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  1. definitely overstated! https://www.cnn.com/2013/08/07/health/charlotte-child-medical-marijuana/index.html also, as the above poster mentioned, yes, many people consume cbd, which is non psychoactive. Pretty sure Icasas decided long ago that drugs are bad MMMkay? but 'targeted specific drugs' that are backed by multi billion dollar pharmaceutical companies are good. I mean, nobody gets addicted to opiods right?
  2. it's na yeon choi. i picked her because she has a lovely swing.
  3. agreed. it just happens to be my swing thought when I'm 'getting a little too excited' during my swing. Of course it goes further than just that, I mostly try to keep basically from my head to my chest, as relaxed as possible which really helps me maintain my posture and release the golf club properly. I have a bad habit of throwing my entire body into the ball at impact which leads to pulls and pushes
  4. theres different ways to create speed imo. arc width is one, which usually happens from some of these country strong guys like brooks koepka who look like theyre swinging it fairly easy and don't appear to have a crazy amount of lag. then guys like cameron champ who have basically cleared their hips completely the instant the backswing has started and it allows the club to whip through to catch up. The club dropping behind you is an interesting one that i've actually seen some golfers do. I have a hard time grasping how it's physically even possible, but if anyone is interested, brook henderson's swing is a great example of this and it's a sight to watch. it's as if her hands are moving, but the club isnt. Maybe someone with more technical knowledge than myself can explain this a little better, but I'm very fascinated by her swing and the crazy distance she hits it for being A. a girl, and B. only being 5'4
  5. I felt sort of scummy when I read about his suspension. Mostly because I was high at the time. Legally of course because I live in Canada, but still I felt a little awkward.
  6. cool video, but as I'm sure you've noticed, while he may not be able to see the ball, his head is still down and he's staying in his posture. I certainly don't think keeping your eye on the ball means watching it through impact. I mean, youre swinging so fast, to think that having your eye focused on the ball is really gonna do much as far as contact, but rather the fact that if you suddenly looked up at the sky while swinging, your entire body would pitch upwards as well as a bunch of other issues. I was going to bring up the sorenstam thing. Didn't know about duval, but obviously if something like that is 'part of your swing', you can get away with it, especially when youre the best female golfer of all time, and a multiple time pga tour winner and major champion. Golf fundamentals exist because they are a good base that you can build a quality swing from and probably have a much higher chance of creating a quality golf shot than say....... trying to swing like moe norman simply because he's regarded as the best ball striker ever. i dont even think thats too bad as far as head movement. what she looks like she does is look a few inches in front of the ball at impact, which is probably good for creating an optimal divot. ive seen videos of annika where her head is practically already looking at the pin at impact. However, movements like this could also be part of a physical limitations. I know the rotary swing guy chuck quinton had neck fusion and his neck actually turns with his swing, so at the top of the backswing he's no longer looking at the ball. He filmed a video wearing a go pro on his head during a round and you could see his head going back and forth during the swing. interesting stuff.
  7. One of the hardest to book courses in my city has a no single policy, and opens 2 day advance booking for tee times online at midnight, and believe it or not, i tried to book online once, woke up at midnight, and too many people were online at once and the server was crashing. you can pay a fee and book more than 2 days in advance, but the idea of that is disgusting. they do allow singles to play, but you have to show up and be put on a waitlist which is typically 15-20 people long and they just slot you in if there are no shows. I did this once after showing up at 8am, waited till 10 or so, and not one golfer had not shown up so they allowed myself and 3 other singles to play just the back 9. You also can't get put on the waitlist over the phone. A few other courses won't let you book as singles either. frustrating shit, and I agree with your post. They can certainly find a better system.
