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  1. lol, it's an interesting theory. I spend about 1 minute at my car. I put on my shoes, grab my bag, done. honestly, i can't wait to get to the practice area to warm up. I consider myself fast, but not to the point of sprinting. just efficient and considerate of those behind or ahead of me. heres another one, how about slow play and people who show up late or right at the 11th hour for their tee times?
  2. I think the issue people have with it is not that he broke the rules, but that he is so full of bs in his explanation. from my understanding of the situation he's trying to claim he didnt know he moved the sand. I realize the home viewer has the advantage of high def television replays, but commmmmmmme on man, how could you not see you clearly moving the sand
  3. well, your right leg is straightening to the point of hyperextension which is throwing all of your weight on your heel and backwards. to recover you come down a little steep and then release all of your angles at the bottom adding loft and probably having some inconsistency with low point. I would work on simple things like balance points throughout the swing. trying to keep your weight on the balls of your feet. not the heels, or the toes. keep a little flex in your right leg on the backswing to get into an athletic position at the top. I'm a follower of george gankas, and he really believes a lot of swing faults and compensations are a direct result of poor balance. you still manage to get the club in some decent positions from what I see though you may have a little too much extension(cupping) of the left wrist at the top so your face is a little open on the way down which is another cause of an early-ish release to square up the face. but focus on the balance in the backswing. you can straighten your leg a little, just make sure youre keeping your weight more centered under you than allowing it to fall back behind you, if that makes sense? it might not fix everything, but at least it would get you in the right position to start making other improvements. btw, this is merely just my opinion, and is purely for entertainment purposes only. I am not a teacher, just a fan of the golf swing, so please don't hold me too responsible if you apply things I say and your game turns to rubbish lol
  4. yeah, if a course feels they are spending too much money to maintain said bunker, they might as well just get rid of it
  5. yeah, I hate the look of improvement irons, but mostly because i've switched a players iron and I prefer the smaller head behind the ball. If it was a problem with contact, I would definitely bite the bullet and make the switch, but the way I hit the ball, I dont think much would be gained by switching back to game improvement irons other than maybe a little more forgiveness on off center hits. The inconsistency I had with long irons existed with my old cavity backs, and continued with my players irons. It's mostly an issue with the length of the club and the lack of reps I put in with those clubs I figure as 80% of my iron shots are 7-lw/ I hit my longer irons decent at the range, but have a hard time taking it to the course. oh well
  6. good post. but I guess much of my questions revolved around whether or not the length of the club shaft mattered enough to offset problems caused by having a lower loft, in relation to dispersion. if youre saying that because a 27 degree is lower lofted, it would be more prone to offline hits due to side spin, ball speed, etc, would that be negated by being able to swing more consistently because you'd be hitting that 27 degree loft with a shaft that is maybe 1.5 inches shorter than the club that you would need in a retro loft to reach the same distance? I'm comfortable with my distances, and while distance is nice, and definitely fun for stroking the ego, I'm more concerned with my scoring and my swing, and whether or not im missing out on lower scores simply because I hit my 35 degree 7 iron 160 instead of a 31-33 degree 170-180. I'm sorta over though to be honest, I took a look at my irons the other day and thought to myself, 'why the f*** would i get new irons, these things are in amazing condition, and all the irons I like are 1000 bucks'. to be fair though, srixon makes a gorgeous iron and even though I've always been a callaway guy, I think I could get comparable quality to callaways top players irons for 500 less if i went srixon. thanks for the replies that were actually about lofts and not about buying hybrids
  7. It's not an ego thing, as I'm always the longest player in my group, though I certainly no dustin johnson. The issue is, like many people, is that my contact consistency with clubs beyond a 6 leaves much to be desired. It's funny when people always talk about putting ego aside and just hitting more club, but hitting more club is more difficult. If one can hit a pw from 145 instead of a 9, theyre going to hit better shots every day of the week. If I broke par every round, obviously I wouldnt be thinking about changing my clubs, but I don't, and I struggle on shots in the 170-210 range, so yeah, if I can suddenly going from hitting an 8 iron 150 to 170, and hitting a 6 iron 190, I have shortened the course significantly and my proximity to the hole would surely decrease. I've seen tests where guys tried out 3 different lofted 7 irons and went from hitting 160 to 190 with a 27 degree callaway rogue x. and like I explained, I hit a very high ball and feel it's not the optimal trajectory for distance and control so I feel like I'm just leaving free yards out there by playing lofts that brad faxon would have used.
