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  1. Now THAT is what keeps me coming back, great shot !
  2. with four straight pars and hittin last, I'd a had to say - 'Dang boys, hope I didn't hold yall up too bad !'
  3. My main interest in watching was to see the famed Seminole Golf Course, not the golf involved; so much hype about the course all week. And it is a beautiful setting. I understand the design had to work with what they had but I'm fairly amazed at the closeness of all holes from green to next teebox. I suppose play does not get too backed up on an ultra elite course such as Seminole but I also betcha they's some ducking going on with the errant shots during normal golfing days. they seemed to be fairly prompt except for deciding who was 'away' on second shots.
  4. So anybody keep a clock on how long it takes 4pros to walk a flat tract? DJ seemed to play ready golf tee to green.
  5. Been playing same course since this life has changed but also have had a mild winter and been playing thru the times too. We have used the pool noodle (not the raised cup) and it seems to be a perfect solution, no complaints. But I now realize (or have adapted) that playing with the flag in makes no difference after you get used to it and if conditions ever go back, I'll probably not pull a flag again. It seems I actually focus better and maybe judge the distance better, or something. Flag has not come into play at any time so far, probably 12 or more rounds at least. One weirdness about leaving the flag in is when your putt aligns perfectly with the shadow cast by the stick. Windy conditions may be a small distraction too but not much effect on the stroke, to me anyway. and it speeds play noticeably.
  6. Played last Thursday and hit it really good, have a 2:10 today. No rakes etc, one per cart, unbelievable weather and the course is greening up nicely. All courses open down here, it's just not as many folks down here I reckon.
  7. burr

    S7K Putter

    I would think it has plenty weight on the toe ?
  8. burr

    2020 Masters

    It is rye grass overseeded in the turf. And that is one reason early spring is the only time you will get the Masters.
  9. burr

    2020 Masters

    I don't know if this stuff gets national attention. Good neighbors - and they donate locally after the headlines each year too. https://www.northaugustastar.com/news/augusta-national-masters-donating-2-million-in-response-to-covid-19/article_8360cf7f-1296-5f83-9eb0-7e49a51c9d6c.html
  10. With driver, I pick a spot 8 or 10 ft out and generally align with slight left-center fairway. Putting, I seem to forget to pick the spot to putt to and take a distance left or right of cup (like half a cup). This is not working for me and I cannot seem to change my routine but that's my goal for this season. My favorite shots, irons to the green, I thought that I could set up, pay attention to alignment and be inline. Well, this past week, my partner informed me that I was consistently lined up left, enough to be 10 ft left of the green. and it felt right lined up when I adjusted but flew straight at it.
  11. Lead tape to add a little to my PingZing2 putter - and it made a positive difference so far.
  12. Digging and planting my garden, I try to expand it a little each year. Last Thursday, I played 18, first golf this year after a winter that rained buckets. and the course conditions showed that.
  13. burr

    Love and Hate

    I love nailing an iron shot to the pin and that could mean 6ft or 20ft and 90yds or 140yds. Watching the shot land hot and sit. I hate the exact same scenario, only to be a club short (usually not long it seems)
  14. burr

    2020 Masters

    I selfishly breathe a huge sigh of relief. Normally, we welcome folk from the four corners of the world with open arms (a lotta local people make a lotta $$ MastersWeek) but this year, I've been dreading since I first heard of this trouble. Presently, the CentralSavannahRiverArea is free of the very real threat of a more populated area. Imagine how much it would affect area if the thousands were here on every corner, course, restaurant, homes and local festivals. Sorry but it's proactive action like the others now.
  15. I would imagine he's got one thing on his mind - a major at his best chance to win one - the AugNationalGolfClub. It would be a shame if he was injured this time of the year, ask DustinJohnson. Here in AugustaGa, we've had more days of rain than clear since Dec. Almost 2 ft since first part of Dec. We got 2.5" yesterday, rained for 4 days straight. Pretty sure the 'creek' is up out there so it will be limited play before the Masters if it keeps up like so far.
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