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  1. Frustration caused damage?

    Feel a bit bad for laughing. Has happened to me more than once. Not funny in the moment it's happening to me, but it sure does make me chuckle when I see others.
  2. Why is America so fat?

    It's much easier, faster and cheaper to eat junk food .
  3. Didn't practice much in August, but picking up the practice more seriously from tomorrow.
  4. Hi, I think you should just stop worrying about embarrassing yourself. Like you said the mood is very light, so why don't you just enjoy a nice day out? Also enjoy that you're on the course with other players and they can help you with your game. And if really something you consider embarrassing happens, just take it with humour. Lots of people who play golf for years still suck at it, so it's kind of impossible you'll be good at it.