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  1. May be worth doing some digging on what you could change to lessen the blow to your wrist and elbows while your swing improves. Friend I usually play with and myself found fixes, or components to focus on which alleviated our golf related ailments. Golf digest article on some swing adjustments to help with wrist and elbow pain...hopefully this helps https://www.golfdigest.com/story/fitness-avoid-injuries "Funny - I've always thought of golf as a bit of a weakling game, but I stand corrected - everyone seems to go through severe injuries at some point,,,," I was in the same boat before I started. It's quite a humbling game...as you find out over, and over, and over, and over, then again.
  2. @RJN12 what types of injuries are you experiencing? I had major issues with rib/lat injuries at first but turned out to be my incorrect swing that was doing it. that timeline I gave isn't 100% accurate. About a year ago I tried to start but stopped after about a month or 2 of repeatedly injuring my ribs/lateral back muscles. Like it felt like I was fracturing my ribs. I'll go into more detail if yours is the same.
  3. Ok so I'm actually right in your ballpark with regard to length of time played, with no prior experience. I had not picked up a golf club prior to about 6 months ago. (I do have what I would consider good hand eye coordination and am very active...would say those are important factors) Since then, I have become absolutely obsessed. I practice or play at least 4 days a week, sometimes 5. I found it best to stick with the range (for the most part) at your particular point. I would get frustrated on the course then as well (as well as now and probably forever). Although I preferred to be on the course, it felt like a waste when I knew I needed the repetition and time only the range could provide with so many mishits*...like I'd have a good shot every now and then, but in the back of my mind I knew I was wasting time spending 10 minutes tracking down shanked mishits. You have study a proper swing one way or another, most ideally an instructor (for most people at least). At some point, you will start to feel a significant change in your swing, or in the result of your swing. The ball flies off the club head with a lot less effort. It's not all of the sudden easy, but a light bulb went off for me about 4 months in. I started catching some balls pretty well and saying 'ooohh so this is how it's supposed to feel.' Honestly, most of that was finally having the proper grip and swinging with my body and not my arms. Even if you learn proper grip, stance, swing components at the beginning, actually putting it together to the point of having some success takesq time. On a side note, make sure to do some research on your instructor. You will want to establish some goals, which should be easy as a novice...grip, stance, etc. I only mention this because I had a buddy fork out 150/session twice a week for 3 months with a "pro" and they never even got past backswing mechanics. That may be a great program for someone looking to go scratch, or a kid learning the ins and outs of a game he or she will play for a lifetime. It's not the best for someone who simply wants to become proficient enough to play the game with embarrassing themselves. About 4 months in, I'd say about 1 in every 3 sessions at the range I was hitting well over the half the balls (usually 150-250 in total) significantly better. With how often I practice or play, that turned into 2 of every 3 times up til now where my last range outing I had maybe 10 significantly bad *mishits. On the course success has followed. My handicap is around mid 20s... but I have days where I will par, or have a chance to par 5+ holes in a row and finish off in the 80s...as opposed to maybe one in every 9 plus holes was a par, or chance for par, and the goal was to break 110. Still, the bad days are there as evidenced by my handicap. I would say that you're probably nearing the cusp where you see that being better is possible. From there it's a battle to become more consistent. Ultimately, that's probably golfer's battle. For a novice, the game is alot more promising when you taste success just a little. Those little glimmers of hope are what keep you coming back...and the reason to return grows with the more time you put in. *When I say mishit, I refer to a novice mishit. Not like an off center shot that's still decent, but when you pretty much totally 'miss,' but somehow something 'hits' somewhere, and the ball trinkles 15 yards, or blasts off totally sideways. On a side note, I have found the impact snap to be massively helpful. It's the only tool I've found that provides you with a hands on objective measure of where your hands and wrists should be at impact.
  4. @NCGolfer @inthecup Thanks for taking the time to reply. I was close to pulling the trigger on a titelist players 14 but, I wound up taking vinsk up on his offer for the ping hoofer 14. In the end I'll get to give a 14 way a go without the hefty price tag.
