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  1. Texas Scramble

    Thanks for replying, billchao. As I understand there were no rules set out to say I couldn't so I think disqualification would have been harsh but I'll take it on board it was probably morally wrong and refrain from doing so in future.
  2. Texas Scramble

    First of all, hi everyone. My first post but i hope to become a regular poster simply because I love this game. I am fairly new to golf, been playing just 14 months so rules and etiquette are something I try to pick up and improve on as much as possible. I was playing in a 4 man texas scramble today with the rule being 4 tee shots each with 1 having to be a par 3 (4 par 3s on my course so one each). My team used my tee shot on the first par 3 (our 2nd hole). So by rights I no longer need to hit on the remaining par 3's, but I still continue to play them (not using any of them) because I like to keep my swing going and I like to think my team mates can take some guidance from it(I play of 16 so not much lol). A member of another team seen I was doing this and accused us (me) of cheating and asked for us to be disqualified, saying it wasn't just morally wrong to do so but also against the rules. As I understand Texas Scrambles rules can be a bit vague and thought he was just being a wind up merchant until another player who plays off 1 and I consider a good friend agreed with him. Could I ask the opinions here so I can be better prepared next time I speak to them.