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  1. I just adjust my loft, set the club down, make sure it's square, and make sure my grip is my normal grip within that square clubface and swing. Ive never really thought too much about it tbh. I was playing down to 8 degrees this year on a 9 driver, and as high as 10.5 sometimes during the winter to get a little more carry. I've done both without much actual difference change to direction, but it does definitely produce a higher or lower launch angle.
  2. it's really gonna be up to you to figure out what is a more useful club to have in the bag. I carry a driver and 3w with no hybrids as I have more shots I need to hit 230-250 than I do 200-225 during a round. I imagine if I played off the back tees I would need more clubs in that 200-230 range at my length, but thats just me. I used to carry a 5w but ditched it because I just wasn't hitting it far enough to justify having it in the bag, and it's pretty difficult to find new 5ws these days. experiment with having one and see how it changes your shot selection and/results during a round
  3. honestly i can't remember what mine was at the end of the season. 9.4 maybe. it's 9.8 now. oh well. 2020 is my year!
  4. mevo seemed cool, but i had seen that you had to put little stickers on the balls to get the spin rate. which is obviously pretty shitty unless you have the ability to hit your own balls and retrieve them. or can you just hit them into a net? either way, not a great option for those who use monitors at the driving range.
  5. seems like most are going up. I'll have to check mine in a few days when they update them in canada
  6. oh of course. it's not like i tell her to f off on the weekends. but i do have a early morning sunday thing a few times a month during the summer with my golfing buddy. but basically since october i've been with the gf on the weekends. as far as not giving a f***. you know, to an extent. but seriously, it drives me nuts when women or men, get jealous that you have interests or hobbies outside of the relationship. if youre spending 99% of your time on the golf course, and none with her i get it. but if youre gone from 7am to 11am on a sunday morning on some nice days, i dont think it's a big deal, and frankly, I wish my partner to have interests and friends outside of me. as much as it would be pretty swell for my gf to enjoy the thing i love on a similar level, i'm not just gonna kick my gf to the curb because of the off chance i could meet a korean girl. besides, i buy my own socks at 'winners' lol
  7. oh I can tell this girl hates all the time I spend at the range, even though it's when shes usually working, and she definitely doesn't like me getting up early to go golfing on the weekend if she spent the night, but I've kinda made it clear I don't give a f*** and that having hobbies is good for you as long as theres balance.
  8. you say google is my friend. but if i used google to answer the question myself, I would not be continuing a conversation here on the forums thank you for the lesson on diversity. my gf is from dubai i assure you, any issues i have with her are not related to golf lol I was just saying I had a strong desire for many years to date a golfing chick.
  9. my only tips would be to get the weight forward to make sure i get ball first contact. I find I strike the ball much cleaner when I play my pitches back in my stance rather than forward. obviously limits the height I can get, but usually works out fine for most shots as long as you have the right touch.
  10. lol, what are k town and h mart? the names sorta ring a bell, but im white so ive not been to either place. anyways, I see tons of asian girls when I practice at eaglequest, but theyre all either 12 years old, or maybe university players who do not seem like looking for a man is any sort of priority for them if you know what im sayin. either way, I have a gf, however she does not golf. I took her mini golfing once and she said her wrist was sore from putting lol
  11. consider yourself lucky. I'd love to be dating someone who loved to play golf as much as I did, and even more so someone who was actually quite skilled at it. anyways, if she has no problem with contact and hits a nice little draw, then why can't she just tee off from the reds on a full length course and still manage to play quite well? if she hits it shorter, but keeps it in play and advances the ball 50-100 yards every shot, I'm sure she'd do alright. As far as technique goes, she must have a pretty high potential for decent distance considering shes athletic and does a lot of rock climbing, so she could probably benefit from taking a few lessons to learn how to use her upper body, arms, and lower body all together. I imagine she must be only using one of the 3 if shes hitting it that short. I watched a video the other day of a lady getting her first ever golf lesson from cameron mccormick, and he had her hitting it 220 by the end of the lesson. it is quite impressive what a good teacher can do in a short amount of time if they focus on teaching the right things.
  12. 1.I hope to shoot par on one of my regular courses this year and lower my handicap from a 9 to 5 or better. 2.I plan to achieve said goals with my steadfast commitment to my work with George Gankas's online academy. Ever since I started following him, I went from shooting in the mid to high 80's last season to shooting in the high 70s this year so I am committing myself to his teachings for the long term. I will continue to do work on the range with a continued focus on deliberate practice as well as work at home with a camera and foam balls as well as a focus on strengthening my core to improve my balance.
  13. wait, so in what way are the balls hitting your garage? are people just blasting 300 yard drives and hitting your driveway on the fly? are they landing just beyond the course and bouncing towards your house? are these good shots that have gone just too far, or wayward shots? I've never seen a driving range that was situated in such a way that you could actually hit houses. anyways, at local courses near me, golfers who hit houses with their wayward shots are liable for damage, according to signs the course as posted, but that may be just a load of horse shit used to scare golfers into playing it more safe? to me you would think that damage to houses to players on a golf course would directed back at said course, but either way, it's insane that nets have not been erected in your case so I would pursue whatever legal action you can to find out what you can do. If not, just collect a bucket of their range balls. I imagine once they realize theyre down 5000 balls or so, they might get the sense to start putting up the nets so they don't have to keep buying new balls.
  14. i agree with steeper shoulder plane. focus on rotating the shoulders on the same plane to keep your spine inclination. I would then try to work on transition as your first move from the stop seems to be a hard pull down of the club instead of a weight shift
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