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  1. I have never come close to a no six round. I worked hard over the winter on my swing and my misses are less dangerous, my shot cone(?) became smaller. Wednesday I shot an 81 with one 6 on a par five. The par five was the first hole straight out of the car. I really wanted to shoot a 79, never hit the 70's I realized the no sixes after.
  2. Sorry that was long ago. I ended up keeping my Apex Hybrids. That thing is Fugly, not sure if they changed the color.
  3. You misunderstand me. I was not going to shorten a club. I would only buy clubs made for that purpose.
  4. I agree it is a bit of a leap. Sterling Golf has a 30 day return policy. That softens the blow and their prices are reasonable. Sterling Irons® Single Length Golf Clubs High end custom fit single length golf clubs, reviewed by Golf Channel®, Golf Magazine®, Golf Digest® and with tons of testimonials. Money back guarantee. I am really interested in the 5 iron and 4 hybrid (cobra). I think I could make the 8,9,PW,GW work. I am half tempted to buy a used one length cobra 4 hybrid from second swing golf to try it.
  5. Fella's I am going to jump into this topic apparently very late. I am considering a new set of irons for no good reason. I just want to try something new. I am blessed with the resources to do something like this. I currently play Ping i200's and Callaway Apex CF16's. They both have the same shafts and switching between them is pretty seamless. The Apex are a bit stronger/longer, I feel a bit more accurate with the Pings. The theory of consistent iron length is interesting and appealing to me. I think I am going to do an iron fitting and test some flavor of Cobra and Edel. Worst case I spend 1-1/2 hours and $150 and decide its a bad idea. In the middle of winter in Michigan that is entertaining. I have regular access to a Foresight GC2 with HMT and I know my numbers. Things have changed. Modern launch monitors changed club design for the good or for the bad. You can now tell why which was not always easy to do in the past. Player and club designers are taking advantage of that. There are downsides to everything.
  6. I play Apex Hybrids and they are better than most hybrids at avoiding the hook. There is the used Callaway website you should look at. I bet you could get a great deal and lesson the risk of buying one.
  7. I have a return net pro for sale with side barriers. It has never been used outdoors. New this setup is $595 for the net and $199 for the side nets. If someone makes a reasonable offer its theirs. The net is in Oxford. Here is what replaced the return net. You can see it on the left side of the photo.
  8. I paint filled mine with red, white and yellow to make it even more clear.
  9. I got an Apple watch to to use the Arccos app to tie it all together. So my Arccos distances would be the same distances displayed/played on the course. I found that the live distances were sometimes off a lot. 20 yards in some cases which caused me to question the whole thing. That is what caused me to ask the question. Your statement, that Game Golf is as accurate as your phone is the answer I guess I was looking for. If I was asked, is your phone as accurate as my Garmin unit I would say no. It at the very least is not as fast and while it is lagging it can give bad information. I have used a Garmin, Arccos and a laser to come to these conclusions over many rounds. I understand the limitations of GPS and for most shots the distances I get are fine for my ability. The distances the Arccos App was giving me were not fine, if you were not paying attention you could pull the wrong club more than once in a round. The ultimate solution to me is a product that tracks my round, allows me to pull my phone to judge carries by dragging a measuring point, allows me to make corrections on the fly and display a playable distance on my Apple watch.
  10. Ultimately I am interested in the functionality of Arccos but with more accuracy. Arccos uses your phones GPS, I find that by my unscientific observations to be less accurate than my hand held GPS or GPS watch.. Game golf does not use the phone for GPS. I stated I selected Arccos because I did not want the red thing on my belt. Now I am finding Arccos lacking. Do I want the Red thing on my belt, no not really. Their soon to be launched Pro unit has a much less noticeable black belt receiver that may be able to go in your pocket. If the game golf app for your phone/watch used the GPS data from the belt unit and it was as accurate as my handheld or watch then I may switch. I hope that clears it up. I am trying....
  11. I am not interested in the Game Golf App. I am interested in game golf with its own GPS unit. I think all phone apps are less accurate because of the phone. I am considering Game Golf Pro that will come out in the future. I have been going back and forth with Arccos and they don't get it. I keep getting canned replies.
  12. The one thing I would be aware of is that most game improvement irons are targeted at increased distance. One of the part of the increased distance formula is to lower the spin. With lower spin you will occasionally get balls that lose a lot of spin, wet, grass between the club and ball. Then the distance is unpredictable, both long and short. I was playing Callaway Apex, great club picked up all kinds of distance. BUT I could not control the distance. That is a problem. I went to Ping I200 which in my mind is a players game improvement club, more forgiving than you think and it goes the distance. The range +/- is much less. I stopped using the Apex's after 2 years. So if you say I want to get a cavity back that still spins, go for it.
  13. I laugh when they pre sell things. I doubt they will ship in November also. I'll stick with a Garmin watch and laser for now. For the most part I am trying to hit the center of the green. Thanks
  14. Yes for GPS or in general. I am currently using Arccos. I did not want a red thing on my belt nor do I want to tag clubs. I tried using Arccos as a GPS with an Apple watch and I discovered it is not always accurate and sometimes is it was off. Enough that I would not want to use it. My logic in wanting to use it in that way is that it would tie all the numbers together. The distances Arccos/game golf provides are the same number I hit to. I guess question one is do you find the distances it is giving you accurate. I looked yesterday the the Game Golf Website and it says Game Golf Pro is coming out in November. That is a Black Belt receiver and sensors that do not need to be tagged. It has similar functionality as a GPS with a phone or Apple watch. It is using their device for the GPS locating where Arccos uses your phone.
  15. I have been using Arccos for a couple years. I like the data but the accuracy is questionable. I have an Apple watch and use the Arccos app for the watch. The numbers it displays are off a bit. I have been looking at it over time and I will not use the apple watch for distances, I use my Garmin watch. What is the general consensus for how accurate Game Golf is? Thanks
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