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  1. My Swing (carri10)

    Hiya All I've been Playing Golf for: 10 years - with a 5 year kid break My current handicap index or average score is: 18 My typical ball flight is: pull/pull draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull draw Current swing thoughts are -Posture don't arch back and neck -Start backswing with right ass cheek -Just rotate on the way back, don't sway to the right -downswing - rotate body, rotate, rotate...ROTATE! -impact try to drive club face forward (impact bag feeling) not flip Not all at the same time, of course! Videos: The hand signals show the ball flight on DTL. This is a 6I This is a selection of shots, I've not given you the highlights real. Shank happens once every 20-30 Push every 15-20 over draw every other shot.
  2. Born with Clubface Control

    Tried this. Extreme weak grip. Horrible thin shot. Felt like I was dislocating some important joint when doing it! Extreme strong grip. Managed to land it with a push draw about 10 yds left of target. Currently, I'm learning that a harder left hand grip pressure feeling allows me to start on a push line more. Really loosening up brings a pull start line into play. For me this is one way I am learning to feel the club face. As I improve I can also feel mid swing if my timing of body rotation is good or bad. If good, the club face returns to square/slightly open. If bad i either pull or get some extra unconscious manipulation thing happening Which is usually not helpful!
  3. How do you choose a coach?

    This I really agree with. Really As it happens I went for the trackman certified guy. Thanks for the all the thoughts, At lot of them made a lot of sense. Not sure I really got an answer into the fundamental question -How do you know if the advice you are being given is just plain wrong? I, for one, don't want to waste a couple of months being shown the wrong path. It's a difficult game and weeding out the good advice from the bad is tricky. The best I've found is to look at how an instructor fixes a "problem" If they talk about fixing the movements that lead up to the problem, the previous links in the chain, then they get more points. If they just fix the problem without referring to anything else, then they lose points with me. Thanks for the help all. Now to get to the range again!
  4. How do you choose a coach?

    I'll see if I can. Good instruction over internet can't be a good as 1:1 good instruction though - right? If I get someone here who is good then continuing with both 1:1 and Evolvr would be complicated - unless the 2 coaches had a discussion on what to do with me. I don't think that level of service is available until I'm playing amateur for Singapore That is useful, thanks I suppose my problem is that I don't want to waste time and be led down a wrong path by choosing an instructor who doesn't really know what they are talking about. This forum has many commenting on the general standard of tuition, I don't want to fall foul of a poor instructor. The thing is, I know a little bit about the golf swing, but not much. An example. My first instructor wanted me to perform and action that, to me, felt like I was really actively releasing my right hand. I have read that the release shouldn't be a really active thing, and that with a swing driven by the body, the "release" should happen naturally. This same guy wants me to do this action, which he calls a "snap release" and says that getting the timing right will be key. That doesn't sound wonderfully repeatable to me. I think I'll post my swing in the members swing section (iphone slo mo would do the trick?) and show the advice I've been given. I'll let the forum critique it and that will help me choose. sounds like a plan?
  5. Hello All. I've recently decided to get a little more serious about this game and am looking for a coach. I played off 18, 5 years ago, but having had two kids since, the time out on course has plummeted. Things have come round so there is more time available and I want to get back into things. Problem is that here in Singapore, coaching ain't cheap (nothing is!) For a course of 10 lessons, I'm looking at 1100SG$. I'm not against paying that sum at all - if I get quality coaching! So my question is - how do you go about choosing a coach? How do I make sure I'm getting quality before laying down the 1100SG$? Getting lessons one by one costs a lot more (160 a lesson) Due to SG culture, there is not a strong review culture on the internet, so that didn't help me too much. So far I gone to 2 separate guys for a lessons and submitted a video to evolvr. First guy listens to my goals etc and then uses a iPad for video. He took a look at my swing and decided that my left elbow chicken wings after impact. He then got me to try to swing the club head through impact; a snap release he called it. I got a real feel of trying to force the right hand to release. This led to a load of pulls, which he put down to just getting my timing right. Second guy is trackman certified. He also listened to what my goals are and then watched my swing and then asked me if I knew what determined ball flight. He knew the new ball flight laws - which was a good start. He thought I flipped a little (although he doesn't like the term flipping) and got out an impact bag and had me try to push the thing forward with some half swings. He then got me to pitch a load of balls, making sure the face stayed facing the sky for as long as possible (a foot or so past impact) Evolvr told me to change my posture slightly to have less arch in my back. I know a little bit about the swing, but not enough to second guess advice from a pro. How did you go about choosing? For info, they must be at least 100 coaches in Singapore. They love practicing golf here, even if they don't play so much! Happy to provide more info......
  6. Joining in from Singapore

    Thanks for the welcome guys. Just starting the weekend here. Hoping to get to the range at some time!
  7. TheSandTrap Member Map

    Hiya. Just tagged the map. Looks like i'm the only one out here on the "little red dot"
  8. Hello All A long time lurker, I decided to take the plunge and get involved. I'm british, lived in France for a while, but now am based in Singapore. I've manged to carve out a little more time to devote to golf, so hopefully should be playing a bit more than in the past (ie. more than once a year!) Problem is that Singapore is HOT, damn hot. And rounds of golf aren't cheap, which puts a bit of a dampener on the whole thing. Anyway, looking forward to chatting with you all.