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  1. Ping Eye 2s are the best irons ever created

    This is clearly the best thread on any forum in the history of the internet. The OP is every bit as amazing as he describes himself. I am honored and not worthy of posting in this classic thread After seeing this discussion resurrected, I felt I had NO choice other than to pull out my Eye 2s -- original 1983 issue. They have been mistreated and were collecting dust in the garage. I would like to add a plug here for late 90's Lamkin tour wraps because those grips which have not been touched in nearly 20 years were still in playable condition. But I digress. First, some history. In 1983 while playing mid-1970's Top Flite irons (the bird ball ones) as a 13 year old, I first saw the Eye 2s in the pro shop at the Air Force base where I played golf. I instantly fell in love. Begged my dad to get them for me. We made a deal, if I won the MGCJr end of season tourney, he would get me the clubs and I would repay him by mowing the grass pretty much for the remainder of my days at home. I pulled off the win, and conveniently was scheduled to go to Phoenix to visit family that same month. I went to the Ping HQ and was fitted for some white dots there. After getting fitted, I went out for a 2pm tee time in 115 weather to play a quick 18 with my top flites. To be 13 again. I played those clubs through high school and never lost any love for them over the years. I played less through the 90s, but when I got to the course, I continued to play them until a buddy talked me into Titleist 990Bs. Being young and stupid, I thought playing a "players club" would be a good idea -- I can only assume for my "image". Even though at the time I was playing about 15 times per year. I continued to play those until 2012 when I discovered the ping s56 -- another player's club that I should have never picked up. Since 1987, I played only 10-15 times per year until December when I joined a club and started playing 54 holes per week and hitting balls for 2-3 hours per week. When I read this thread, I realized that I have never been happy with the s56s, even now that my ball striking is back where it was in HS. Only because of this thread, I ditched my s56s and went out yesterday with the Eye 2s. It was like seeing your high school girlfriend again after 35 years, but she had not aged a day. The first shot I hit on the range yesterday with my beloved 8 iron was a solid strike on the center of the club, penetrating trajectory, right at the flag. Yes, 10 yards short of my s56, but that's the marketing clowns strengthening lofts and has nothing to do with club performance. It does not make me less of a man to hit my 8 iron 155 vs 165. I walked out on the first tee with a new found confidence. I was not at all shaken by my playing partners' mocking (jealousy) when they saw my eye 2s in the bag. At my club I hit about 10-12 shots per round with clubs other than Driver/3W, Wedges, putter, so I figured, what difference is this going to really make one way or the other. However, the additional confidence I had on the long par 3s and the tight dogleg par 4s was unbelievable. I'm down to a 2.4 index (from an 8 in December), but my low round since coming back was a 72. Yesterday, I made 6 birdies and posted a 4-under 68 for the first time since 1993. 3 of those birdies were a direct result of shots hit with the eye 2s that I can pretty well guarantee would have been pars or worse with the s56s based on recent experience. To be able to hit a 3 iron with a slight draw 220 on the tightest hole on the course made all the difference. Just last week I went into that 15th hole 3 under, hooked my hybrid into the trees, and took double there on my way to a 74. Confidence completely shattered by one bad shot. Yes, my mental game is still fragile 9 months into my return to golf. Yesterday, after splitting the 20 yard wide fairway with a 3 iron, I knocked my second shot to 9 feet and rammed in a putt for birdie which got me to 4 under. I have a couple of points here, and if anyone has stuck with me this long, thank you for listening to me drone on about my meaningless golf career. Point 1. Golf club marketing when it comes to irons is at best greatly overstated. Are there irons that would fit my swing better that I would like the feel of slightly better than the eye 2s? I'm sure. Is it worth the time, money and hassle for me to go find them? I doubt it. Would I play them as well as the clubs that I remember from 35 years ago which I am in love with? Almost certainly not. Golf is largely a mental game. Point 2. Ping Eye 2s are truly the best clubs ever made. Whether there are better irons out there today is irrelevant. These are the irons that changed the game. It is cool that I was there at the forefront, and I plan to play these sticks until the end of my days. Drivers, wedges, and putters will come and go, but the Eye 2s will remain. If I manage to wear the grooves out, I will replace them with more Eye 2s and mount my original 8 iron in the basement as he is my trusted friend. Now, when it comes to drivers, it will be a cold day in hell before I swap my Ping G for a Tour Burner 10.5 degree with a dynamic gold S300 shaft. Though in the day, I did love that club nearly as much as my eye 2s. Thanks to the OP for many laughs as I read through this thread and for opening my eyes to a poorly made decision born from excess testosterone 20 years ago. I look forward to breaking through the 0 barrier over the next few months......Eye 2s in hand. And if the mockery at my club continues, then I see that only as upside.