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  1. the quote was deep!! and yeah youre welcome and thank you for your post one more time.
  2. looking on buying the book after reading the comments! will leave a review in the link afteri finish it
  3. Football: Goal 1 and 2 (back in the day loved it), Shaolin Soccer American Football: The Longest Yard Golf: Happy Gilmore Other than that haven't watched a lot of sport movies
  4. wohh definitely going to check that one out
  5. ola tudo bem? (side note i dont speak portuguese lol)
  6. really!? we are more close to future that i thought! lol
  7. lotta of useful information here in this forum... defo becoming tiger woods lol
  8. i dont play golf often but for sure every time i go to the range i can see that i get more accurate and know my body flow and all that there is to golfing. a year ago i would miss the ball most of the time i swung
  9. that is something interesting, since i am an amateur when it comes to golf, i didnt think that breathing would affect, well will keep that in mind. thanks for sharing man
  10. waasup guys! i dont want to say my name but yeah looking forward to the forum! i have been learning to play golf and been practising in golfing range soon to go on a course.
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