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  1. I am much better , thanks RJN12 !! After a month off I am slowly returning to golf, just some putting and chipping practice, no full swings yet. Cheers on that fresh start in 2018 !
  2. Hi @all I am in a very similar situation, started playing 3 months ago, almost always in the driving range and in a small pitch and putt course. My few attempts at a full 18 hole course were very disapponting, scoring between 144 and 153. I was having lessons , and practicing A LOT!!! I mean, going to the range 3 or 4 times a week , usually 150 balls each session... after a few weeks my back / ribs started to hurt, and instead of resting, I was taking ibuprofen and playing even more... At 39 years old, this didn’t come free...the result is two broken ribs, and at least two months away from golf. So my advice is...take it slow and enjoy yourself!
  3. Played my first round yesterday; shot 153, at least 10 balls lost in the water and in the woods
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