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  1. What comment? There was no white house comment.
  2. It was overrun by Tiger posts. Just thought to put it here. Also, when is 59 watch on. After what amount of holes, and what score
  3. I give him an A. The chipping got better as week went on. Just needs to clean up Par 5 scoring. But he has irons into them and is swinging with some aggression. Looking forward to 2018.
  4. Agreed 100%. If I am marking my ball on the green, and I move it 2 feet closer, I could say I didn't "intend" to do that. The rule is ridiculous.
  5. Ok, I think Hideki was not penalized in part because he doesn't speak English. He uses a translator. Had Hideki been able to speak English, the rules official would have been able to better judge Hideki's tone and asked him more questions regarding the situation. Regardless, the intent looked fairly clear to me and I think he should be penalized. Thoughts.
  6. I meant that in a more figurative way. There is not a "hey I'm a plus 5 I can play on tour, there is more emphasis on tournament results than handicaps.
  7. Well, the ones that is 8300 yards. I did say Pines Course. The tour pros would average 76? They play on courses rated 76+ all the time and still shoot 8-12 under. i heard at that level, handicap gets thrown out. Phil doesn't go up to Spieth and say hey, I'm a +5 and you're a +6. Give me some strokes!
  8. Saw this course mentioned in the 702 yard par 5 thread.., http://clubsg.skygolf.com/courses/scorecard.php?id=7333 Assuming the tour pros get in their normal routine like at any other tournament (practice rounds and range work), what would ... the final winning score be? the low round of the week?
  9. Like Lihu said, those are carry numbers. A pro is not relying on roll for their yardages.
  10. Eric, If you need to shut it down you can. The topic has lost its true meaning anyway.
  11. There are a few things wrong with this article. Yes, this counts PGA Tour Averages. 1. This is almost 9 years old 2. This counts people like Justin Leonard and David Duval, people who played in a handful of events. Did you see the clubs everyday competitors are hitting. 250 yard par 3 at Erin Hills. Justin Thomas, 6 iron, Spieth 5 iron etc. A carry 235 to 240 with a long iron off the tee is not that crazy.
  12. Of the tee, I can carry it 240 and it rolls to 255-260.
  13. Apologies. Course was a little shorter. Only 6800
  14. With the season closing down, I decided to switch up my bag setup. Took out the big stick and used my 3 iron (20*). Played around 7000 yards. Longest par 5 played was 620 and par 4 was 475. Obviously hit more fairways, and surprisingly hit the same amount of greens considering I had longer shots in. shot a 71 (+1) on the third try as my low for this experiment. Anyone tried this, or maybe a few rounds with no driver and only 3 wood. How was it?
  15. Chamblee is a loud mouth. Never put together a true career so he hates on decent, long lasting tour pros. Why doesn't chamblee get out on the champions tour. He is the guy that says something blantantly untrue like "Tiger is not a true winner" and then if you call him out on it, he cries like a you know what. Good thread Jamo, once again.
  16. Where do you draw the line between a tough but fair hole versus a gimmick? There is a par 3 I play that is 240 yards with a strip of water just right of it. The green is very small aswell. It would be a fair hole if it was 140 yards, but 240 yards! C'mon. And the shortest tee is 211 on that hole, so it doesn't change it much.
  17. You guys are making my numbers seem weak. I thought my lifting was decent.
  18. Dang, that is some serious weight. Since we got someone experienced in this realm, could you tell me the difference of being "Country/Farm Strong (Think O-line men in NFL) and Defined Strong (Like NFL Linebacker)
  19. Not to get off topic, but I have played with some juniors who hit it legit 270 and weigh maybe 125lbs. With arms the size of a grown mans wrists. Do you think Bubba could bench 145?
  20. Which tour do you like, but it not regarded that high? Which one is ravved about, but doesn't do it for you. WGC Cadillac/Mexico Championship. I liked it when it was at Doral, beautiful course, not so fond of it now. (Won't say anymore on this) I will give it one more year. Match Play is stupid event. Should been cut. Like Barclays/Northern Trust even for the weaker field.
  21. Safety in NFL, no. Needs more muscle. NBA Point guard he wouldn't be that undersized. John Wall and Curry are about the same weight.
  22. I got you. There is a difference between being "big" in the normal world and a NFL Players.
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