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  1. as mentioned before, stance might be a little too wide but IMO i don't think it affects you too much as I assume you are relatively tall and need a stable base. Rather, I think the ball is positioned too centred in your stance and you are leaving too much room between the ball and the clubface at setup position. Try to nestle your clubface right behind the ball so you can visualize the moment of impact and position the ball towards the left foot by another "ball" length forward. Also, your swing plane is quite flat, are you a tall guy?
  2. just that ever since TW fell out of dominance, there hadn't been a single spectacle in golf and the PGA tour's appeal is reliant on these group of "bigger" names hence this topic.
  3. harrisw0921

    Big 5 Golf

    curious as to see what you guys think the current Big 5 of golf is (for the past few years up to current)? combination of popularity, star power, world rankings, consistency, longevity...etc who do you think belongs in the Big 5 and its close contenders and I'd say 5 choices since most of the elite players are neck to neck nowadays unlike arnie jack and gary or tiger phil and ernie MY pick Rory, Speith, DJ, Day, Fowler Close contenders: Bubba (closest), Rose, Matsuyama, Garcia
  4. wow, I haven't watched golf for such a long time. Didn't even know he made some dramatic changes. Thanks for the info!
  5. Hello Sand Trap community, I have always been a CD-ROM (just read & never writes) of your forum and another for quite a while now. Just wanted to join the community and say hi to you all. A little background of myself: I am 29, golfed on & off for 15+ years (most rounds I played a year was probably 15 though I do hit the range 2-3 times a week). I have a decent swing with a faster tempo than most (will post a video when I have the chance)...average Asian built so I do not hit it a long way (average 265 carry) Never got my handicap card but my best round was a 73 at my local golf course (par 71) and averaged 78-81 at my city's golf courses (British Columbia) I have been taught for 3+ years and is enthusiastic to teach recreationally as a hobby. (heard so many debates between CGTF or CPGA, or USGTF or PGA for Americans)...the fact is I do want to teach on my weekends as a hobby. Unlike many of you, I am a HUGE Wilson Staff fan since I first started with the FAT SHAFTs...thats right! I have fiddled with many of their products slightly before P.Harrington won 3 majors and knew they were the 'unappreciated' brand. Anyways...HI all!=) and I look forward in responding and commenting like all of you. cheers
  6. you definitely seem like a big strong man focus on your core and try to load more using your big frame and legs. the more stable your lower body is, the more chances of not missing your "miss" and all power will be directed to the ball. In the other words, don't jump out of your Shoes! you are not Bubba!
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