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  1. burr

    2021 Masters

    then what's all the talk about buying the property from AugCC and lengthening the hole to counter the aggressive lines used now. There is talk of using a special 'Masters' ball even. if DustinJohnson laid up last year, it wasn't by his gameplan for the week. It was last round, protecting a good lead, not blowin it. 204 for Tiger, whats that, a 7? That is a second shot typical par 4 for these guys.
  2. burr

    2021 Masters

    well, that's why I think it's the best solution. no more wedge to a par 5.
  3. burr

    2021 Masters

    Being the Masters thread, I thought i would give my 2cents on No13 and for me, the only real solution. Instead of trying to out-distance the hole to fit the todays' golfer, why not tuck the tee box up into the woods a little more (facing out to the tee shot, move it to the left into the woods more). Maybe take away the cutting the corner over the trees shot a little. Put that tee box back in there so that going over may not be an option. And the most sensible solution to the No13 length problem is to MAKE IT A PAR 4 !! Sure, it would make the Masters, the AugNat'lGolfClub a par 71; so w
  4. I'd love to hear him down the 1st baseline during games as this is a huge part of the game. Not waiting on the 'call upstairs'.
  5. certainly so. It also generates the attitude of not only the armchair Qback, but the armchair referee or umpire too.
  6. I don't like it, I also don't like the instant replay in baseball nowaday either. It takes the umpires out of the game basically and the umpires have been (historically) a huge part of this game. Right or wrong, they call the plays as they see 'em. Sorta like the rules of golf as discussed here all day long. The first down marker on tv is a reference only tool for the fan. (I played too)
  7. chet, I've got clay on my shovels. Tuesday was perfect, today is looking better! Course is still coming around from an especially wet winter but greens are like counter top and receptive. I don't have to search ballmarks, it is right there with the ball. (although fixing others' is pretty constant). My little course is almost crowded during the week - very unusual.
  8. Off topic but ... Coincidentally (or not), I got a shingles vaccine Friday after putting it off or forgetting for a good while. It is nothing to mess with, good luck. I learned of this disease from my little brother getting it. It was not easy and it never fully goes away (to my understanding). It is everywhere, non-discriminating it seems. Hang in there; it gets better.
  9. The European Tour and its' tv slot is at the best part of the day to me, as it is when I'm having coffee, waking up, getting ready for the day. Euro announcers generally have a very soothing presentation (as opposed to the zinger, ugh), the Euro courses are beautiful, with backdrops of the Alps on a lot of them (the desert courses / tourneys don't do it for me), and the UK swing has 3 or 4 links tourneys.
  10. Have not gone into this thread except initially and now, so I don't know the content but has anybody wondered if he was on the phone ? Ima tell you, before I banned myself from phone usage in most situations while driving, talking on the phone was about as distracting as anything; like blowing thru a stoplight without a clue in the world.
  11. Getting ready for a 10:10 and it seems like ever body else has the same idea. I hope I'm ahead of them... (70s today, like the last couple days.) We have had 8" of rain this year so far. We played last week and I still can't believe we dodged it.
  12. Normal ? One thing I know, You will not play in pain - and be happy or in a good mood or whatever you're looking for here. If he's got a bad wing, he will be happier if he plays shorter more comfortable more playable shots. and everbody else playing with him too.
  13. I am by no means on the level with some posters and the only thing in common is getting old (I'm 65) but I have found an enjoyment to the game again. I have found that leaving the putter in the living room with a couple balls has vastly improved my game and attitude (towards putting and getting old); not for speed of roll or such, but to develop and practice a consistent stroke, a consistent set-up. It's fairly rewarding to see the results of this type practice (it seems so simple and unimportant). My approach to putting and (especially) results on 6 feet and in are stroke savers for sure.
  14. and fwiw, youtube has some good videos on irons comparisons with Ping. Some testers are mid caps and some are really good swings.
  15. I also am a PingEye2 junkie since the early 90s although I had a 15 year or so break from golf. I have been hunting a new used set of newer Pings for a couple years and yet to buy simply because not that much of a selection appears. The sets are pre-fitted (the dot system) so that narrows choice and I also have decided to try graphite shafts to help my aging joints. I have not purchased because I have not come upon the perfect match yet. The Eye2s are just a pleasure to hit for me and I can wait for that set. I look out for Ping and Titleist and both are fairly limited choices and fair
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