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  1. If you have seen tape, you would realize that it is a non-issue in this case. Palmer was well back from the path of the ball and came upon a divot that a previous player did not attend to and simply kicked it out of HIS path of travel, not the ball, much like one might swat a pine cone out of the fairway when passing. No chance of this rule violation. IMO< and Palmers (when asked by the official after the round), the divot had no play in this situation so there was no call for a rules question. Palmer had to be told what to look at during his viewing of the question - he did not kno
  2. Ah yes, the TourModel was almost an exact clone of the eye2s for a fraction of the $$, and originally from WestGeorgiaGolfCo. I would estimate a dozen or so co-workers had sets. and it's the reason I've played PingEye2 to this day. You are still playing these today ?
  3. I have watched several of the longer youtube MoeNorman vids and your swing is similar and along the same lines but of course not exactly the same. Thing that is so impressive about Norman is the range time, the number of balls hit. I would imagine if you were to be as dedicated to the concept as MoeNorman, the swing and the amazing accuracy and dispersions would follow. But that's asking a lot. He carried on conversation as he hit balls, one after another, with no distraction or apparently no mis-hits. Pretty amazing indeed. Ima try to pinpoint the vid I am remembering (it's about 45 min
  4. this... and I'm talking shots from the collar or just off. and on a bad day, just the opposite too - (what we call) the chili-dip, taking turf not ball. It's so simple to take a simple putting stroke with the wedge or 9i and have a really nice result. I am trying to putt from off the green as much as is possible but if it gets 10 feet, thats too much usually. it's where I lose a bunch of shots.
  5. 11:30 at Pineridge today after a little layoff from my back acting up. I have been painfree for week or more, just range hitting to check out things physically and it seems good. It's a little cool in the early mornings and heavy dew so we're a little later than usual; I'm wearing shorts, highs mid-60s.
  6. Excellent post, adjusted rules to keep the young and us not so gifted that may not play to handicap tournament golf but love the golf environment and occasional 'tv shot'.
  7. this is first few lines of my 2020 goals; can't seem to do it properly (I didn't see any little plus sign but I did copy and paste) My goals are to improve score through more time on the course. I hope to play more and different local courses, and this will mean either solo or pick up some partners from the past. I've been trying to hook up with these good ole friends from last century and only been able to a couple times. 2020 goals were to spend more time on the course. I feel that will bring down my score avg and increase enjoyment. My playing partner (that brought me back to
  8. Well sure but you were the one talking of selling the putter. If you're selling a Ping putter, I think you'd get better $$ if it had a Ping grip. I got a very slightly oversized Ping pistol grip for my PingZing2 (from the stock wrapped grip) and it helps greatly. Good tacky rubber that still has the feel. Shop did not carry any jumbo type that I was curious to and I'm not sure if Ping offers them.
  9. re-grip with a Ping grip and you'll get better money for it.
  10. My playing partner is a little older, a lot less serious about the game. So we play the 'reds' and it changes the game, the course. I love it because I can play a hole like the bigboys on tv - driver - wedge, or driver - 9 iron, par 5s possible hitting green in two almost always around the collar or hole high. It actually more consistently puts the hazards back into play for me. I also have hooked back up with some friends from the old days, when we played in our 20s-30s, persimmon days into the days of the first conversions to steel woods and cavity backs. Everybody is mid to late 60s n
  11. Normally, that area is maybe a passing thru area to the restrooms/concessions and at the base of a billboard like scoreboard that is pretty much useless to spectators because it is 10 or more feet below the #3 green surface.
  12. first photos for me; hope they take. I don't know about the National but I've got these twenty minutes away today. (azaleas)
  13. Tee to green is as nice as it gets, relatively no rough or penalizing type lies, as long as shots go to a spot (if you can do that). Green speeds make less difference at Augusta, it's the undulations that take control. If you get a veteran caddie, listen to him and it makes you look like a pro. Without him, you're toasted.
  14. Very recently a thread was started here about PingEye2 iron sets and subject was some folk (experienced players) were seeking out these clubs to play AGAIN. I have played Eye2 irons for many years, now on my second set as the first set was stolen. As old as this design is, people have always got good memories and respect for these clubs. and you can find sets for $100 or less ALL DAY LONG. Buy a set, re-grip, and he's set up - to see if he likes the game. With the difference from buying sets suggested, you have $$ for that driver and putter (these clubs will be more per each than a couple
  15. I hope so but its been hotter'n hell down here (Aug area) last couple months. Too hot for me to play
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