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  1. Ever hear of Seahawk irons?

    Oh I did lol I was just saying lol. I had to use it for a few days. Its out of the bag now lol.
  2. Anyone play a driving iron?

    I tried one but like you I was only hitting 205. I hit that with a 4 iron so its gathering dust in the garage.
  3. Do You Have a Set Budget for Golf Expenses?

    Not really...I play 2-3 times a week (Sometimes more) so I do have a local membership which more than pays for itself but other then that I don't spend much other then a few rounds here or there at different courses. I've been playing the same clubs since 2012 but did just buy a new (to me) driver today.
  4. So I play Callaway RAZR Tour irons and recently snapped a 4 iron. (I won't go into details) Anyway, until I get around to getting it reshafted I've been using a 4 iron I found at a local course's lost and found that had been there for years. It says Seahawk VI on the club head and it has a Pro Velvet Grip and Vector Tour+ steel shaft. I've searched all over for this brand and even google has turned up zero evidence this thing even exists, no pictures or anything so I'm assuming its extremely cheap club but other then a noticeably heavier clubhead and thinner grip its hard to notice a difference from the RAZR. I'm hitting it just as well minus about 15 yards. I'll upload a few pics. Thanks!