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  1. I have a few favorites in golf. Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Matt Kuchar, Rory Mcllroy, Jason Day, Phil Mickelson and offcourse our dutch player Joost Luiten (not very good, ranked 85 or something) Rory and Phil had a bad day. Matt should step up his game :) .... The rest is doing pretty good. Russel is getting a lot of points for the FedEx ranking if he keeps playing like this. 8 bridies en 2 bogey's 2 bad they start showing it on tv at 2.00 (their local time).
  2. Yeah you have to watch the smells ..... But because everything is in the living room you will notice quick enough something needs cleaning :). I am busy cleaning, feeding almost every day ... but it's something I love to do.
  3. Racing ... Formula one, Nascar and Indycars .... Formula one: Max Verstappen offcourse Nascar: Kyle Busch Indycars: Ryan Hunter-Reay
  4. Hi All. I am Marc. 48 and very new to golf. As there is only one golfforum in Dutch I looked for a more active one .... Hope it's ok for me to check in here and read, learn and participate ...... I'm doing good enough in english but if you see huge errors .. please let me know :D I just played a few weeks ago for the first time with an introduction clinic and was hooked from the start. Luckily my wife also :). At this moment we are working on our .... euh .... getting our first handicap (sorry not sure how it's called). When I was younger I lived near a golf course ... but in these days golf was for rich people only which i was not ........ Still not rich but doing good enough to afford playing golf. I first started with a second hand golfclubset what I got but it was very old, Somewhere from 1990 :) .... The groves where worn out so, the grip was bad. So after plying a par3 course I decided to get a full set for beginners so I don't have to hit the ball perfect. I got the Wilson X31 2017 edition. Bought gloves, balls and started a beginners class with my wife. In the meantime i'm playing on different par3 courses and practise my swing on the driving range .... I also have other hobbies ..... I keep en breed different species off snakes (no venomous), i play competitive table-tennis and have a lot more animals in the house (a spider, tortoises, guinea pigs, gerbils, 2 cats and a sea-tank). If any questions ..... please let me know.
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