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  1. To golfers who score in the 70s - What's your story?

    @klineka Yea, distance isn't the issue at all (avg. drive is 267 yds according to game golf), it's just my driving gets very erratic and I think on par 5s I maybe psych myself out off the tee thinking of putting me in a position to reach the green in two or something. I think the reality is I've only got 4 rounds on my profile thus far and having played short courses I've only actually recorded 5 par 5s: 1) Par 5, 472 yds: Driver off the tee - sliced right into woods and lost ball - Score: 7 2) Par 5, 480 yds: Driver off the tee - came off the bottom of the club to 195 yds - Score: 7 (3-putt) 3) Par 5, 442 yds: Driver off the tee - sliced right into woods and had to punch out - Score: 7 4) Par 5, 492 yds: 3-Wood off the tee - solid shot (250 yds) but didn't have an angle to the green due to overhanging branch so had to punch out - Score: 5. 5) Par 5, 562 yds: Driver off the tee - sliced right into O.B. - Score 8 The only hole I didn't take driver off the tee I parred! Guess I gotta hit the driving range and practice that driving to get into scoring positions without stupid mistakes more often.
  2. To golfers who score in the 70s - What's your story?

    Thanks - I've just added my Game Golf handle. Really appreciate you sharing those stats, interesting to see how mine compare to a 10 hcp (I'm at a 15 atm) as I strive to score in the 70s for the first time. I've only started taking golf a bit more seriously this year so I'm looking forward to improving over the coming months, and seeing how better golfers compare under different categories really helps me hone in on which areas I should be working on. This is probably due to me having only recorded 3 rounds so far in game golf, but my Approach stats look pretty wonky - definitely a lot of work to be done with my GW, PW, and 9i: For what it's worth - here are my other stats: So, obviously my whole game could use some help (with putting being my best skill), but especially I think scrambling and GIR need to improve, both of which would be helped by being better off the tee. Something interesting I've noticed as well is that - probably due to my poor driving - I score best on par 3s, then par 4s, and then par 5s. I imagine that's gotta be exactly opposite to most golfers:
  3. To golfers who score in the 70s - What's your story?

    Can I ask what the avg. percentage of time you get on the green (within 15 yds) from greater than 100+ yards is? I'm a 12.9hcp on game golf but only get it within 15 yds from outside 100 yards 27% of the time...that's gotta be pretty poor?