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  1. I started playing 3 months ago. Ive played 6 total rounds. Ive made par three times. Now golf is all I think about. Poor poor fishing gear collecting dust
  2. Interesting. The only other golfer in my family is my neice. 15 yrs old, about 5'3" tall. Her dad got her a Wilson Jr. boys set. Should i be on the lookout for standard womens clubs? She is currently getting lessons with the Wilsons.
  3. Hi everybody! My name is Chris and I reside in the Minneapolis area. I love and watch a lot of golf, but have never played! I recently bought a house and found a set of clubs in the garage! Bonus! Adams GT3. I havent gone out yet, but i have definitely been bit by the golf bug. This site is great! Plenty of great reads. Im learning a lot. Cheers
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