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  1. https://sandvalley.com Thanks!!
  2. Thanks to the last couple useful responses....we may do Pinehurst again.
  3. We went to Bandon in June and it did not disappoint, awesome trip!! We have another 50th birthday party trip planned for next year and as nice as Bandon was, we are looking for something different. A guy in Bandon mentioned Streamsong. Has anyone been there? Other suggestions? Thanks
  4. As long as the rough is not too high I like chopping my driver down on it. It comes out as a low bullet cut.....
  5. Playing the black course Saturday at 12:48. Any recommendations for lunch before in the village of Bethpage?
  6. Has anyone been out there in June? How was the weather?
  7. The 2 most important things are use plenty of solvent AND once you get the grip started pull it off and slide it on again. This gets its started and smooths out the tape. I have an analogy for you but I don't think most of these guys would understand
  8. Any intel on when they will release times for this Friday (this is the rain day for the tournament this week). I’m guessing it’s after the tournament is complete on Thursday??
  9. Headed up to play Bethpage this weekend (Saturday), playing Pound Ridge Friday afternoon before. Does anyone have a suggestion for a course near Pound Ridge for a morning round? thanks
  10. What time should I log on tomorrow for the best possible time a week from tomorrow?
  11. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/more-sports/bud-light-dilly-dilly-phrase-banned-masters-report-article-1.3912673 See it's not that hard.....
  12. Wait till the Ryder Cup at Bethpage in 2024. That is going to be totally out of control if they don’t try and get out in front of this now. They better have cops on every hole. No alcohol limits can stop what is coming. I’m picturing that fireman idiot from the the Jets games screaming at players, that idiot from the US Open who was screaming at Sergio....
  13. I think you just defined it. "I can't define pornography but I know it when I see it" US Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart...... But you convinced me, don't hold people accountable for their actions let's try and help them not be idiots.
  14. ok, we are officially in semantics. How about throw people that misbehave out? I know the age of personal responsibility is dead and we have to save people from themselves by limiting their alcohol intake and hold their hands in the hopes they can behave so I relent. Lets come up with a way to make sure idiots don't drink too much. Have at it. Good luck!! Don't hold people accountable for their actions. Help them so they don't drink too much. I'm on board now!
  15. How about just having one guy located at each tee who throws these idiots out? After people start getting thrown out they will get the message. Does it make sense to go through all this alcohol discussion thing every time one of these yells? Punish the remaining 10,000 people for the actions of a small percentage of idiots? I hear the same thing every time someone runs on the field at a baseball games, 48,000 people and one idiot runs on the field, the response is: Ban alcohol!!! and what makes you think that banning alcohol (or limiting it) will prevent this? These people are idiots, they are going to yell this stupid sh*t whether they sell alcohol or not.
  16. Could anyone suggest a good travel agent/website for planning a trip to Scotland. I don't have the time of the knowledge to do it myself. I'll probably go with the consensus... Thanks
  17. We are headed out to AZ in February for our annual winter golf trip. We start in the Phoenix and play one round when we get off the plane before heading to Ak-Chin to play 36 then on to Tucson. The past couple years I have picked a couple of stinkers for the off the plane round. Any suggestions for a good course near the airport. Preferably on the way to Ak-chin but not necessary. Thanks!!
  18. I appreciate the offer. Nice to hear most of my fellow golfers feel the same way. Believe it or not I have fought my way through worse conditions. Ireland in 2009 we were pouring water out of our golf bags. Nice to hear from you. Cheers
  19. Thanks for all the tips! I am a golfer and will return and thus proving my point......
  20. Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated. Try Bulle Rock if you ever make your way to MD.
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