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  1. Ping Glide 2 Stealth Wedges

    I am starting to be a fan of Ping. They sell what works and don't make unrealistic claims. I have gone through a series of Ping drivers, I am looking for forgiving in a driver, and they deliver that. I was and am impressed that they would not do a driver hosel that adjusted 300 different ways because it would take away from the forgiveness of the club. Takes commitment to buck the market trend. You may guess from these statements I am an engineer. Technically these wedges have a cavity, sort of. I guess I'll see over time what that does for me. I am going to measure gapping for my 1/2, 3/4 and full shots to see where they fall by the end of the weekend. Early tests show them to be consistent distance wise like the I200's I am playing. They do look small in black. I am not sure that is a good thing.
  2. Ping Glide 2 Stealth Wedges

    No I got them since you named them.... I have not hit enough balls to say. The good news is I hit a lot of balls. The bad news is it will be a couple weeks before I get outside.
  3. Ping Glide 2 Stealth Wedges

    Truth be told that’s why I got them.
  4. Ping Glide 2 Stealth Wedges

    I was able to hit some balls on a launch monitor (on a mat). So far so good. I can control the distance well. Impossible to judge the grind other than to say on standard partial and full shots they are fine. I attached a photo of the number. If I am carrying the number will be impossible to see. I am going to paint fill them white so I have a chance.
  5. I swapped out my wedges this year. I went from Callaway MD3's to Ping Stealth 2.0's. I changed my wedges because I do play for spin around the green and over time they do not spin as well. I also never got along with the 50 degree for full shots. I was never comfortable with it. I am playing Ping I200's for irons, Ping G400 driver and I figured I try the wedges. I got 50 SS 12 degrees bounce, 54 ES 8 degrees of bounce and 58 SS 10 degrees of bounce. I really have not hit them yet but pulling them out of the plastic I note two things. 1. The numbers are back like the club. That has to change, it is near impossible to see. 2. I like the dyla-wedge grips. They are longer, and do not taper as much. Since a wedge is a club I grip down on more than most I thought I would give it a try. It also has a reminder rib which I like. After I break them in I'll report back but I suspect they will be just fine.
  6. Just ordered Ping i200's!

    At the end of last year I was trending down. I got the I200's for Christmas and played 3x's on one trip outside. I have played many times inside on a simulator. Going from Callaway Apex CF16's I think I have better distance control. With the CF16's a good strike went considerably further than a marginal one. I have Arccos and I think I was playing the long distance. My home courses are brutal if you are past the pin. With the Pings I am not getting the deep shots and the spread is less. I think it is going to help my game BUT, I can enhance or destroy my game to a greater degree than the clubs ever will.
  7. Winter Depression Thread

    I have not found that a simulator hurt my game quite the opposite. The one I play is very accurate so you get good feedback. If hitting off a mat messes you up there is nothing that can be done.
  8. Winter Depression Thread

    We have a couple golf simulator places locally. If you are feeling the urge it is a great place to ge with some buddies. All then ones by be serve beverages, it's a great time. I play year round in a golf league. The indoor league is less about golf and more about hanging with your buddies but I always walk away with a big smile and it keeps my game in tune. We are almost there!
  9. Go to club or shot from 125 yards. READ ORIGINAL POST!!!

    I would hit a 3/4 9 iron (desired distance would be the center of the green) Depending on the green I would aim right of center and draw one in.
  10. New Golf Grips

    I think to pick a grip you have to try them hitting balls. I have not found a grip that can not be blown on. They don't have to be Pure although Pure makes a nice grip. Might make sense to pick the three you like, have them installed on three clubs you tend to use more and play them. One will probably jump out at the one you like, It might cost a few dollars but at least you don't get a whole set you don't care for. Right now I am playing Ping ID8 Gold. The gold denotes 1/32" oversize. They also have a reminder rib. A reminder rib in a rib on the grip which lines up with the creases on your fingers. It assists in gripping the club consistently. Since playing with them I am shocked at how a minor grip adjustment changes the ball flight. I play a big draw (at the moment) shifting that rib ever so slightly in in my hand creates a straighter ball flight. A little to much and it's a push, a little more and it is a push fade. Have fun with it, its a nice change for relatively little money.
  11. I also have a battery case and have no problems. Funny I went over to the Game Golf Website and they are going to launch game golf pro. Looks very similar to Arccos. Not a lot in info there. I am not a fan of the red thing on my belt in theory, never tried it.. I take enough crap about the technology I use.
  12. No, nothing to do with badges, just curious.
  13. So if someone asks you if you ever got a hole in one what is the answer?
  14. I would ad the Kohler resort, Whistling Straits as a must do. Not cheap but everyone that went on our trip said they want to go back.
  15. Indoor Wedge Fitting

    I get bored in the winter and want to "retool". I'll wait until spring. I think I am going to Swap to the Ping Glide 2.0 wedges.

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