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  1. Which degree loft to play- Driver.

    I agree that not all people should use a 10.5 degree driver. I am playing a 9.5 degree G400 turned down to 9 or maybe 8.5 I'd have to look. I hit up on the ball and my spin numbers are between 1700 and 2200. My launch angle is between 15 and 17 degrees and my angle of attack is between 5 and 8 degrees up. For my swing speed these numbers are near optimal. My miss is high on the face which will make the spin drop below optimal and the ball falls from the sky. Everyone is different you really need to get on a monitor.
  2. No "full" shots inside ~150 yards

    I play partial swing from 130 yards in. Any further out and the spin drops too much and the ball does not hold.
  3. I can't speak for Game Golf I use Arccos and I feel like the information is valuable. If you need reading glasses I think Arccos on the course would be a problem. I edit as I go and there is some editing for sure. If you can remember every shot and edit after Arccos may work. I use a Garmin watch on the course and over time I have compared it to lasers and it is very accurate. Arccos does not always give the same yardage as the watch. Good luck
  4. How often do you play?

    This year I will approach 100 rounds. That does not include simulator rounds. I think I'll have 50 of those by the end of the year. Overall a great year for golf!
  5. Tee Claw Member Review Discussion Thread

    I hope this works on my indoor mat. I have a matt and net at work. The biggest problem is not being able to control tee height. If this fixes that problem it will be a relief. I ordered a set today.
  6. I agree those vivid matt balls on the green look bigger then a normal call, like they glow!
  7. Greenside bunker question

    I will visit the practice bunker and experiment. All the things you say I can’t do with my technique I can, but I will move the ball forward and see what happens.
  8. Too Hot or Too Cold to Play?

    That sounds reasonable and it is great to play in the winter.
  9. Greenside bunker question

    I'll stick with what I am doing. I use the bounce, I can't see how putting the ball forward would help me get better results. I have done it in the past and got erratic results. There is more than one way to be successful.
  10. Greenside bunker question

    I used to play the ball off my front foot. That can work but I think it is a more difficult approach. If you think about it that produces the opportunity to thin it which is the biggest risk to a big score.
  11. Greenside bunker question

    Really hard sand is difficult. It takes commitment to swing hard and go deep! Sometime "bad things happen". My home course had a period where the sand got thin. So I thin layer on top of clay. That was difficult. Bad things happened regularly as the club skipped off the clay.
  12. Too Hot or Too Cold to Play?

    Look at my profile photo to tell the story. My friends and I play in "golf league" every Wednesday. Golf league starts when they will let us on the course and ends when it snows. That photo is from one of the last rounds of the year. I'll play when it is pretty hot or cold. Not fond of rain though. Recently I set up a simulator using Foresight GC2 in an industrial building. Now golf league goes year round. Winter simulator golf is a blast.
  13. Greenside bunker question

    I have a pretty good sand game. I recently took a lesson just on sand shots, it was the best money I spent on golf this year. My goal used to be just to get out. If a ball was heading toward a bunker I would hope it would end up in the rough. I don't feel that way now. I would prefer to be in the bunker. I can get a better result over time out of the bunker. I will try and summarize briefly what I was taught. Ball in the middle of your stance. Slightly open your stance Aim left of target Open the club up (more than you think) Unless it is a long shot I use my 58 degree wedge Hit 2-1/2 inches behind the ball, holding the face open. This will product a ball that will run but it is consistent. As you get closer to the ball it produces more spin but creates more risk ie thinning it. You have to judge the sand, wet sand plays firmer and the ball will go further with less effort. Fine, powdery sand requires a harder swing. If I am in a deep bunker or I need to land it very softly I will open the 58 all the way and swing pretty hard. The only way to get good at this is get in a bunker and hit lots of shots. If the course is open I suggest you experiment. When hitting a sand shot I don't look at the ball I look at the spot 2-1/2" behind it. Good luck! Getting confident out of the sand changes the game. Figure it out!
  14. I go to Carls all the time. It would be nice to have spin numbers but that is not a bad thing. You can know how far you hit it. Launch angel is an interesting thing to know but without knowing if you are hitting up or down on it and dynamic loft it is of limited use.
  15. 7-8 degrees upright?

    I would give Henry Griffits a call. If a company was able to make extreme clubs it would be them. Henry Griffits