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  1. well, i just meant closing them at the range as you hit a ball, so you don't watch the result, or focus on hitting the ball, but simply swinging and allowing the ball to get in the way. like most bad habits, sometimes you just need to rewire your brain. on a semi related topic for tricking your brain into doing things, i had a pretty nasty work accident several years ago where i broke my heel and wasnt able to put any sort of weight on my leg after surgery for about 3 months, I had to relearn simple things like balance, and it was amazing how my brain was so used to putting all my weight on one leg, that it just didnt understand how to balance on the opposite leg. one thing I had to do was practice balancing on the bad leg while closing my eyes. it was incredibly tough and i could typically only do it for a few seconds before almost falling over another interesting example is phantom limb syndrome. sometimes when people have amputations, they develop phantom pains where the limb was. although i saw this on 'house md', im pretty sure they do this in real life too, but if you set up a mirror next to the limb, which gives the illusion of a right and left fully functional limb, it can trick the brain into releasing that phantom pain. interesting stuff anyways, i felt weird reviving a super old thread, but i kept googling this problem and this was one of the top results, so i figured since i was new to the forum, instead of creating a new thread on an existing topic and getting shit for it like has been known to happen on message boards, i'd just revive this one. cool story right?
  2. My Swing (omelette)

    what im seeing here is a violent chopping motion on the downswing. you seem to get to the top, and then pull down your hands towards the great to create lag. i've seen that before in weird exaggerated drills by long drivers, and most specifically jack hamm, 'boom, pow' anyways, it's creating a downward momentum, and then youre trying to hit a ball forward, so it's like less of swinging on an arc, and more of a square, which creates all sorts of problems. If I were you, once you get to the top, practice holding that position with the arms, but do start the downswing with with legs and hips, and use the turning of the hips to aid the club into moving down before releasing instead of pulling it down with your upper body. and then I would focus on trying to stay as loose as possible with the arms so you can really extend your arms through the follow thru. your arms should be fully extended after contact. in your swing, your arms are completely collapsing after impact but they should be fully extended as if you were almost going to let go of the club and have it fly towards the target here is a video of the first thing on the downswing im talking about. I used to watch this guy's videos and think he does a good job of breaking down the swing
  3. i typically only look at the ball as a means to keep my head still. i look at it, but don't think about it. I mostly only think about my takeaway and my first move on the downswing. usually the rest falls into place if both of those feel right. usually i can tell in the first 2 inches of my takeaway if my shot is going to be awful. usually because for some reason either i clipped a piece of uneven turf or i started way outside. I've lately been trying to catch myself when i do this and stop my swing. I used to just power through it and hit a joke of a shot, knowing it would be bad, but theres certainly no reason in doing that if you can stop.
  4. great post. I'd love to run over some things with an instructor, but I'd need to look around and find one that comes highly recommended. unfortunately golf instructors are about as common as McDojos for martial arts and most end up trying to turn you into adam scott, instead of turning YOU into a better version of yourself, if you know what im sayin?
  5. one can improve their swing all they want, but if the ball being in the way causes them to completely change it, then this is less of a swing problem, and more of a mental problem. just ask charles barkley. my swing isnt that bad of course, and I've certainly made good swings before, especially with shorter clubs as i'm able to really feel the movements i'm trying to make. with longer clubs it's definitely much more difficult to feel it. also, no need for for subtle digs about practice swings not being good. I wish people could just take others word for it when they are confident that they know what theyre talking about. i'm a pretty decent golfer in spite of the current issue im having. also, can anyone explain to me why my profile picture is of tom waits from what i assume is the movie 'down by law' which i've never seen. my user name is derived from a 90's punk band of the same name. did an admin give me that picture? or did the this site and all of its technical glory force it upon me based on my username? that would be somethin.
  6. My Swing (Ned_the_tortoise)

