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  1. Soudns good. I have also played TOTR, many years ago. Some of the most beautiful views I've seen on a golf course.
  2. Hooter, You ever get a chance to go down to Buffalo Ridge in Brandson? Thinking about taking a weekend with some guys down there, but haven't actually talked to anyone who's played it.
  3. Mostly agree. If you're striping GIRs, you can help negate the need for a good short game. But even if that's the case, a bad chip can lead to double on the few greens you do miss, and make a good round into a mediocre one. However, if you're taking 3 off the tee, the short game can only save so many strokes.
  4. I started the year at an 18 handicap, couldn't break 90 to save my soul. Now I'm at 9.6. I am still yet to break 80, unfortunately, but it's coming soon!(this is possible because my course has a 74.5 rating from the tees I play) The big jump is primarily because this is the first year I've joined a club, kept my handicap and played a lot. Another advantage is that I've always been pretty long, but hit OB a lot. Just needed to keep the ball in play to make the jump to 12. The rest can be attributed to better short game and putting. Sometimes I still go native, and I'll go out and shoot 92, b
  5. I actually use my 3-iron a lot, but not necessarily because of its yardage, but I will frequently knock it down in windy situations. Also, The course I play has 2 fairway splits with a creek around the 240-270 mark, and a few short par 4s that make the 3 iron a smart play off the tee.
  6. I have always had trouble with fairway woods. Since I play in KS, and wind is almost always a big factor, I play a very low ball flight, and it keeps me out of trouble. Although 2-irons are unforgiving, when they are mishit it is generally short. I'm also relatively long, so they either only get hit off the tee, or on longer par 5s. So, with a 2 iron, instead of being high and in the prairie grass on a poorly struck ball, I generally get an unintended layup.
  7. I have seen the crossovers, I'll have to hit bot those and the T-MB. Have you hit any of the H series crossovers? They may be a decent option too.
  8. Hello Sand Trap World, I have been having issues with my bag setup, and am looking for a bit of advice regarding the gap between my driver and my 3 iron. I recently purchased a 3-P set of AP2s, and love them, and I previously gamed a ping G2 set 2-PW. Since they don't make an AP2 2-iron, and the set is a mite shorter than my old G2s, I am left with an open spot in my bag (I carry 3 wedges 52*, 56*,60*), and a big yardage hole between my driver and my irons. I can hit my driver about 310 yards, and can lay off it to about 275 before it starts to launch uncomfortably low. I hit my old 2 iron
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