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  1. Since it's an Audi, I'm fairly certain you'll get a chance to see all of those warning lights soon enough
  2. I'm so glad I won the lottery for Master's tickets this year 🙎‍♂️
  3. I say you should yell "Boutros Boutros Ghali!" Or maybe "Ann Perkins!"
  4. Aren't smartphones banned on tournament days? How can so many people be blatantly using them?
  5. Rory will get cocky like he always does after a big win and will fall back, and Koepka nearly beat him with his "C" game. I think if Koepka doesn't win the Masters next year it's more likely Spieth will than Rory. I'm going with Spieth to win the 2021 Masters before Rory wins the 2021 PGA. Koepka will win at least 2 of the majors next year, and someone will come out of nowhere to win either the USA or British Opens (Or both). The other major will be won by Tommy Fleetwood.
  6. Around 196 countries with an average of about 400/country, plus an average of 22 Holes/course, gives me 1,724,800 holes.
  7. I love that skateboard, but man, they are over-priced.
  8. Actually, at first I thought the same thing, but it turns out there was another video on that page that auto-played along with the main video. There wasn't any background music in the main video.
  9. Did he get this neck strain while lifting a jet-ski?
  10. Damn that sucks. Of the hundreds of courses I've played, it was my 2nd favorite design, and the total experience was 2nd to none. Plus it was only about an hour drive from my house. This one really stings.
  11. I drive the ball about 240-250 and for years have targeted 6500-6800 yards for my tee selection. If I am hitting too many 3-woods/hybrids into par 4s I will adjust tees as necessary. I usually have no problems reaching almost all of the holes in regulation, but I do get tired of hitting 4i-3wood into most of the par 3s. I'm also in my early 50s and just starting to lose a bit of distance, so I suspect the white tees will be in my not-too-distant future.
  12. "Where's the Beef!" "Blooooooooownnn up, sir!" "Free Willy!" "Here comes the pain train!" "There was a 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll!" "I'm not gonna pay a lot for this muffler!"
  13. I thought all of the majors had the 10 shot rule. I stand corrected.
  14. Current cut line at +7, DJ at -4 means no 10-shot cutoff to consider, so I expect the cut line to end up at +8 or +9, assuming the afternoon conditions are tougher than the morning. Tiger almost certainly out of it.
  15. We've played most of the courses there, but not all. There are some muni-level tracks that aren't worth playing that we've intentionally skipped. And some of the courses are so great (Caledonia, Heritage, TPC, Tidewater, Heather Glen, Tiger's Eye, etc) that we've played some of them a 10-12 times. In fact, there's maybe ten or so courses we've played that no longer even exist anymore. (R.I.P Marsh Harbor)
  16. In 1992 my golf buddy and I took a trip to Myrtle Beach. Our package price for 7 days/6 nights of golf and oceanfront hotel was $383. There was a hurricane sitting about 50 miles off the coast spinning rain bands over us and we were soaked for almost the whole week. (The smell in the back of my friends truck at the end of that week would have made you believe there was a rotting corpse in there :-D) We played Caledonia, Parkland, Lions Paw, Blackmoor, Deer Track (ughh!) and a couple others I can't remember. In spite of the rain we had so much fun we've gone back every year but one since.
  17. I think the real reason she's upset is because she left his brother Donald for him, and now she sees Donald rolling in the big Star Wars movie bucks.
  18. Nobody does this anymore, but when I was young it was customary to wave the group behind on a par-3. The slower group would wave the group behind through after everyone had found the putting surface and marked their balls. That seemed to work really well.
  19. Ughh, I once played a Sunday afternoon round at Caledonia. We teed off at 1:00 pm and were barely past 13 when the sun was setting at around 7:30. Apparently there was some sort of outing in the morning and a bunch of nubes were slowing everybody down. Also had some dimwit from NYC behind us screaming at us to hit our shots long before the group in front of us was clear. It was AWFUL.
  20. Just shot 76 (40-36) from the whites at a nearby club. 4th best 18-hole score of my life!
  21. All of this hand-wringing over what amounts to nothing cracks me up. This is standard practice, nothing to see here. The tour did the right thing by grandfathering in the existing players.
  22. I'm firmly in the "These should be outlawed camp". Any Tom, Dick, or Harry caddy can get sufficiently accurate yardages for their pro. Allowing DMDs wouldn't change that fact. Green reading, however, is an art/skill, and can vary wildly from one pro to the next. Shouldn't the pro who excels at green reading have an advantage over the less skilled pro? Isn't that what we want? I HATE that these books nearly eliminate that element of the game.
  23. It's foolish wishful thinking to expect Tiger to play anywhere near his earlier peak form. He's 41 years old with the deteriorating (albeit physically fit) body of a 51 year old. He's had to adjust his swing to try to take stress off of his knees and lower back. Because of this, his swing will never be as powerful or repeatable as it once was. His chipping and putting appear to be back, so I could see him contending in tournaments. He may garner a top-10 finish here or there, but his days of winning are done. Plus, right now the competition is much better than he had early in h
  24. I wish I knew what people saw in the Dunes Club, it is just a "meh" course to me. But others seem to like it a lot, so don't necessarily go by me. My favorites are: Caledonia Heritage River's Edge Glen Dornoch TPC Heather Glen Tidewater Tiger's Eye Grande Dunes You also can't go wrong with any of the Barefoot, Legends or Cats courses.
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