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  1. probably should have used pertinent (instead of prevalent - brainfade) in my comment.
  2. I'm not the one ripping anybody, just pointing out the facts. I'm not a drive by, I have a comment early in this discussion, it apparently was not prevalent as to have reply. It was simple. I joined this place since I was re-starting golf as a recreation after 16 years away to learn about new equipment and anything I might need to enjoy the game more. I also am not one to comment on ever little issue that I might have opinion, seems to be plenty of that without my 2cents. But believe me, I am here from time to time. top of this forum states 'course management strategies to break 90' and I am in this particular point in my game. OK? sorry for the defensive attitude, I am not used to commenting back for such but ...
  3. Welcome to The Sand Trap (TST)! You've found the best place on the Internet to talk golf with your fellow golfers! If you haven't signed in, you can register free! (or sign in) to get started! Actually, the above is the opening I get whenever I click onto this forum. THE BEST PLACE ON THE INTERNET TO TALK GOLF (and the reason I joined)
  4. I'll say closer to 2 or 3. My home is extremely frustrating at the first two holes of the course. First hole, water on left will only catch the first hole snap pull off the first tee (not loosened up AND avoiding the dreaded push), rare but it does happen. Range runs up the right side of #1 so if you push just it a little right ... #2 has water on right and across the full fairway. Tee shot has to be less than a clean 3 wood. Usually I can hit a fade 3 wood perfect but lately, I've found some of my distance and bounced a great shot into the water (dead ahead left to right) more than once. Ima have to start using the 3 hybrid. So I'm struggling right off the bat at my place with penalty strokes ever where if I don't watch out (and the lost balls for my round). So on #3 par 5, I'm usually pretty hot on the teebox and have to settle down. When I get thru this, I'm good (happy) from then on ...
  5. Calloway Supersoft (and you won't lose as many). I'm 63and maybe 18hcp, added distance and accuracy for me.
  6. Thursday; par 5 500ish yd uphill to a slightly elevated large flattish green, middle back pin. Laying 2 in a fairway bunker that I may not have ever been in before (and this is my home). 8 iron, 88 yds judged by my looking over at the hundred yard marker. fluffly lie, good square flat stance with a chest high front lip, uphill to the green. I've rarely hit a shot like this from a fairway bunker where you're gonna need yards, not just a clean sharp stroke. This could be in the pure shot thread, it flies to the green (over a trap), hits and settles about 15 ft on the short side for birdie putt. (of course, I three putted for a bogey)
  7. par3 135yd slightly uphill big green, pin placed middle left, tee shot stopped 10" left side of hole after checking up about 30" in front of hole, tap-in birdie. Maybe the highest priority in my game today and since I started back to playing after 15 year layoff is an ace. This shot was one of those that is normally 15 ft after getting up to the green and it looks close on the teebox (because of the angle).
  8. And for this shot, I have found that my 3iron using a ' 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock ' swing will achieve results very consistently, mostly 100 yards advancement thru small openings and under branches (since it is by far not a full swing). Only reason I have the 3 in my bag but I'll need it for this reason a couple times a round. (and this is because I love hitting the big 'D') and to add my 2Cents, I'm around bogey golf. I have discovered that about the only thing keeping me at this level is time on course. If I had time to play more (or physically could play more without pain), I'm sure the strokes would lower. A major factor for the bogey golfer is penalty strokes. Eliminate penalty strokes and (just mathmatically) scores lower.
  9. I'm still trying to figure out the low 80s scoring after 2 or 3 years in the game !😲
  10. agree 100% lordy, must be a slow day.
  11. volume goes straight to mute fornthe entire broadcast
  12. Golds are the seniors here and I've started playing them as I qualifyby age to be a senior. At my course and those around here that I'll play, golds are generally set at the most forward position of the whites, usually 10 or so yards closer, maybe 15. But the main advantage I enjoy on the golds is the shorter yardages on the par 3s, making my almost impossible 190ish yarder down to a comfortable 7iron or 6 iron, a more enjoyable playable distance in my bag. It makes for me the chances to ace one a lot more possible nowaday, and to be honest, since I can't seem to cut lots of strokes off my score, those 4 holes on the card are my most highly anticipated for the round.
  13. who was it that made the statement about the most important distance was the six inches between the ears ? So his missing those pesky four or five footers are not mental ? Was reacting to his caddy in the USOpen not mental ? Sure, his mechanics have developed a hitch but to take mental out of this game (even a pro) is rediculous.
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