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  1. To the extent those of you with overly active hands can sometime fight the hooks, I have been tinkering and really like the idea of taking what Furyk does and modifying it just a bit so that the hands do not disconnect. I tried working on his pure double overlap grip -- but found that the bottom hand (my right hand because I am a righty) kept getting disconnected especially through impact and did not impart a solid, confident feeling. I made a slight modification to that Furyk double overlap and inserted a small interlocking of the tip of the left index tip and that seems to have worked perfectly as a happy medium between the traditional interlock (which for my gets my right hand far too much underneath the club and causes a closed club face that I am constantly fighting). To briefly describe it: >right pinky tip overlapped and kind of Hogan hooked over and around the left middle finger's middle knuckle (stretched over that finger like Furyk does but hooked around the knuckle like Hogan) >place the left index finger's tip in the webbing between the right pinky and middle fingers >keeping both of those pieces of the grip in place, bring the right ring finger over and hook the tip of that right ring finger around the left index finger's middle knuckle