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  1. Double on the last, I seem to have gotten over that. I used to serve up some bad holes at the end when was trying to break into the 80's. If I get near the 70's regularly I am sure it will come back!
  2. You guys are suffering! I want a double bogey free round! I guess breaking into the 70's. I feel like I could do it but it would be an anomaly at this point. My goal would be to get the handicap into single digits.
  3. Thinking of swapping irons

    I am blessed with the resources to take a chance on new clubs. I ordered up the Ping I200 5-PW with the same shafts as my Apex irons. They will be set up by my fitter who is one of the best so it will be an interesting test to see if they achieve my goal. In the testing I have done the dispersion was much better and the distance was shorter. I am not the longest player but at this point accuracy is more important to me. I will have the whole winter to hit balls into a net on a monitor and make some judgement about consistency and accuracy. I also have a Mid December trip down south to play so I will get some on course experience to go with the monitor data. I was really making progress last year. I am playing off a solid 12 index and I think I can go lower. I am hoping to visit single digits, never been there before. What could possibly go wrong!
  4. For me a monitor is about hitting balls inside in the winter. Being in SC I don't think that is your issue. I will give one thing to be cautious about. You can get Launch Monitor disease. It causes you to focus on distance above all else. For driver I would look at launch angle and spin. Irons Launch angle and spin also. It tells purity of strike for one. And you can gauge if you are flipping and know if you are lowering your launch angle to reduce said flipping.
  5. TrueStrike Golf mat

    This has other flaws in that I use a return net. With ball won't really return it will hit the front of the matt. Is the matt worth it? Now if I hit a fat shot the club skips and gives me a high number as far as strike angle like 4% up so you know it was fat. The result of the shot is unrealistic because of it,but I know it was fat. What is the result and feel of a fat shot on this matt?
  6. TrueStrike Golf mat

    If your practicing maybe. It all needs to be aligned or the data is wrong. If you are using the simulator no. There would be to many moves and to many people. It would be slow and cumbersome. I could make a track that it slid forward and back in to hold alignment but that could be a bit much. I have used a tee that sits on the Matt I was hoping for something better.
  7. New EVNROLL putter models

    Ping used to have the same grooves as evnroll and I believe there was a conflict. They now have a different groove style but the concept is the same. l play an Evnroll and I have never putted better. Is it because of the putter? No idea but I like mine. I went from a Scotty Cameron to this.
  8. TrueStrike Golf mat

    You can use it but the tee thing is a hassle. I am wondering if there is a way to avoid the problem that I am not seeing.
  9. In another thread True Stike golf mat was brought up as a good mat. I am considering swapping out the mat in my indoor setup. I do not like it. It's too hard. I do use a GC2 launch monitor which means the ball has to be placed in a specific area for the monitor to read it. That area is pretty small. Perpendicular to the ball range is 6" total. It looks like these are set up to hit irons off the gel and tee'd balls on the section of grass further away from you. Is that correct? So I could not use a standard under the mat rubber tee. Moving the monitor is not an option. Has anyone used this with a monitor? Truestrike
  10. In a thread a while back I mentioned I had an indoor launch monitor / simulator setup. Someone asked for photos. This is in an industrial building that houses my business. The foundation of the system is a Foresight GC2 launch monitor with HMT. For those unfamiliar that is a photo based launch monitor that takes many photos of the ball in its first foot or so of flight and analyses what the ball is doing. The HMT head takes photos of the clubface to tell you what the club face is doing. You apply reflective dots to the clubface so the camera can read it. The benefit of this system is that it does what it does in a short distance. It is great for an indoor system and it is very accurate. I find the results it gives the same as what I get on the course. I believe it is better than a Radar based system for my needs because of the clubface information it gives. It is very helpful for learning. It gives you club path (in to out and to what degree) it gives you angle of attack, it gives you delivered loft (flipping or handle forward) club head speed, face angle to path and to target. It is really quite amazing. Be warned that without some professional help you can get yourself sideways. I have my local pro come in and help me so I don't get caught up in the numbers. As far as a launch monitor I have learned some interesting things. Where club head speed comes from. A "hard swing" is not necessarily a fast swing. Club path and club face control and the effects of both Delivered loft (up on the driver or flipping...) Launch angles and all the normal launch monitor stuff. I had just the GC2 for years which just reads the ball. That is great hitting into a net because you can see the ball flight, spins and distance. When I added the HMT head last year that's when I really made progress. My index dropped 2 points this summer and if the summer had gone on I believe it would have dropped 2 more. The software is Foresights FSX. I built a pretty powerful gaming computer to run it (to their specs). There is very little delay in the reading and display. I use this for practice, either at the range. Parking on a hole and hitting balls or playing. Putting has no value on this so I do not putt. I either use manual putting, so less than 10 feet from the hole 1 putt > 10 2 putts. It speeds the game along. It also has automatic putting which uses an algorithm to add putts based on distance to the hole. Alone I can play 18 holes in 40 minutes. I also have people over to play in the winter. The league from the summer continues, my team comes over on a weekday night and we play. That is insanely fun, cigars, beer, pizza and heckling are encouraged! I am happy with the net. It is a return net. It has 5 years of use and shows no sign of wear. I bought the mat with the net. It is very high quality but I no not like the hitting surface it is too firm. I am looking to replace it but any matt I get must allow the ball to roll back to you which limits options. Overall it is a great system. I am considering adding an impact screen and projector but it is not really needed. I can push this all into the corner and still use the room. It is not inexpensive by any stretch. I realize I am very lucky to be able to do this. One of my friends wives pointed out that as much as I use it and as much fun as it is it is a better investment than some expensive vacation(s) because more pleasure is gained from it over a longer period of time.
  11. Thinking of swapping irons

