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  1. Complains about courses, blames his caddy, sniveling about bad shots, panics, and seems to take no responsibility. Just my impression is all. Maybe he is a fine young man, just not my cup of tea. He had the golf world in his hands and I feel losing it haunts him. I have no idea so just my observation. He is a walking business, and he is a business I choose not to support.
  2. Media hurt him by saying that he is back.Never been a fan as I personally dont like the way he carries himself on the course but I almost felt bad for him. Really felt more bad fir Hahn but its all part of the learning curve.
  3. I think if you are playing premium Titleist, Callaway, Srixon, Callaway, or even Bridgestone, its about small differences for that fit your game. I personally loved Srixon and found the playable longevity of them unbeatable in my opinion. I happened to find a Chrome Soft and fell in love with it so I switched even though I dont feel its as durable. Trade with your buddies and experiment.
  4. Which is why I cant hardly find clubs in my local shops anymore. Buy locally as I like to touch and feel before I buy. Nice to support my local retailers as well even if it costs me a bit more.
  5. Ping Eye 2..1980something Callaway Driver is several years old. Ping G30 fairway woods about a year. Putter 30 plus.
  6. Played with my older brother a couple days ago and totally smoked him. I think he was surprised at my game since we hadnt played in probably 20 + years. On this round I parred #2, 3, and 4 which are normally my nightmare holes on this course and seldom get through them without at least being 2 or 3 over on them. Conquering them really set the tone and boosted my confidence the rest of the way on my way to an 81.
  7. Shot 81 with (121 ...68.3) with 3 doubles. Getting some decent weather out here in Oregon and they allowed carts on the fairways today.
  8. Love college football and the NFL. Oregon St Beavers and minnesota Vikings. Love the NHL as well and a good major tennis match.
  9. Yes..just finished up at range doing so. I knew that would help just a comfort zone and confidence thing im working on.
  10. I couldnt agree more about the control. Been working on it and had a conversation with coworker today about it. Ideally id rather have the feel and control of 3 then always hitting "full" shots with 4. Ive gotten decent from that 25 yard to 80 mark with various wedges depending on the lie. Just hard time in that 115ish to 120ish range I seem to struggle with a couple times a round.
  11. I will hit balls at my covered driving rznge anout a mile awaya few times a month, play when I can, and work on putting anf chipping in my basement on the green im going to build next month. Im at a point where my short game will help me shoot uppee 70s consistent.
  12. Im sure this has been discussed but being new to the form.....How many wedges do you carry? Currently i carry a PW, SW, and LW. I can control the gap between the LW and SW , but Im struggling with that SW to PW gap. ha...the GW. What club did you drop to add the 4th wedge? I can hit the 3i but rarely need it and plan to drop it out my my bag. To be honest Id rather adf a 3h and stay with 3 wedges, but it is costing me a stroke or two a round.
  13. Interesting read and this was a topic at tinights bbq with a buddy who plays to a 3 hdcp. I play to an 10 and he asked about my stats. I hit 61% fairways, 31 % GIR, and about 32 to 33 putts . He asked about up and downs but i dont keep track of that but will start. He likes my hit fairways as my misses arent horrible. Improve my GIR to 40% or higher and record up and downs and improve on that by practicing those 8' and less putts. He predicts i will ser single digits by mid summer next.
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