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  1. well now it's sunny and mild, slight breeze. The patrons will work today !
  2. I try not to ask a lot of anybody anymore but these factors mentioned are ones I try to avoid on the course, I don't play in the rain intentionally, hands stay dry normally, and I'd like a durable grip that will last a reasonable period of use.
  3. yes, this is more for your general input, personal preferences, ect. I need to replace my irons NOW and there,'s so much to look at, I just wanted a direction to steer maybe. Thanks
  4. This Masters takes me to equipment questions for you all; what grip is the best overall for good positive play without having to consider stuff like weather or sweat or wear ect. Same style for woods vs. irons ? Short irons ? Until this season it seems that (as advertised) Titleist was the pros' choice for golf ball, Is it this way for grips also with the pros ? Do they all use corded grips ? How about today at the tournament, I'm watching them warm up in the rain and it got me wondering. I'm comfortable with tour wrap grips on my woods (I was a Sergio fan before his fit this year and installed Lamkin tour wrap) and my ping eye2 irons have a corded winn type grip just because I haven't changed them out like I should. Years ago, I used tour wraps on all clubs, they were so comfortable. But they were really slick when in the rain. and my pings came with the corded winn type grips. My grip on the club is a relaxed light grip and I have no problem with sweating hands and do not wear a glove (I see no need at this time). Opinion and choice and experience is appreciated ...
  5. raining buckets at this time, yesterday weather was perfect for all but it's gonna be a long day today.
  6. No doubts, but as I stated, it is an honorable game...
  7. Iits a shame that a rule such as this can be so black and white, especially since it seems that the official rules of golf have changed on this subject. I like gray - and the tradition that the game is an honorable game among gentlemen (or ladies). Meanwhile, if you think about it, a touring pro can wave on his playing partner with subtle knowledge that the shot could be helped with him not marking his ball. What if you had this same attitude and allowed other three golf partners play without marking - ALL THE WAY UP TO THE HOLE !! Definitely think that any 'accidental collision' with an incoming shot would have finished the deed. I've not had an ace yet - in 35 years of pure enjoyment, although I've come real close - once, at JonesCreek in Evans, Ga, I 'slam dunked' a tee shot (165yds or so downhill) and the cup burped it out for a 2 inch bird. and on a side note, JonesCreek, a real gem of an upscale course 20 minutes from MagnoliaLane, has closed down (not two months from the tournament which is such a huge week around here for courses). Good for you on previous aces, I can't wait !!
  8. Ace - that shot falls if the pin moves, whether removing or straightening. @Rustuk, please give us details on hole, shot, club, GREAT SHOT !
  9. to re-open this thread about the line marked on balls, to me, it helps drastically; as I stand behind the ball checking the line, it focuses on the immediate line of travel I may be looking for. Ima start using it on the tee now that somebody above mentioned it. On the tee, I normally find a mark several feet beyond the ball for aim. Alignment is key for me (and relatively simple, no moving parts). Reasons for the update on this thread is if there was ever a reason for a simple rule change (like for instance, caddies helping with the alignment), then this would be on top of the list , it seems. and no controversial calls either...
  10. I cut the cord and am struggling thru set-up with my tv futures. I miss golf channel terrible. I am trying to understand streaming and options to cable. I have not searched here yet and hope yall can walk me thru it. Nothing like those early sunday morning european tourneys or thurs/fri golf on tv.
  11. looks like wear from the bag maybe, its on the inside like a club might settle.
  12. Played MidlandValley early yesterday to beat the daily weather we're having. 8" of measured rain at the airport for the month of May. Play was extremely wet the front (started on the back actually) and into the second nine. Course cannot keep up with the growth, doing well to keep the greens, collars, and fairways in good playing shape. anything off of the short stuff was easily lost and if played, the shot was to be played to end up in the cut fairway. and my feet were wet too and yall know the routine of keeping the clubs and hands clean. anyway, I have found a hybrid, callaway 3iron (used at BonaventureGolf $22 !!) and first time out with it. So much rain, I haven't even taken it to the range yet. after a couple really weak attempts at playing it in the tall and wet rough, I finally warmed up and started hitting the fairways. It is a hammer, exactly what I needed and was hunting. I got in a groove (like you get sometimes when you can swing so hard offa the tee that you grunt) and was very happy tee to green but I am a no-puttin ole boy, a problem mentioned in my opening post here. Since re-starting my golf habit from a long lay-off, I s'pose it will come around but I'm a senior now and I get over the putting as long as I can lay the wood to it. make a long story longer, 51-47, opening in the wet with trip double double and an early attitude to overcome. fairly happy wit it.
  13. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Noodle 'long & soft' balls. Besides being inexpensive, they are sold at most 'big blue' stores with any kind of golf stuff aisle for $20 or so. A playing partner insist that I try a sleeve and I am very impressed - longish, straight, checks up, and durable (I've played several full rounds with this brand and they clean up great at the ball wash and I'll keep'em in my primary 'til the 'luck' plays out of 'em). They feel softer than NXTs, another ball I've tried out. I also like the E6s except for the $$. I can't keep the proV1s straight enough off the tee. It's got me wondering is there something I don't know about this ball.
  14. and work has begun ... http://www.augustachronicle.com/news/20180426/landscaping-planned-for-augusta-national-border-area-along-old-berckmans-road
  15. and despite what most opinion is here, a lotta pros use it for whatever reasons. I'm still trying it on and off for the Killas reasoning. and it's getting better, I feel much mo better over the ball now, after several more rounds and a little practice on the greens. The 'feel' had left me during a long layoff and it may be the last to come around.
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