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  1. Agreed. As I mentioned the first guy I sought a lesson from was not very helpful at all. I could just tell it wasn't going to work from the get go. On the other hand, my instructor currently was just the opposite. I could tell right away that we would work well together. :)
  2. Hi all, Just wanted to share my experience with golf lessons. I know a lot of my friends feel like they are too expensive or maybe they feel a bit defeated having to admit they need someone else's help but I cannot recommend it enough. Yes, they can be pricey, especially a good teacher, but usually if they know you are not a 'one and done' person you can get a deal. Because it really takes more than one lesson to really get some work done. I mean I spend at least $100 on a normal day on the course in the summer with friends, and I can get a 45min lesson for $50 right now. My main point is that it is worth it. My teacher as been invaluable to my game. What makes golf so frustrating often is that many times what we think are problems are not problems at all and what we are not thinking about at all are the issues. Case and point, at my lesson today, I was thinking there was something in my back-swing and path that was off and letting the blocked right shots sneak back in. However, after seeing a few swings, he says "No, your back-swing is fine, great even, you just need to get your release earlier". He then went on in detail about getting that 'whip' sound a lot earlier in my swing and showing me good drills. I never thought of this before and would't you know it, I started hitting the ball a lot purer and much much straighter. So for all those still on the fence about getting lessons, do yourself a favor and get a few, you will be surprised at how much better your game will be. I would caution though that not ever tour pro is compatible with everyone. The first guy I got a lesson from was pretty awful and didn't help me at all. 2nd time was the charm :)
  3. Wow, thanks for the great thoughts guys. Yes, my instructor does use video and we have reviewed clips of my swing in each of my first 2 lessons. He has helped me immensely. I will mention this trust issue next lesson and see what he recommends. I never feel like I want to quit though, I feel as though I am almost over the hill and that just beyond is a great golf swing because I can and do hit many great shots but every now and then those bad ones sneak back in and when they do, it's much to high of a bad to good ratio to have and enjoyable round of golf. I will get there! Also, to clarify when I said in my first post I feel like I am bring the club straight back I meant back to inside, not back from the target line.
  4. Hello, Just wanted to get some other peoples opinions on the matter of trusting a certain feeling within your swing. To explain, I like many, suffer from a slight over the top swing which causes my club face to be open and cut across the ball resulting in many shots straight right or topped/thinned to the left. After picking up the game around this time last year I have finally started seeing my local PGA pro and after a few lessons my grip and posture are good to go but my back swing still needs some work. It is a funny thing because the correct swing feel for me feels so out of place it is hard to trust this. For my situation I feel like I am bring the club straight back compared to where I usually am and since shots to the right are a big issue it is beyond difficult for me to 'trust' that this more rounded from the inside swing will not push to the right. Even though this is NEVER really the case for me as my straight right shots are actually a result of me cutting across and leaving the face open. Just wondering if anyone else has ever had trouble with this feeling that the correct swing plane is WAY inside and have had a difficult time adjusting to this. Thanks!
  5. So watching the Dell Tech tournament this afternoon, M. Leishman has a funky shot in a hazard on the 18th. The shot practically shanked dead right and the cameraman actually made quite an athletic move to avoid being struck. My question is how would the rules have played out had it struck him? Would it be treated as a ball hitting a spectator would be? Seems like it should be handled different for some reason as he was standing like 8 feet away and not part of the gallery.
  6. The reality is that pro golfers, like any other celebrity, are all human. Sometimes stress can overcome someone and they lash out. I know I do all the time so I try to not judge people based on outlier situations like this. That being said, there are certain tour pros known for being nicer and more likable than others. As far as Lee Trevino is concerned, he was always considered to be somewhat of an 'oddball'.
  7. For me I really only have two. PGA Tour app and Hole 19 GPS app. The former is pretty obvious, but I love Hole 19 for a golf gps as you can use it with your phones location services set to off as having that on will drain your battery by the 5th hole. You can download a map and just find a tree or bunker you are close to and set your position based on that and it gives you yardage. I would kind of like an app that keeps track of my yardages with different clubs and or more practice stats.
  8. I have recently acquired the problem of not being able to hit a hybrid to save my life even though they are suppose to be the easiest club in the bag to get airborne. Every single shot is either completely fat or gets topped along the grass about 40 yards. Pretty much had the worst round of golf in my life on Saturday when this started. Best thing for me is to just take a break from swinging a club for a few weeks, then come back and start from scratch with small swings and fundamentals. In other words, shit happens, lol.
  9. Yes, it was on driver. When I put it on 7i it will tell me my swing speed it about 50mph. Now I wasn't expecting PGA tour numbers here but if I can hit a 7i about 140-150y with a nice easy swing something isn't right I would think.
  10. So I just bought a Zepp 2.0 and it's telling me my swing speed is like 65-70mph for a driver! I can hit driver well over 250y consistently. I don't think physics agree here, lol.
  11. I will be sure and check my head movement next time my shots start to go south. Sometimes it can be hard to notice in the middle of a round. As far as weight, yes I am aware of the issue, however, I am not sure what I can do. I actively try and get my weight to my left side but still end up chunking a lot. The real problem is once I get too many things going in my head it becomes very difficult to have a good swing. With my short irons I have to think about having more of a out to in swing or at least to feel that way as I have a tendency to push shots. Add to that "keep head still", "move left on downswing" and it's getting iffy. I know it doesn't look like a lot to think about but as a fellow golfer I am sure you would agree that the swing happens pretty quick and it can get hairy with too many swing thoughts. Funny, it seems like the more I actively TRY and have a great shot the worse it comes out. When I am free/relaxed and don't really give a damn what happens with the shot, like at the range, I have a pretty decent one. I will say my range session today was quite a bit better. I really tried to shorten my backswing and it seemed to help a lot. I was getting distances I never got before. One 56 degree wedge went about 130 easy, which was not necessarily a good thing, lol.
  12. I feel most people think to themselves "Hey, I am going X amount over the limit so people behind me can kiss my ass". Well, it doesn't really matter if you are doing the speed limit or 90mph. If people behind you want to pass by, MOVE OVER. I know in Wisconsin where I am from this was apparently never taught, along with using an actual turn signal.
  13. Now I can understand what you are saying here, but what about bringing it out to just get a measure of your game on the course. In essence not really looking at it until after the round? I know there is a course mode, and that practice swings are marked with a P or something. I am HIGHLY considering getting one.
  14. Not sure if it would be considered a con, but I think one if my biggest issues, at least when it comes to practice, is that I lack patience. I will try a drill or swing thought and if it doesn't give my results very quickly, I do away with it and look for something else.
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