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  1. camillo villegas was the shortest hitter on his team when he started in college. then he started working out religiously, put on 25 pounds, and by the time he made it to the pga tour, average 300 yards off the tee. he's dropped about 10 yards since then, but my point is made. become fitter, stronger, more flexible, and combine that with learning how to swing the club correctly, and youll gain a lot of yards off the tee.
  2. at 12" can you even consider it rough at that point? I don't even think I've played from such a lie before. that course sounds like a nightmare on a serious note though, I'm unsure of the correct way to play it. I would assume...... open up the face, aim to the left, ball back in stance, swing for the fences?
  3. i dont get it. are you saying that golf lessons are more expensive in the states than wherever you are from?
  4. it just occured to me, I wonder if this is a group lesson, and thats why the rate is so good?
  5. just because he charges a cheap rate does not necessarily mean he sucks. golf is a game where a bad teacher could charge a fortune and people will pay it. it might be more likely that he's willing to charge a cheap rate while he builds up his reputation, or maybe simply not a lot of people are purchasing lessons these days so he's trying to stimulate business with some cheaper rates. or he cares more about improving peoples golf games than he does about making a quick buck or maybe he sucks lol
  6. Hit impulse

    if your swinging over the top, maybe you should try swinging from under the bottom. that may sound stupid and sarcastic but it's true. if you try to get your hands and club to just go back down the arc you've created on the backswing, youll now be swinging from under the plane, or more on plane than when you come over the top. it's one of these concepts that clicked for me recently. i've watched lots of videos and done lots of drills to fix over the top, but what I really needed was to think differently about what I was trying to do, and I really saw it while watching a video of someones swing. of course once you know, you actually have to do it, and stick to it, and keep doing reps even if you hit bad shots, which you probably will since it's the exact opposite of what you've been doing. it definitely feels weird at first, but also amazing. when i first started doing it, it almost feels like im doing a jim furyk-like loop to re-route the club, but in reality, not really because my backswing is not steep like furyks, but it almost feels like im trying to scoop the ball because im going under as opposed to over, but as long as your hands are in front of the ball at impact, then youre not scooping. does any of this make sense? it's hard. but maybe not so hard if you change the way you think about what youre trying to accomplish with each swing oh, and to do this you gotta relax your arms on the downswing, so they have a chance to just fall and whip through the arc instead of being connected to your shoulders and having your upper buddy guide them to the ball. as far as 'hit impulse' goes, I don't really think it's a serious issue if youre doing other things right. i mean, after all, you are hitting a golf ball, so focusing on hitting a ball is probably not the worst thing you can do. yeah, some people have success feeling as though theyre hitting 4 inches after the ball or similar swing thoughts, but if youre coming over the top, it's not because youre focused on hitting the ball, it's because youre coming over the top
  7. How do you choose a coach?

    I actually met a former coach during a round today. she used to be a teaching pro before giving up the game for 5 years due to what sounds like insane burnout. she's getting back into it now and hopes to start teaching again next year. she had a lovely swing and was fun to play with. I would definitely let her give me lessons. so if thats any indication, the best way to find a coach is to randomly play a round of golf with them and find out what theyre all about
  8. seems like a good deal. I dont know how I feel about spacing them out to every other week. maybe every week, and try to go to the range a few times in between coaching sessions so not only you can work on the things he's teaching you, but then you can go back to him soon, so you can have eyes on you giving you the feedback you need.
  9. How do you choose a coach?

    I'm terrified of them all! true story, one of the golf instructors at the course I practice at, I recognized as a friend of a friend, who about 7 years ago, I stayed in a house with in vegas when I used to play poker for a living. about 15 guys rented a house there during the world series of poker so they could play all the events and I stayed there for a few days while I played in one of the events. Anyways, this guy was probably in his early 20s at the time and as far as I knew was one of the young internet ballers of the time but generally acted like a psycho while I was there. He would constantly rage while playing poker, and while watching sports on tv, and was generally a massive degenerate who when I left was probably the guy at that house that impressed me the least. Now years later he's a golf coach, though I'm unsure of his actual qualifications other than that he's pretty good at golf, and gives lessons to beginners. Things like this make me wonder about who these guys are outside of golf. are they an asshole? are they the scumbag at the bar who tries to **** everything that moves? are they even able to teach someone how to be a better golfer? so yeah, in conclusion, I guess I'd say the best thing to do is research them, and hope that maybe there are reviews of that coach, or better yet, have someone refer you to him/her
  10. Backswing stopping point

    Usually I stop when my hips fire on the downswing lol I've played rounds when I've really tried to shorten the backswing and I've definitely hit some super flush shots, and in reality, I was still probably getting my club almost close to parallel. with the momentum of the backswing, what can feel really short, is actually probably where it should be. Unless you want to be super technical with your swing, I would just use a backswing length that felt good, allowed you to do everything in the correct sequence on the downswing, and produce good strikes.
  11. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a fire sprinkler fitter
  12. Happy Birthday Thread!

    lol thanks, im too old to get into arguments online
  13. i hear ya. im the same way with the driver
  14. even if you were only of average flexibility, you should be able to hit it much farther than you do if you are creating lag. I guess if you werent creating any lag that would explain a lot of things. i was under the impression your 250 was in the fairway, but if it's wild like you say, then you are definitely losing distance there, and if theres no lag, youre losing a huge source of distance. if you straighten out your ball flight, and learn to create a little lag, it wouldnt surprise me at all if you could hit 280-290 while not even swinging near 100% power. anyways, good luck working on the swing adjustments.
  15. are you just incredibly smooth and relaxed? I feel like anyone with that type of build, should be able to just wallop the ball if they had a good swing. then again, nick faldo was a large guy and could never really hit it that far in relation to his build.