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  1. 1. yes, i've had great rounds after horrible practice, and horrible rounds after great practice. during my last round, I had one of my worst round of the year with an 85 or 86, but my actual tee to green was probably at worst would put me in the high 70s, but for reasons not totally understood to me, i shanked all of my chips lol. never done this in my life, but every chip I shanked and cost me 5-6 shots right there, with the ensuing long recovery putt costing me another 3 or 4 strokes. so yeah, golf is a constant battle of trust and troubleshooting 2. when im too injured to golf, i still end up golfing and delaying the healing process. I've dealt with a bit of a trick back for the last year, which doesnt seem to bother me too much while I play, but I sometimes really feel it after. Also have something wrong in my shoulder for the 2nd half of this season which usually pisses me off for my first few swings but loosens up and doesnt bother me, but it still concerns me. I have a hard time just shutting everything down when I'm hurt because I love it too much. 3. I'll practice and play through pain depending on what the injury is, if swinging makes it worse, or if I'm compensating.
  2. if youre hitting the ball like shit, then it's bad. if you hit the ball well, then it's ok?! turning your head actually frees you up to get a bigger shoulder turn, so if you can turn head slightly while also still seeing the ball out of the corner of your eye, then it could be beneficial for you. turning your head the other way during the downswing can help get your body more opened up at impact, which if something you desire, can help you achieve this position.
  3. yeah, probably this. Obviously it's probably not very cost effective to start adding bunkers and creeks everywhere tour players would hit it, but if it was simple as growing out the rough a little and and maybe growing out the fairway at 315 yards, I think they should do more of that.
  4. hey i dont disagree with that. I'm just saying the way tournament directors reacted to the way the hitters were getting longer, was the wrong way to adjust.
  5. I wish courses were set up in such a way that shorter hitters could still win tournaments on tour. The idea that making courses longer is the solution to curbing some of these low scores is crazy. all it really does is ensure that the best players on tour are also the longest and that a guy who hits it 280-290 off the tee or maybe a little less simply can't compete because of how difficult it is to hit some of these longer irons, hybrids, or woods into greens. I feel like they'd be much better served by thickening the rough, narrowing the fairways, or having courses with a well placed bunker at 310 yards down the middle of the fairway lol.
  6. I played fraserview last weekend. what a f***in ripoff for a uphill soggy mess. The reasons why I golf at guildford and green acres are as follows. Guildford is 10 minutes away from my place and it's easy to get a tee time as a single in the am. and i mean, actual single as in I prefer to play alone most days, and it's only 45 bucks in summer. It's also set up in such a way that I use every club in my bag for all situations. The conditions there are garbage, but for the convenience, price, and relative challenge, it's a good play. Green acres I play because it is closeish to my sunday golfing buddy's place, and he was afraid to play anywhere else because we usually play there just the 2 of us and don't get paired up. He is usually afraid to play with other people as we played burnaby mountain once last year and he freaked out and played terribly. That being said, Green Acres is in pretty amazing condition the last few years. They pumped a bunch of money into the drainage 2 years ago and it shows. I play there in all conditions and it isnt soggy at all, and when it's dry the fairways are firm with lots of run. The greens have improved 100% over the last year as well. I believe the course is owned in part by shaunnessy, so they clearly care about it now. But yeah, obviously either of those courses are not of the quality of most of the ones you mentioned and I'd love to regularly play them but my friends are all 30+ handicaps who are afraid to play nice courses. I played mayfair and belmont as a teenager but havent made it out there since. I have bad memories of belmont from a highschool tournament lol
  7. well, it could also be the time of day I play. I usually play bright and early, and many women may play in ladies leagues. I guess if you were to go to riverway, you would often see a bunch of 70 year old asian ladies at all hours of the day, but I usually play at guildford and green acres, and at guildford, during my time there, I saw maybe 2 women the entire season which was probably 20+ rounds I played there, so yeah, it's a low percentage, and at green acres I probably saw 5 women all season in maybe 10 rounds? Not sure why you actually spent time trying to do math of the women on the course that I may or may not have seen. It's not like I have hard evidence of 1%, but they account for a micro fraction of the total golfers on course at any given time. I believe it's 19% according to something I read. Many of those probably playing with other women, and probably not playing at 6am as usually the men are the only ones addicted to golf enough to get up at 5am to go play golf. I could be wrong on that though?
  8. if you google phil mickelson+coffee there are some blurbs about some special coffee guru he gets his coffee from, but these articles are from a few years ago, though i imagine the 2 coffees are related. that being said, I dont think the type of coffee really matters. at the end of the day, he did a fast, and lost a ton of weight, and it was part of a greater lifestyle change of his that has definitely shown fruits lately. He looks leaner and definitely has more of a V look to his torso than he had even a few months ago. he was more of a rectangle on his best days, but he looks 15 years younger right now, and I've definitely been considering a fast since hearing him talk about it. Would probably be a pretty effective way to lose some extra fat fast, but obviously you would have to make a bit of a lifestyle change to maintain it.
  9. I saw a middle aged asian woman playing alone this season. it's definitely rare, but that being said, I rarely see women playing as groups as well. they probably account for maybe 1% of all the golfers I see playing which is a shame as I'm incredibly attracted to women who golf lol, especially if theyre decent.
  10. if you can't reach the par 4's in 2 shots, then, i dunno what to tell you, other than youre playing the wrong tees lol. golf is hard man, eagles are tough, and hole in ones are near impossible believe it or not there are pga tour players who get a hole in one in a tour event and it's literally their first hole in one EVER, meanwhile some low handicappers have multiple hole in ones in their lifetime. I have 0, but I'll take near par rounds over a hole in one while shooting 80 any day. I only just this year got my first eagle after driving a 260 yard par 4 and draining a 15 foot putt. I've started to come close on some par 5's this year too as I'm now starting to hit the green on 2nd shots, but again, my focus is not on getting the eagle but rather setting up easy birdies and making pars as my 2019 goal was to break 80, which I now do regularly, so my next goal is to shoot par on a full 70/72 course. as far as advice goes, you probably just have to be better. eagles start with a good drive and a solid 2nd shot. Know your distances, and be a solid ball striker so your shots actually go those distances 80% of the time, not just once in a blue moon. I mean, unless youre getting 3-4 birds a round, what makes you think you deserve to get eagles?
  11. I only hit my stock shot when I play unless it's something like a low hook punch out under a tree, so essentially any time im blocked out by a tree, it sorta sucks for me as I've yet to add a reliable draw or fade to my arsenal. I figure, hey, if I can't control my face and path well enough to hit it straight, whats the point of learning a bunch of other shots that will just cause a bunch of double crosses? maybe next season
  12. it's just my opinion. I think many people still have an attitude about golf that it's only for rich elitists and not really a game for 'everybody'.
  13. dress codes are probably bad for the games appeal, but for myself, I enjoy looking nice and sharp for my round.
  14. I shot a messy 79 today but it's pretty crazy for me to think I can kinda play shitty and break 80 now when my best rounds like season were in the lower/mid 80s. I also put some supersofts into play today for the first time which probably cost me a few strokes just based on trying to adjust for the 8-10 extra yards of carry they gave me with my irons and the lack of spin on my chips, but I'm still very intrigued by the extra carry
  15. have definitely heard the old 'compression' theory being the reason for the hiss. Never actually hear any science behind it, but it would make sense that trapping the ball would cause that sound, as it's simply something that happens with good ball strikers who are hitting the ball with a lot of spin, and with likely more speed than the average player. This being said, when I play early morning rounds and it's very quiet outside, I can definitely hear this noise quite a bit from most of my balls, especially the lower lofted ones
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