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  1. I have a similar set of MacGregors Jack Nicklaus autograph 809, look like the 812 maybe a different year, got hem two winters ago off ebay, the 7 has a rock nick and they have bag rattle but the faces are good and I got them to play, the MacGregor grips were gorgeous but I couldn't save them , so they got Tacki Mac tour wrap , I learned on 1954 MacGregor Ben Hogan Bantams , these fit nice with my 72 Button Backs & Hogan White Cameos, if anyone knows what year I'm all ears,MacGregor had that broaching machine that let them do different models from the same forging ,instead of needing different dies, so they changed up a lot, taking them out in the morning.
  2. I paid $239 for a nos unhit set without the box, missing one feurrel where the seller tried to take a head off (to reshaft?)a year and a half ago on e-bay, there is one set on ebay for $2000 OBO that won't likely sell, there was a set for $459 that was pulled down I would be happy with $250 for mine , I'm still using my 71s RH Wilson Staff 71 Buttonback Remake Irons 3-PW Firestick 2.8 Stiff Never Hit! Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for RH Wilson Staff 71 Buttonback Remake Irons 3-PW Firestick 2.8 Stiff Never Hit! at...
  3. The best forged offerings are basically copies of vintage American musscleback blades, lofted one club stronger for the ego, thus the need for the "GAP Wedge"
  4. Dearborn Hills back in the mid eighties, when it was a privately owned par four,during a nice mild almost snow-less winter, played all winter for free, had the course all to ourselves ( except for the occasional dog walker),but there were no flags and I hit a bunch of bad shots 🙂
  5. I used to want a set of eyey 2s until I owned a set, nice forged blades are hard to beat. 50s Macgregor Hogan bantams 60s or early 70s pre VIPs Macgregor forged Nicolas Spalding Eagle cavity backs 72 Wilson staff Button backs 78ish Hogan Apex white cameos 90s Wilson Staff button Back reissue, never ever hit
  6. Depends on if you can hit a long iron or fairway wood, distance is nice on a par 5
  7. you simply do not have enough upward trajectory on your clubhead as it makes contact with the ball,the plane or trajectory of your clubhead + loft of club + deg's for open face at impact - deg's for closed face at impact = ball trajectory, you have to be hitting the ball with a slight downward clubhead swing plane , which is caused by playing the ball back too far toward your right foot, causing you to hit on the down stroke , instead of the upstroke, spray some shaving cream on the club path around the ball and you will see, the clubhead will cut through the cream showing your path, if you think it's the club being too light causing it put some lead tape on the back of the clubhead it's cheap
  8. Tee it high and let it fly, play the ball close to your left heel, lean toward your right foot on impact https://youtu.be/jBhlkNKjO6s https://youtu.be/LWRL0VUCbuU
  9. I learned to play in the Michigan winter on a set of MacGregor Ben Hogans, when hit badly they stung like hell in the cold,moved on to Spaulding Eagle cavity backs, they really played well,gave them to my son when he started playing,my son lost the 7 iron and they needed new shafts & grips, so after a twenty year hiatus from golf I bought a set of eye2 s last year, other than being lofted one club weaker than my sons new clubs (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) they are hard to beat.With that being said I wanted to groove my swing, bought a pair of like new 72 Wilson Staff button backs for practice and fell in love , when hit well nothing feels better than a forged muscle back, I'll keep the Pings for back up or loaners, great irons, they were the best selling irons for a reason they work
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