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  1. The President just shot 73 at

    It could have happened. He obviously is a solid stick. I thought politics were not allowed on this site anymore.
  2. Would you rather...

    Collapse on the last hole of the US Open and make a double bogey to lose by one, or be the leader at the start and shoot a final round 85. i would rather shoot the 85. At least then I was out by the back nine and could write it off as not my day. Less heartbreaking
  3. What is more likely to happen?

    I will give you my opinion. I think a club pro is more likely to win. I think the only way for a amateur to win US Open is to go really low on either Thursday or Friday, and then just hand on for dear life on the weekend. Needs a 65 round on one of first 2 rounds.
  4. If someone shot a 72, and had a 4 on hole 17 and a 5 on hole 18th, but signed for a 5 on hole 17 and a 4 on the 18th, is there a penalty. It is the same score.
  5. An amateur winning the US Open, or a Club Pro winning the PGA Championship. Discuss
  6. When does the PGA Tour season start for you?

    Farmers insurance at Torrey pines starts it for me.
  7. Share your scariest experience.

    Your mom sounds like a beast. Glad she exercises her right to defend herself and her family. Now for the fireworks...
  8. Strangest person you've played with

    I played several times with someone kind of like this. He would always say "it would have been good if..." shank it in woods, he said it would have been good if hole was there. Hit putt 5 feet offline, compliments you on solid contact. It's like saying an air ball would have gone in if the hoop was over there. Yes, it might but that is irrelevant because it isn't over there!!
  9. Had a guy join me on first tee and he had ridiculous expectations. He was probably a 7-10ish handicap, but expected shots like he was a pro. On par 5 4th he hit a second shot from about 220 yard shot to the front of green. I said nice shot, and he said it wasn't his best and he expected it closer. I am a lower handicap than him and would be delighted with that shot. It really got worse from there. 18 holes of complaining about wedges inside 25 feet or not making bunker shots. He shot a 88. I don't know what he expected. Share.
  10. Golf Trip Format

    Adjusted stable ford seems like it would be fun for the trip. For the handicaps, I would make it so aggressive and good play is rewarded. Maybe something like this. Ace- 7 points Eagle (non par 3)- 5 points Birdie- 3 points Par- 1 point bogey -1 point diuble bogey or worse -3 this system rewards good play and keeps you in the match even with a bad hole.
  11. Share your scariest experience.

    Wow. I'm sorry to hear that. How are you holding up.
  12. I dont bent my knees much because when I did, I had a tendency to get the ball close to the heel when my timing was off. Straightened up my swing and got rid of those heel shots. i swing my driver, but dropping my left shoulder and swinging up on the ball. I tee the ball up a quarter of a ball above driver head. Are you interested in buying the rocketballz?
  13. Wow. Your story is inspiring. Never give up. as for irons, I have a set of rocketballz HL from my junior time. Ultra forgiving. if you are interested. for what it's worth, I don't bend my knees basically at all either. I have a very slight bend on left leg, but right barely moves. just keep at it with the driver. If it goes left, maybe play for it by aiming more right. Good luck. If you ever need advice or possibly need a club, I can help.
  14. Can Amateurs be fined?

    I know pros are fined if they curse on tv and its caught. Say an amateur is getting a lot of tv time and lets out an f bomb. Can he get fined?
  15. What type of golfer are you?

    I think of myself as the casual golfer. Don't care if you are moving slightly in my swing, or make a small noise (Coughing, moving arm) and generally like to keep it light. Played with a guy that needed absolute silence in order to hit. Not saying that is wrong, just different. What sort of golfer are you?