    what is it about for him then, because so far i see a couple of posts comparing his swing to rory mcilroys and basically saying, 'be more like this', without any explanation as to why or what he should hope to achieve by making the change.
  7. i understand words, but i fail to understand how youre using them and how it makes sense in your post. specifically "but I'm not sure how to go about doing that so I prefer to systematically change my actual swing when I do have a ball to look and function as a proper swing should and allow me to consistently flight the ball in the manner I'm looking for. By taking this systematic and scientific approach based on facts I think I'm taking a more reasonable route to improving my golf game." youre saying you don't know how to replicate your practice swing, so you change your swing when you have a ball in front of you? I'm not sure I follow you. Im dying to be an internet smart ass but since I'm new to the forum, I'm just going to plead ignorance here and hopefully allow you to explain to me exactly what youre talking about using dumbed down language that my canadian brain can understand
  8. the hell are you talking about lol? systematic and scientific?
  9. to be fair, I never said I had a tour level swing. I just said my practice swing is all the things I feel and want it to be, and then with a ball, it's not. I spend very little time videoing, which can be a problem, because so much can change if youre not paying attention and just hitting shots, and all of the sudden, youre hitting the ball like shit and wonder why. obviously if I could live at the range and hit bucket after bucket, I would. but the body,wallet,time simply doesnt allow for that. I try to hit foam balls in my condo on a simulator, but that simply shows face path/angle for me, so results can be deceiving, though useful if combined with video
  10. yeah, but tour player don't have a problem replicating practice swing to the real thing. pros take slow motion swings typically rehearsing the type of shot shape theyre about to hit. youll often see a guy take a practice swing with a really exaggerated out to in path, so you know he's going to try to hit a fade. this topic is more about guys like me who have a practice swing that has all the elements theyre looking for, and a real swing that suddenly looks like a full body spasm lol
  11. My Swing (Ned_the_tortoise)

    is this so he can have the arms further away from the body at impact. this creates more power right?
  12. My Swing (Ned_the_tortoise)

    can you post a picture of what you mean by 'out more'
  13. I played a round today and really tried to work on this as best I could. Luckily it was just an executive course so on a lot of the par 4's I just tee off with irons so I got even more of a chance to focus on making good swings instead of trying to smash drives. What I typically never did was take a true 'rehearsal swing' while looking at the ball, but hitting the grass instead instead of the ball. I tried to really focus on this today if I was going to take a practice swing. Other than that when I hit my shots, I really just tried to grit my teeth, stay loose, and repeat my practice swing over the ball, which meant holding the angle at the top of the swing and using my lower body to drive the club down into the slot before releasing through the hitting zone. I believe that most people who suffer from this practice/real swing problem probably swing over the top on the real swing (please confirm if this is you), and my theory on that is the fact that creating the correct lag takes a real leap of faith because at least to me, it seems like something that should be physically impossible to hit a ball when you're not releasing the club until your hands are already in the hitting zone. my brain tricks me into thinking, 'hey, you need to start releasing or youre just going to shank it' and it really just takes an immense deal of focus to break through this thinking. Probably the best way to work on this is at the range taking 60-80% power swings and really just telling yourself youre not going to focus on immediate results, but just focus on getting the feeling down to where it's natural. I definitely struggled with my longer clubs today, but never changed my approach because I know that I'm trying to build towards something. I was playing as a single and hitting multiple balls, and was able to strike a 9 iron on a par 3 that landed a 2 inches from the cup on the fly and rolled back to about 1.5 feet for the tap in. Most of wedges to 8iron were struck very well as I find it much easier to hold my position at the top during the downswing. I also hit a decent 5 iron to about 10 feet from about 185, it was a little thin, but considering the distance I got from it, Im pretty certain that I was coming from a fairly neutral path. Also hit 2 straight 6 irons off the tee dead straight, so overall I was quite pleased with the things I was trying to accomplish and that I really stuck with the plan. Gonna spend the week trying to groove this feeling down with my 7 iron on my optishot, trying to take video every now and again to make sure I'm not flying over the top
  14. this has become a serious problem of mine. When I was at the range today I wanted to get some video so I could see certain things. I took a few practice swings with a 3 wood and honestly I was surprised at how good it was, mostly because I have been having some issues with my longer clubs, but the video everything was there. I did this after I ran out of balls, so I went and got another bucket so I could try to replicate it with a ball, and I could not believe how bad it was. I mean, I still sometimes hit decent shots, but it's a miracle that I can, because I suddenly had every single swing fault known to man in one swing. I was almost embarrassed to be there, because I definitely don't wanna be the guy at the range who looks like he's having a seizure while he's swinging a club. does anyone have any new and improved tips getting over this mental hurdle? I think if I'm locked in, I swing my shorter clubs quite well, but the longer the club, the more out of sorts things get. Maybe because I feel like I need to kill the ball to make it go far? If it's a problem with the ball being there, maybe I should try closing my eyes?
  15. Golf wrist pain

    you might be able to build yourself up to hitting that many balls. but it might take a while. I go to the range at most twice a week and have been playing a round as well. 60 ball buckets at the range and another 40-50 full shots during a round, and even I'm dealing with wrist pain. I imagine most pros have developed those muscles over time and have that endurance to hit 100 balls a day or more. viijay singh was legendary for the amount of time he put in hitting balls at the range. But conversely, sometimes less can be more. More important than the amount you practice will always be the quality of your practice. You can hit 5 shots at the range and probably get more out of it than a full bucket depending on how you approach each shot you take, and what you do in between each one.