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  1. inthecup

    Completely lost my game

    I can't help you analyze your swing but I get sideways now and then. With me is usually is related to tempo. The way I try and get back to "normal" is to take lots of half swings with wedges, small swings small movements paying attention to tempo and trying to be fluid. My friends like to point out that on my best day they don't consider me normal. Good luck finding it.
  2. inthecup

    PING Glide 2 Stealth Wedges

    I was talking to the pro that I take lessons from when I get sideways, he was laughing that if you go try all the grinds you will just confuse yourself. I picked the ES for my 54 because they said it was the ultimate sand club which is what I wanted to do with it. I picked the SS for my 50 and 58 because they said it fit most players. With the SS grind I can do anything, open it way up and hit a flop off the fairway, whatever.
  3. inthecup

    PING Glide 2 Stealth Wedges

    I agree. I don’t see the forged draw.
  4. inthecup

    PING Glide 2 Stealth Wedges

    I am happy with them. I have the black stealth finish and it is holding up well. I especially like the sand wedge I got with the ES grind. Best sand wedge I ever had. I have the Black Stealth finish, it has held up well. The numbers were black which I did not like. I paint filled them in red-58 yellow-54 white-50 and I like that a lot. Easy to pick the right club. I don’t think you can go wrong. I think they are about to launch a forged wedge. If that lites you up you may want to wait.
  5. I am going to say yes. I bag 2-5 in hybrids now. My bag looks like I am going to put on a puppet show. Some people give me crap. I don't care, whatever gets the job done.
  6. inthecup

    Music on the Course - When did this become a thing?

    I'll confess to not reading every post. In the past I did not like Music when I was playing. Then we started playing indoors in the winter. In that scenario there is more noise then just music. I found it to be helpful, both the noise and music. It taught me to tune out the outside noise, all of it. I now enjoy music on the course. It is not a must but I tend to like it. When we are playing with others we ask if music will bother them, if they say yes we turn it up....kidding. If they say yes we leave it off. I play on a course with few trees and it is difficult if not impossible to hear anyone else's music. If music is going to hurt someone from having a personal best in any way there is a problem. It would never be a jarring sound. If music is bad then talking is equally bad. Do you talk on the course?
  7. What club do you hit from 120 yards or 80? I am not sure I would call that properly fit? +3 you said is that +3 on the loft? I got a set of Ping I200's over the winter. I am very pleased with them. They are not a long club but they are very consistent distance wise and they are more forgiving then you would think.
  8. The Fitter I use which is on Long Island said to me. PXG clubs are great, if the price is an issue at all I would look at other clubs. I have the resources to get any club I want but sometimes there are things that are a waste of money. If you are a person who keeps a set of clubs for 15 years it might be easier to justify. I am not that guy. For the record, many of the guys that work at the fitter play PXG and they can play whatever they want.
  9. I don't think Ping i3 are blades? Cavity back at least. If you are a Ping fan I would try the Ping i200 for sure.
  10. Do you find your wedges releasing too much? Would more spin be better?
  11. This could be a eureka moment! Maybe that why my swing is inconsistent! I leave them in the trunk in the summer and keep them inside in the winter.
  12. inthecup

    Is the Hybrid on its return ?

    I am all wedged up, no need for more. The tight gaps let me hit greens from from those distances (or try and hit greens).
  13. inthecup

    Is the Hybrid on its return ?

    I think if you looked on the LPGA tour it would be more of a comparison as far as amature male club head speed. There are lots of Hybrid on the LPGA tour. I always joke my bag looks like a puppet show with all the club head covers in it. Right now the top of my bag goes DR, 2H,3H,4H,5H. The hybrids take me from 175 to 220. I can hit'em straight, draw, big sweeping draw, fade if I am desperate. I used to be afraid of the hook but I found a couple things. First ball position is critical. If you look down and think fairway wood and put the ball too far forward in your stance it is turning left (at least in my case). Second if I get all jacked up and try and "kill" one I get "armsy" and it is going left. With the correct ball position and swing I can move the ball around and hit it the longer distances high enough to stop it on a green while maintaining control. Hybrids are my favorite clubs in the bag, instill confidence.
  14. inthecup

    PING Glide 2 Stealth Wedges

    I am particularly fond of the 54 es grind I picked up. They call it the ultimate sand club and my early reaction would be to agree. I have hit some of my best sand shots with that club.

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