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  1. downbylaw11

    Time On The Driving Range

    enjoyment of life is about staying motivated about things. Whether that be your pursuit of of meaningful relationship, or just finding a hobby and wanting to be the absolute best you can be at it. I go to the range far more often than I play rounds these days. I usually hit 60 balls to start, and if at the end of 60 I feel theres something specific I'm noticing at the end I want to keep working on, I'll hit another 30. I usually spend about 60 minutes or more hitting those balls, although it often seems like I'm hitting 5 balls a minute. I typically don't take a ton of practice swings unless I hit a few bad ones and I can I feel my movements getting really sloppy from fatigue or complacency, and I just need to step back and reset. Golf is such an addicting game because it can essentially never be 'solved'. Even the professionals are constantly struggling with things and theyll 'find something on the range' before a round and shoot a low score, which is the same type of tinkering a lot of amateurs do. The only difference being when a pro is off his game, you rarely even notice as opposed to the weekend warrior who misses every fairway and green and shoots 90. Anyways, for myself, and many others, it's the fun of constantly trying to improve that is so frustrating, yet so addicting and rewarding about the game. It's no different from the guy who lifts weights, but is clearly never going to be a professional body builder, or the guitar player who just plays in his house for fun, or the jogger who runs for miles but won't break a 5 minute mile. You do it cause you like it and it gets you out of bed and keeps you from shooting up a highschool or shooting up drugs. If i have the option I'll always hit a small bucket before a round just because I never start off a range session by taking a full swing with a driver, so nothing makes me more nervous than to stand up at the first tee on a par 4 withing having worked my way through the bag to know I at least have made good swing on a ball already.
  2. maybe it's just that the benefits of new equipment for higher handicap players are way overblown? or maybe people are using an expensive high spinning ball combined with massive spin numbers from driver strikes that are less than optimal. i also think the lighter shafts have a negative impact on the swings of many players. I dunno, could be a combination of things, could all be bullshit and a poor sample. All I know is, when I go to the range and see people play, nobody is hitting it very far. I can only remember a few times guys hit their driver further than me, and I really only get it out there about 250 carry. point is, there are a lot of low swing speed golfers out there.
  3. downbylaw11

    2017 Yearly Member Award Winners!

    Jeez, I didn't even win the 'most improved odor' award? rigged
  4. downbylaw11

    Grades for Tiger's Performance (Hero 2017)

    it was an A+ he didn't win and his chipping seemed like garbage. but I thought his putting was better than when I saw him last, and his full swing looked great. The fact that he played all 4 rounds seemingly pain free with 3 of them being under par is pretty unexpected. after the 3rd round I honestly expected him to have a bit of a crappy sunday as fatigue set in combined with no longer being in the hunt, but he came out and ripped up the course early before falling off a bit. I was really impressed with his mettle. winning the tournament, or generally looking really impressive in all areas of his game would have been a lot to ask for, so I still consider what he did to be incredibly impressive, compared to where most projected him to be. I got my masters bet in while he was still 40/1 so A++++ fun fact, a 5 dollar bet on tiger winning the hero and the 2018 masters would have won 4000$ lol
  5. downbylaw11

    Rotary Swing Golf

    interesting. I ended up getting a membership simply to go through the program and give an honest review. I planned to really commit myself, at least probably more than most people end up doing, to do the reps on a daily basis so I could get through the whole program rather quickly. the posting up aspect was something I always struggled with, so the reps have really helped me with that, as well as initiating the takeaway and backswing with strictly my shoulders turning and just using my arms to support the movement of the club instead of swinging the club with my arms and using that momentum to turn my body. The results so far have been interesting. I've only been to the range a few times since I started, since the program doesn't allow you to hit balls until step 4, which was obviously the hardest thing to do for me, but I think I've done a good job of staying away from full swings for the most part. my slice used to be my miss, but now I've actually be consistently drawing the ball since starting this, and while for the most part I havent gained any distance, the occasional shot does seem to just rip through the air and make me go, 'oh shit'. My main reason for doing the program was my constant struggle with my driver and 3 wood this year. Today I was struggling with topping the ball which I never used to do, but I think this was happening because when I post up, I tend to come out of my posture, but when I was able to stay in my posture, I hit a couple of 3 woods that hit the back fence at the range on the fly, which at about 250 is a pretty mammoth hit for my 3. It will take me a while to adjust to the swing with the woods because I still have a tendency to tense up and try to kill it which essentially ruins everything but I look forward to getting to the next step in a week or so and start working on hitting more shots my thoughts on rotaryswing's sales tactics are a completely different story though. I'll probably save them for another time, but let me just summarize by stating that many aspects of the rotary swing business model comes off as a huge scam, but I believe the theres nothing fundamentally incorrect about breaking down the swing into sections and doing thousands of reps, but lets just say that when I'm done the program, I will likely unsubscribe and if I liked the results, I will have everything I need to know in my memory
  6. camillo villegas was the shortest hitter on his team when he started in college. then he started working out religiously, put on 25 pounds, and by the time he made it to the pga tour, average 300 yards off the tee. he's dropped about 10 yards since then, but my point is made. become fitter, stronger, more flexible, and combine that with learning how to swing the club correctly, and youll gain a lot of yards off the tee.
  7. at 12" can you even consider it rough at that point? I don't even think I've played from such a lie before. that course sounds like a nightmare on a serious note though, I'm unsure of the correct way to play it. I would assume...... open up the face, aim to the left, ball back in stance, swing for the fences?
  8. i dont get it. are you saying that golf lessons are more expensive in the states than wherever you are from?
  9. it just occured to me, I wonder if this is a group lesson, and thats why the rate is so good?
  10. just because he charges a cheap rate does not necessarily mean he sucks. golf is a game where a bad teacher could charge a fortune and people will pay it. it might be more likely that he's willing to charge a cheap rate while he builds up his reputation, or maybe simply not a lot of people are purchasing lessons these days so he's trying to stimulate business with some cheaper rates. or he cares more about improving peoples golf games than he does about making a quick buck or maybe he sucks lol
  11. downbylaw11