  8. just want to play a lot mostly. would like to break 80 as well, but I really just want to get out there a lot
  9. pretty sure i joined the forum because of a 10 year old thread i googled lol also, just wanted to add that keeping your eye on the ball is crucial to consistency imo. it has a domino effect that can f*** everything up if your not doing it. if your eyes move, your head moves, if your head moves, your body moves in ways that can drastically ruin your path. it can be a hard thing to do though, especially through impact when people have a tendency, including myself, to immediately look up to see where the ball went or...... maybe theyll get a notification in their email, and log on for the first time in years, and then get hooked and become an active member again. 😀
  10. maybe old threads should just get deleted after 'x' amount of time? seems like everyone gets in a tiffy when someone replies to an old thread, but I'm not sure why. I've been on many forums where people get pissed if you start a new thread when the same topic already exists in a previous thread. so what gives?
  11. the reason these types of balls are marketed towards 'slow swingers, high cappers' is because those people play golf in such a way that you probably wouldn't notice how lousy these types of balls are. put these in the hands of a really good player and they'd probably notice right away the performance drop offs in their ball flight, distance, and performance around the greens. golf balls, much like clubs are a bunch of gimmicky bullshit and most claims that balls make are really based off of fractions of a yard here and there and that truly the best balls now are designed to be high spinning with irons and go miles off the tee. if you think that this 'oversized' golf ball is gonna be like 'hitting it off a tee from the fairway' like that video said, well youre probably in for a rude awakening lol. sure, not everyone can afford to drop a bunch of dough on prov1s but there are plenty of options around on the cheap that will do the trick. any accuracy claim with reduced distance is probably simply because your ball will curve less if it lands sooner lol living in a colder climate without much snow, I was able to play golf into november and december and was curious about ball performance in different weather conditions. I thought I'd get some cheap hard 'distance' balls, to see how they would affect my game because I tended to spin the ball too much off the tee. Well, the results were pretty drastic, in the sense that my tee shots were actually significantly shorter because a hard ball in the winter is too hard to even compress properly, and when i'd stripe my tee shots, I walk to where I'd expect them to be, only to over walk by 15-20 yards vs a softer ball. So now not only am I play a rock hard ball that doesnt spin around and green and feels like shit with my irons, it's going shorter off the tee. Of course, in the dead of summer in hot places, a hard ball could have some distance benefits, but they are not significant enough to justify the loss of spin on the greens and feel I'm sure some of the balls do have some truth behind them, but they are by no means a magic pill that will drop 5-10 shots a round off your score.
  12. what is this overshoot term? you mean and over correction? I would imagine this is a common problem because many instructors try to get students to fix the flaw by over correcting the opposite way drastically as the feel vs real thing usually allows for such a huge over correction that if you feel youre making an exaggerated movement in the other direction, the real is that you are now maybe doing it perfectly. however, I feel like the failure in instruction at this point is that, at what point does your feel actually become real, and if you exaggerate to make the flaw less noticeable, eventually your normal movement will be the correct one, but you will still be trying to 'feel' as though you are using the exaggerated movement, which now ACTUALLY IS an exaggerated movement. I guess my suggestion would be to exaggerate at first just to reboot your muscle memory a bit, and then begin to actually work on the movement that is more neutral.
  13. Agree 100%. Not sure where the thinking comes in about using the 'big muscles' to motor the golf club. yeah, the torso and trunk have big muscles, but they certainly don't move fast like the arms and wrists do, but are better served to create the momentum required to get the arms swinging at their maximum speed. A few months ago I did some experimenting with my swing speed finding out what my body needs to do in the golf swing to swing its fastest, and pretty much the answer in every case was to swing the arms as fast as you can at the bottom which is something maybe not enough people practice when trying to gain distance, especially when there is a ball in the way, I think people have a tendency to hit the ball, and feel as though their job is now done and they start decelerating. This is also why I think overspeed training is a pretty good thing for people who want to gain speed because it teaches them what it feels like to go fast. The only problem I have with some of these swing speed trainers is that they progress heavier and heavier until the club is actually heavier than a driver, which I feel completely defeats the purpose of overspeed training. You might develop certain muscles by using the heavier club, but youll actually be training your arms to swing slower. flip a club upside down, take some baseball swings back and forth as fast as you can 10-20 times, then hit a shot and the ball will probably explode off the clubface.
  14. he basically had his entire upper and lower body open at impact when he broke it down near the end.
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