  8. So I've had the same set of irons for about 8 years now, though they've really only gotten serious use the last few years. Theyre a set a 2007 callaway x-forged that I bought around 2010 or 11 from an online outlet. I like the way the clubs perform, but always felt I was a little bit shorter with them than my set of junky off brand cavity back irons I got in the mid 90s, so I've been researching the possibility of getting a new set of irons when I realized that pretty much every set of irons that has come out in the last 5+ years has far stronger lofts than my current set which has a 35 degree 7 iron loft. I've seen most have at the most 33, some with 30/31 and some extreme cases being as low as 27, with obvious drastic differences in distance. So, this all being said, I have a few questions. Given that I do like my current irons, and theyre still in good shape and don't really have 1000+ bucks to spend on a good set of irons, and completely loathe the look of oversized irons, is going to a clubmaker and having the lofts strengthened on my current irons be something worth doing? I've read some things about the bounce being reduced making them harder to play if youre more of a digger, which I would define myself as. or the other question being, If i bought a set of say 5-pw irons with strong lofts, or had my lofts strengthened, would there be any noticeable differences in dispersion or general difficulty of them to hit or will the only real difference be getting used to the difference in distance and possibly a lower ball flight? I would consider myself a very high ball hitter and think I would definitely benefit from being able to hit the ball a little lower without having to manipulate my swing too much. any advice?
  9. when I lose it, or if it hits a cart path and is totally f***ed. But even then I'll eventually hit it again. I don't really expect to have a scuff mark change my shot result too much. if it's got dimples that arent worn off like an old range ball, i'll play it.
  10. course management is huge for me. not that I actually do it a lot. I pull out driver on almost every hole unless theres a creek in the 240-280 range. But that being said, the I have shot my lowest scores when I make the best decision for the situation. And I'm talking about the difference between shooting a 77 and an 87 just by choosing to take more or less club based on the pin location, rather than just using the club that will get me closest to the hole if I hit it at my number. trying to avoid leaving myself on the short side. not trying to power one through the wind, or taking more club when it's cold outside. Not always falling in love with my lw near the green even if it means I might not hit it as close if I play a bump and run. of course I can do all these things because I'm a decent enough ball striker that make these decisions worth while. If youre worried about fatting your chips or whatever, theres probably a lot of areas in your game that need work and the amount of strokes you could gain by making good decisions on the golf course are pretty limited i think. course management only comes after you have a consistent result with each club
  11. path looks good. backswing and transition seems a little rushed. not sure if youre completing your turn. looks as though you also fall back on your heels a bit to start the downswing, which might lead to some toey shots and release of angles a little early to get the club to the ball. But hey, youre gettin the ball up in the air now and your general swing path should lead to some decent golf shots.
  12. he's a great golfer. The problem is that people tried to appoint him as 'the next tiger', as well as a bunch of other so called phenoms who got hot for a season or two, then cooled off and became just another really good golfer on a tour filled with more really great golfers. There might not be another Tiger, at least not in this era, and even the Tiger of old, might not have been as dominant if he was active in 2015-2019. The competition is stiff
  13. 79 my first time playing at langara in vancouver. temp green on first hole which got me worried the day would be filled with soggy conditions and temp greens, but it was the only hole. 11 pars, 1 bird, and some very messy holes in between. The whole season I've been playing golf swing instead of golf though as I slowly build my new gg swing so the fact I broke 80 for the first time this year, and about 10 times total is a pretty nice accomplishment for me as I'm not actively trying to shape shots at all and still have the odd blowup hole. But my good shots are so much more on point than in years past and the gap between the average and the good is so much closer. unfortunately the weather is only going to get worse, and my playing partner officially call it a year after today, so it's gonna be a long winter.
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