  5. Fortunately, I use standard sized grips. I will most definitely be sending you a message about the hoofer 14. Thanks!
  6. Appreciate the input...while it's tempting for the reasons you named, and honestly there are some cart bags I prefer the look of over my favorite stand bags, I plan on walking more often once I get a better bag. Also, I have seen to many folks have their cart bags blown over and clubs smash on the ground at the range on a windy day. Plus, some of these new stand bags have 12 pockets, like the hoofer 14 or Callaway fusion. Saw your feedback on hoofer and 14 way. Thanks
  7. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks! I suppose my question now would be when I'm out at the range or any other time I would have the stand down does anyone find that one type of bag over another is easier for pulling clubs out and putting back in--from a 5 to a 14 way?
  8. My apologies. I met to include that I was on the market for a stand bag, not a cart. I do ride in the car most of the time when I play...so I'm not necessarily looking for anything super light weight necessarily
  9. Hello all, I've been spending ALOT of time researching bags before I purchase a new one. I was pretty set on a 14 top, specifically a ping hoofer 14 (pro being consensus great reviews) or calllway fusion 14 (pro being looks and some positive reviews) until I stumbled across multiple articles and forums bashing 14 ways...with a lot of folks complaining about a lot of difficulty getting the clubs in and out. I was surprised by this as this was one of the main issues that was prompting me to go with a 14 way with my current 3 way. I've read some reviews which claim that 5-7 way tops actually have less issues with club binding. I guess my primary concern would be to determine if the club binding issue in 14 ways is a matter of fact or a matter of a opinion. Would greatly appreciate any input from folks who have experience with different types of bags. thanks in advance for your assistance!
  10. Thank you valleygolfer and nutsmacker!! I met to post a reply sooner. While appreciate the offer on the arcos, I actually wound up settling on a zepp 2.0. I went with zepp because of the reasons y'all mentioned. At the end of the day the zepp just requires the least amount of time and attention outside of me focusing on my game (and swing). Shockingly, right out of the gate it's reporting that I have an optimal swing tempo, as well as near ideal planes throughout with an average overall swing score of 91/100. The only department Im really lacking in is club speed. I will create a new post with more detailed specifics of the numbers, or just post them here. I was shocked after using the zepp a couple times. It must have been a confidence booster because I went out and shot an 82 on Sunday, my best round ever. Granted I play or practice 4 plus days a week (I work 3 12 hour shifts a week in my profession and don't have kids), I hadn't played a single hole just 6 months ago. Accordingly, I was still actively attempting to change and improve on a micro level prior to Sunday. I'm not getting my hopes up that I'm better overnight, but I'm optimistic. It was nice to have some "objective" input that my swing was solid enough to just go out and play rather than constantly critiquing every little aspect of my game.
  11. Duly noted on arcos. My understanding was that it offered a little in the swing department but was more of an in game analyzer. Lemme rephrase my original question to more swing focused products like zepp, blast motion, epsom, and whatever else I'm not naming that anyone has an opinion on and/or experience with. thanks
  12. If these are the same drivers as the one that comes in set that dick's sells, steer clear. They have protruding, rounded faces that make exaggerate left to right unless you nail it dead center.
  13. Looking for any and all opinions on folks with experience having owned or used any of the currently offered swing analysis gizmos on the market: zepp, blast motion, arcos, etc. I was about to pull the trigger on the zepp, but I'm reading good things about other options out there. thanks in advance for your advice!
  14. Hello all, I have been a long time lurker, combing through posts for club recommendations; however, I just signed up to make my first post. I am a fairy new golfer, having never played a hole in my life until 6 months ago. Since then though I have become a full blown junkie. I'm at the range or playing 4 days a week, minimum. I know that no type of at home/back yard swing trainer adequately supplements time at the range, but I was hoping that some of you may be able to recommend one "swing path trainer" over another. That may not be the correct term. I'm talking about one of those little deals that you stick in the ground and has a ball hanging on a rope from bar above...if that paints a better picture. A lot of the ones I see online have poor reviews...anyone had a good experience with a certain brand or vendor? thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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