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  1. In this instance, the reason for the sale relates to another asset, not the course itself, but yes, I think thats generally good advice
  2. Hi, I'm trying to improve my fitness and strength to improve my game and drop some weight. I went for a run a couple of evenings ago for the first time in years and my heart rate was mostly over 190, peaking at 215. Using the maximum heart rate calculation of 220 - age, this gives me 184. Googling suggests that the ideal exercise range is 50-70% of maximum heart rate, so for me that would be between 93 and 130. Obviously I'm well above that and don't want to do myself any damage. My heart generally runs in the 90s (I'm an anxious chap). Now, because I'm being careful of my knees, I d
  3. I certainly didn't mean to be disingenuous, and will shut up about my app – this is a generally a positive and community, and I absolutely don't wish to bring the tone down. I just went to remove the link from my signature, and note that this has already been done. Genuine apologies to anyone who felt disrespected.
  4. Not yet Marv, I only have the skills and experience to build it on iOS, but if it proves popular then I’d love to bring it to Android.
  5. GameGolf is obviously pretty cool, and I know lots of people get great results, but I think there's room for something that's free, works on all courses, works well on the range and that I hope over time will become a more serious statistics platform. Quality of strike is just about the most important thing to record in my app, and thats something that the 'competition' doesn't do quite so well.
  6. how'd you find it in real life? I went top-of-the line and don't enjoy the touch-bar experience as much as I expected
  7. @iacas, thank you. you learn something every day. @danmcb26, I'm delighted to share the honour.
  8. I made a free one this summer, with the assistance of my 13yo, which is on the App Store here. The plan is to build up the reports over the coming weeks to help people get the most out of the effort of recording. I've been using it for about 8 weeks and its helping my score come down.
  9. was going to suggest San Diego – I used the practice facilities as a junior, but never had the chance to play. If anyone fancies flying me out there, I'll cover our greenfees!
  10. An emphatic yes. A year ago, I hadn't played for five years or more. I was absolutely awful when I started back into the game this summer, and am working as hard as I can to bring my level up and my scores down. might you have been showing off to your new partner? I know my game gets better with an audience.
  11. a boring suggestion, but I find getting the water really cold makes it taste less like 'water' and go down much more easily
  12. I try to walk a good length at lunchtimes (also stops me eating), and my physio has given me some on-all-fours stretches to do every other day to keep my back flexible. Have seen videos of some good golfers use an exercise machine where they pull a cord from the ground to their side up and across their chests which looks like it might be beneficial. I have been trying to get a mid week game and a driving range session in too, but its hard with kids and British weather.
  13. I'd not even factored convenience into my thinking Lihu, that is super helpful feedback The place I'm thinking of is the cheapest place for miles. Its a faded gem of a course.
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