    Lower spin helps to a point. If it drops too low the ball falls from the sky. The clubs that help with distance which is most game improvement clubs are all generate lower spin. They also have a low center of gravity to increase launch and height. The peak height of both clubs was around 33 yards.
  12. I currently play Callaway Apex CF16 irons. What I have noticed through Arccos is that the bulk of my misses on approach shots are short. On the courses I play on being above the hole is a bad thing so I do try and stay below the hole which adds to this miss. I have easy access to a launch monitor and a thing to note on the Apex irons for me is that they are low spinning. I am seeing low spin numbers on a monitor so perfect lie, dry club and ball, no grass between the club and the ball. On the course the numbers are probably lower. Typical 7 iron spin is 4200 rpm. The manufacturers do this for a reason, it boosts distance. My fear is that if the spin drops too much you lose distance. I don't have a problem sticking on greens I hit a high ball and the greens I play on tend to be soft. This got me thinking (which is usually not a good thing) that the lack of spin could be hurting my distance control. I had a discussion with my fitter and he sent me a Ping I200 7 iron to try. It was very interesting. With the Ping I lose 8 yards but pick up some spin (1,000 rpm) but the consistency and accuracy seemed to go up quite a bit in all categories. The fitter is really good. The test club was set to the same swing weight with the same shaft. The Ping felt really good on centered strikes, really good. I just don't know if I am chasing shadows here. I think there is something to the spin theory. The alternate course of action is to pull more club on every approach. That flies in the face of logic because I pull clubs based on Arccos distances. Does anyone have any experience with this scenario?
  13. Tethered Golf Tee for the Mat

    I bought the claw tee for my indoor hitting area. It works well. I like that I can control tee height. I do not like that the tee flies all over the place.
  14. Golf Ball Fitting??

    In my experience all quality balls are the same for the average player. Where they vary is spin around the green. For maximum spin get a urethane cover. I have a launch monitor, I did the ball fitting thing on the monitor and on the course. What I concluded is that my swing is not consistent enough for the subtleties of different balls to matter on full swings. It does matter for me around the green. I concluded I like urethane covers. From there I found the cheapest ball with a urethane cover. That is a Srixon Star Z. I can get them on sale buying 4 dozen at a time for $23 a dozen all year long. If I find a Pro V I give it to one of the guys I am playing with.
  15. I hit my 5 iron pretty well. I still swapped in a 5H because it is easier to hit. It goes high and stops. It delivers a heavy blow and is easier to hit out of the rough. My driver swing speed is around 100 to put it in perspective. Some people are saying "graphite shaft" like that defines its characteristics? Modern graphite shafts can have the same characteristics as steel. I can get tendonitis in my elbow/forearm and my fitter put me in Steel Fiber graphite shafts. They are stiff and they make stiffer. I really like the shafts by the way and my tendonitis has not flared up since I got them. The downside it they are pricey.

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