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  1. I recently demo'ed those in picking some new irons, and they were the runner up to the x-20's I decided to go with. MX100 are really great looking and perform well, I just slightly preferred the x-20's feel and performance.
  2. for anyone who is interested... I ended up going with the callaway x-20's. I liked the feel of them better than any of the other clubs I tried and they were selling for a pretty good price. I got 4-PW and a used but good condition x-forged 52.12* wedge thrown in. I have hit them twice at the range and so far I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Thanks to all for the good input. Btw I had them clubfit me and I was at standard length and lie (which makes sense since I am 5-11, 165 lbs, pretty standard swing). I went with the standard shafts which they pro said were somewhere between a t
  3. Were these pro v1x's previously used balls you ordered from somewhere? perhaps they had been sitting in a lake for a long time and had been damaged by water?
  4. Thanks for doing my swing check TMO! great stuff. I'd recommend that anyone who is considering doing this should go through with it. It's nice to get a good breakdown from someone elses point of view.
  5. I would recommend going to a pro shop and demoing as many drivers in your price range as you can. Try the newest models from all of the top manufacturers.
  6. Be careful with video analysis. I learned quickly that you can really mess up your swing by trying to fix too many things at the same time. I went from a fairly natural player to a headcase in about a month, lol. My suggestion would be to trust your instructor and let him work on one thing at a time with you so that you can really focus on it and improve. Don't get too mechanical.
  7. I think his point is that while you obviously need to use the 'big' muscles to swing your body properly (otherwise you are 'all arms'), you need to train the smaller muscles (forearms, wrists, hands) to create the proper rotational and hinging motions so that you can release the club properly. If you can train yourself to release like he does, it becomes natural and automatic so that you don't have to focus on it.
  8. Is there a significant difference between the x-22 and x-22 tours?
  9. Thanks, the MP series numbering confuses me sometimes since I am not too familiar with their products.
  10. I haven't been to a demo days in a while and unfortunately I missed the 2 they had this year at the closest pro shop. Anyway, a quick recap of clubs to try: TM r7 TM Burner XD Callaway X-22 Mizuno MP-57 Mizuno MX-200 Ping G10 Ping i10 Anything I missed? Also, certain clubs that are 'closeouts' such as the r7... are they typically offered for several more months? I would hate to miss out on getting them if I liked them but waited too long.
  11. are the ping g10's too much on the GI side for me? They seem to be pretty popular
  12. I have been using my 4H or 3W for most par 4/5s these days. I usually only take a shot with my driver if the fairway is pretty wide so I'm unlikely to lose it. I still seem to hit my 4H around 210-220 with a solid hit which sets up for a good 2nd shot almost every time, plus it seems more controllable and workable for getting around doglegs and hazards reliably.
  13. what's the difference between the TM r7, r7 CGB Max, Burner XD, etc. I can't really find a good synopses of their product line.
  14. Has anyone played the MX-100 or 200's? I have heard such good things about mizuno but I am a little bit afraid of the MP series.
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