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  1. Background: From the top of my backswing I was shifting my upper body forward which would cause my head to be in front of ball at impact. After watching the video below and practicing a bit my problem was fixed, but has since lead to hitting my irons fat. Driver and woods are amazing since they are on the upswing but need help with irons. This video seemed to help one problem but lead to another. Below is a list of things that I think might be causing this and am wondering if anyone else has same issue or suggestions. 1. With pressure being put on right foot,not enough gets transferred to left causing fat shot 2. Too steep on down swing 3 Releasing club early
  2. Looking to see a Professional

    Thank you all for the input I will look into all of them.
  3. Looking to see a Professional

    First post as a new member of the Sand Trap: I am currently in search of a decent golf professional in my area. Currently located in Hurst Tx, which is directly between Fort Worth and Dallas. If I'm going to be spending a little money, I want someone that will be worth my time. Any suggestions?