    Hit impulse

    if your swinging over the top, maybe you should try swinging from under the bottom. that may sound stupid and sarcastic but it's true. if you try to get your hands and club to just go back down the arc you've created on the backswing, youll now be swinging from under the plane, or more on plane than when you come over the top. it's one of these concepts that clicked for me recently. i've watched lots of videos and done lots of drills to fix over the top, but what I really needed was to think differently about what I was trying to do, and I really saw it while watching a video of someones swing. of course once you know, you actually have to do it, and stick to it, and keep doing reps even if you hit bad shots, which you probably will since it's the exact opposite of what you've been doing. it definitely feels weird at first, but also amazing. when i first started doing it, it almost feels like im doing a jim furyk-like loop to re-route the club, but in reality, not really because my backswing is not steep like furyks, but it almost feels like im trying to scoop the ball because im going under as opposed to over, but as long as your hands are in front of the ball at impact, then youre not scooping. does any of this make sense? it's hard. but maybe not so hard if you change the way you think about what youre trying to accomplish with each swing oh, and to do this you gotta relax your arms on the downswing, so they have a chance to just fall and whip through the arc instead of being connected to your shoulders and having your upper buddy guide them to the ball. as far as 'hit impulse' goes, I don't really think it's a serious issue if youre doing other things right. i mean, after all, you are hitting a golf ball, so focusing on hitting a ball is probably not the worst thing you can do. yeah, some people have success feeling as though theyre hitting 4 inches after the ball or similar swing thoughts, but if youre coming over the top, it's not because youre focused on hitting the ball, it's because youre coming over the top
  12. downbylaw11

    How do you choose a coach?

    I actually met a former coach during a round today. she used to be a teaching pro before giving up the game for 5 years due to what sounds like insane burnout. she's getting back into it now and hopes to start teaching again next year. she had a lovely swing and was fun to play with. I would definitely let her give me lessons. so if thats any indication, the best way to find a coach is to randomly play a round of golf with them and find out what theyre all about
  13. seems like a good deal. I dont know how I feel about spacing them out to every other week. maybe every week, and try to go to the range a few times in between coaching sessions so not only you can work on the things he's teaching you, but then you can go back to him soon, so you can have eyes on you giving you the feedback you need.
  14. downbylaw11

    How do you choose a coach?

    I'm terrified of them all! true story, one of the golf instructors at the course I practice at, I recognized as a friend of a friend, who about 7 years ago, I stayed in a house with in vegas when I used to play poker for a living. about 15 guys rented a house there during the world series of poker so they could play all the events and I stayed there for a few days while I played in one of the events. Anyways, this guy was probably in his early 20s at the time and as far as I knew was one of the young internet ballers of the time but generally acted like a psycho while I was there. He would constantly rage while playing poker, and while watching sports on tv, and was generally a massive degenerate who when I left was probably the guy at that house that impressed me the least. Now years later he's a golf coach, though I'm unsure of his actual qualifications other than that he's pretty good at golf, and gives lessons to beginners. Things like this make me wonder about who these guys are outside of golf. are they an asshole? are they the scumbag at the bar who tries to **** everything that moves? are they even able to teach someone how to be a better golfer? so yeah, in conclusion, I guess I'd say the best thing to do is research them, and hope that maybe there are reviews of that coach, or better yet, have someone refer you to him/her
  15. downbylaw11

    Backswing stopping point

    Usually I stop when my hips fire on the downswing lol I've played rounds when I've really tried to shorten the backswing and I've definitely hit some super flush shots, and in reality, I was still probably getting my club almost close to parallel. with the momentum of the backswing, what can feel really short, is actually probably where it should be. Unless you want to be super technical with your swing, I would just use a backswing length that felt good, allowed you to do everything in the correct sequence on the downswing, and produce good strikes.

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