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  1. I disagree with you on the Liveview camera. I have no affiliation to the company at all. My reasoning is simple. For me and I will bet most people looking at gross details of their swing is the most important thing. This camera at 60 fps is fine. It is easy to use, so easy once you set it up you don't have to do anything. You can put lines on the screen and use them for both the video and the mirror function when you try to feel the positions. It starts and stops the recording so you don't get excess video. Simply put I believe it is so easy to use that I will use it more then a cell
  2. I holed out on a par five for eagle yesterday.
  3. Ok, I see. I am very fortunate to have Foresight GC2 with HMT. That gives me very accurate club head data and trying to see that in video is not something I need. Like most things if it is difficult to do people won’t do it. This makes video very easy for me. So this is very beneficial to me. What is the current best solution for 240fps?
  4. What are you trying to see at 120 FPS that you can not see at 60?
  5. I searched around and there does not seem to be a thread on the Live View Sports Camera? I am guessing I am not using the right terms because this camera has been out for a while. I just bought one and have used it once for practice. It is a clever solution to videoing yourself. It also works as a mirror with lines. An explanation of its functionality is it connects to your phone or tablet with its own wifi. You place your phone or tablet down by the ball and can see what you are doing in practice motions. Where it excels is that you can draw lines on the virtual mirror and chec
  6. I could be mistaken but he is describing a swing where the body in not as involved as it should be. That hips, rotation and weight transfer is muted or missing. It is caused by focusing on hitting the ball not hitting through the ball. Get rid of the ball and do what I said, imagine you are going to throw the club to right field (if your a righty), It will bring in the ball throwing motion we all use, weight transfer and rotation. Grab an old club and actually throw it. If you have that thought when swinging the club it can help break habits. It works for me, a pickup in club head s
  7. A game changer for me was to swing at 80% not 100 or 100+. I found that I can actually hit the ball further and certainly a lot more accurately. The center of the club face is a very powerful thing! I have access to a Foresight GC2 launch monitor with the HMT (head measurement) add on. I am more aware of my swing dynamics than most people. The consistency of a nice smooth swing is a game changer. I also have learned that a hard swing is not necessarily a fast swing.
  8. An interesting thought is to feel like you are going to throw the club. Try some practice swings, it effects everything.
  9. I am not saying you need it but try the Ping G410. You can set the lie angle flat to stop the hook. I had the same issue. At a plus three I don't know that you will find benefit but it would be interesting to try. You might try the 2 hybrid in place of a driving iron. I be you would find it easy to hit from the deck.
  10. The back swing is a reasonable speed. The transition is slower which allow me to maintain my balance and accuracy with the club. I would bet if I swung hard and swung "easy" and within myself an onlooker would hardly notice. If you were able to measure the tension in my muscles you would see a radical difference.
  11. inthecup


  12. I was working on my swing in the early spring and I had watched a video about a slow transition a Shawn Clement video. My swing tempo was always fast. On a day when it got really fast my play was a disaster. I was working on a slow transition and trying "moderate effort" swings to learn the feeling. I was hitting on a launch monitor at the time and the numbers were interesting. My swing speed was near normal and my distance was near normal. I decided to work on the slow transition and lower effort swing. First time out on the course with that thought I played an above average round
  13. I know people that play with that strong grip! Not well but they do it.
  14. If I look at the data the system produces in the app it looks OK. If I look at the app distances in real time and compare it to something I trust more it is wrong. Sometimes very wrong. I have played without it for a couple weeks and it is a bit of a relief, not having to edit the results on every hole.
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