I am a little weird I learn how the play golf with Wilson Staffs back in the seventies over the years playing different sets of clubs it seems every time I go to game improvement clubs I play worst. My handicap is around fifteen and I was thinking game improvement clubs will help me but it gets worse. I playing Titleist AP1 and they fill like shelves. Today I hit the Taylormade M1 Mizuno forge balance JPX 900 Taylormade p770 and the Ping i200. The club that had the smallest dispersion was the i200's. The shaft was the stock AWT 2.0 stiff shaft.
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