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  1. jackn

    Push Draw

    I normally play a push draw, I was wondering if any players on the tour play a push draw as their stock shot?
  2. Yes your long game can dictate the outcome of a round, but you need something to rely on to save a round from going bad. The short game is so important if your ball striking is off, it can save a bad round, and make a good round better.
  3. Normally I will listen to music with earphones while I'm practicing, but not usually on the course. It can be very distracting at times.
  4. I am wondering how much tour pros practice daily, and how much they focus on each part of the game (long game, short game, putting, etc) I have heard that it is six hours a day, but I would assume its probably more. Also, how many balls do they hit on the range daily? 500?, 1000? I would like to set some golf goals based off a tour players practice routine.
  5. I carry a pitching wedge, gap wedge, and lob wedge. 90% of the time I use the lob wedge all around the green fro chipping and pitching.
  6. I am much better then last year. I couldn't break 100 last year and now I am shooting low 80s and sometimes high 70s. It has taken immense work but its all worth it. Sometimes it seem like a waste of time, but when you shoot that low round it feels like all the work has paid off. I have had a rough last few matches at my high school, but a 78 a few days ago has helped me in my maintaining confidence. I'm no expert but I would say the reason for no improvement is to much play and not enough practicing. I agree!!! I have been focusing on short game and putting for most of my practice, and the other day I shot 78 with only hitting one green in regulation!!! Improving from bogey to par golf I would say is based mostly off short game and putting. Improvement in golf is making 3 shots into 2.
  7. The best tip I have ever gotten on putting is from Gary Player. In a video I watched he said the most important thing in putting is to watch the putter strike the ball. Don't watch the ball go into the hole, but instead listen for it. It is very hard and takes much discipline to keep your head down but trust me, it works! I practiced this method for a few hours and shot my best 9 hole score (37) in a high school match a few days ago. Try this and your putting from 20 feet and in will improve dramatically!
  8. jackn

    Favorite golfer

    1. Jordan Speith: his mental strength and putting are what he does best 2. Seve Ballesteros: he showed great charisma on the course and it is amazing watching him play in the ryder cup back in the 80s
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