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  1. If I look at the data the system produces in the app it looks OK. If I look at the app distances in real time and compare it to something I trust more it is wrong. Sometimes very wrong. I have played without it for a couple weeks and it is a bit of a relief, not having to edit the results on every hole.
  2. Thanks for the reply, great information. On of this things I like about Arccos is that it flew under the radar, the pro version looked a little better, no tagging and a black "thing on your belt" not red. I don't know if I want to try a new system. For $100 at least live is not a huge investment.
  3. At the end of the round how many corrections need to be made? Can you look at your phone as you go and fix any errors?
  4. OK, my choice of words was poor. How about the course has several areas where you could get in a situation where you were putting through areas with greater than 4% slope. As I was measuring the greens it became apparent the slopes were more than Aim point was designed for so I measured less and less points. I am not sure of your point? The question was simply is there a logic or mechanism to use the book to judge a putt with greater than 4% slope. Then everyone started saying it was impossible to have greater than 4%? You are formally invited to play and experience it for yourself. I'll buy you a meal and beer after.
  5. I was an Arccos user and recently given it up. I tried to use my Apple Watch linked to the software and the yardages were way off. It made me question all the data. That along with all the extra shots it seemed to add around the green and I had had enough. I see Game Golf came out with a "Pro" unit. I have found some internet chatter and none of it was good about both the hardware and the company. Has anyone tried this?
  6. I measured it with a digital level. I had a putt Wednesday where I got above the hole and had to putt 90 degrees to the pin to have the putt roll 4 feet past from 20 feet. I did hit the uphill putt for par. The person that I was playing with and I then hit several putts each from that spot and my first putt was the best, or at least left the best leave for the second. If I had had my phone in my pocket I would have taken video. I'll try and get some video it is a difficult green. If you get into the rough behind the hole you are pretty much doomed.
  7. I found some photos which might remind you what 9 is. Here is a view from the tee. Right is OB, It is a dog leg right. If you go over the tree's you can aim to the front of the green. Here is a view from the green back left of the green at the tee, The trees on the left third are the ones you have to come over to aim to the valley Here is the green, hard to understand the slope from the photo, that's the men's grill in the background. At the annual invite the crazyness that goes on in the grill at those windows is hilarious. They bet on everything, who will pull the pin, puts chips, sand shots all of it. A better shot of the green, the slope does not translate well into a photo. Since I am posting photos, I was a photographer at the event. We have heather, Fred not the most pleasant guy you ever met. This is a mild green, 14 All the player (except one) were great guys happy to be there really a lot of fun. Funk with his son on the bag Lehman Watson
  8. I think the 15 is a typo. I tried to take a photos. It does not translate well. Here is three, camera level standing at the bottom. 9 is uphill the whole way. If you get above the hole and they get the green speeds up you are in trouble.
  9. Where on 9 is that? If you have to putt through 6 using AIMpoint classic its 6. I don’t understand express, perhaps that is different.
  10. I have been playing this course for 11 years, yes every putt is not above 4. But if you are out of position you can get slopes above 4 for sure. The new greens keeper is putting pins in new spots. If it ever stops raining he will find that they are not playable. The ball will roll back to your feet. These are difficult greens. They are not subtle.
  11. No it won't be 6-7 all day but many will be over the 4% the the classic Aimpoint goes to .
  12. The course is Indianwood Golf and Country club in Lake Orion MI. The played the Senior US open there a few years ago. I went out with a digital level and measured it. It’s not uncommon to have a putt that breaks 3 feet. I attached a photo of the green reading book from the open. I added the numbers that represent % slope. The greens are not slow but you can’t run them up to 11, The ball won’t stop.
  13. I took the "Classic" Aimpoint class with the book. My course has greens with extreme slopes, 6-7% almost everywhere. Is there a way to translate the book into these extreme slopes? Does Aimpoint express address this?
  14. No one decides but you. BUT the set gets very odd. The gap between your gap wedge and pitching wedge is going to be a lot because the pitching wedge is very strong lofted. The clubs are designed for all out distance so they are low loft and low spin. The low spin portion of that will give you fliers. Said more simply you will get a 20 yard variance depending on how it is stuck. They designed for a certain person, someone who's distance is failing and they can't play from the Blues. At my club in competition you are forced to play from the blues unless your handicap and age add up to a certain number. My friend does not hit that criteria. So instead of hitting driver hybrid he is hitting Driver 7 iron. All design is a compromise. In my opinion if you hit the ball more than 150 with a 7 iron the compromise of the design is not worth it. I hit is 7 iron and it went 20-25 yards further than my 7 iron. Would I like that? SURE but not if I understand the compromise it takes to get it.
  15. I have never come close to a no six round. I worked hard over the winter on my swing and my misses are less dangerous, my shot cone(?) became smaller. Wednesday I shot an 81 with one 6 on a par five. The par five was the first hole straight out of the car. I really wanted to shoot a 79, never hit the 70's I realized the no sixes after.
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