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  1. Do you pick up a club someone has left behind?

    I always pick up a club that has clearly been left behind in error with the view to reunite it with the owner during the round, or at worst, hand it in to the pro shop so the owner can reclaim it from there. Can't really see the point in ignoring it and leaving the club out in the course.
  2. @iacas I guess my logic was that if the ball travels less distance, in theory it would take more shots to get the ball in the hole, thereby taking longer. Though I guess you could just club up to get around that problem!! So in conclusion, I'm not convinced I still agree with the last part of my comment above now also Cheers, Golfingfiend
  3. I agree with the sentiment that this is elite level sport. 99.9% of golfers can't hit the ball nearly as far as tour pros so what is the big deal I ask myself?! The ball travelling less far will only hurt the amateur game as well as potentially slow the game down in terms of time taken to finish a round. Cheers Golfingfiend
  4. Impact of lessons....

    some friends and I haven't taken any lessons to date. it is as if we want to work out who is the most macho and naturally talented (me, obviously) We all playoff handicaps between 15 and 20 (i know, spectacular golf eh! ) and have been stuck in this rut for quite some time. Ridiculous really how none of us take lessons and expect to improve drastically from playing on average once a week. I know others who picked up the game some time after I did, and with a few decent lessons and practice sessions, have reached and surpassed my "lofty"heights already. Conclusion: Lessons help a lot. as long as it is with the right coach/teacher. but practice between lessons is where the real improvement lies. Cheers
  5. Hello from England

    thanks @Mr. Desmond
  6. Hello from England

    Thanks a lot!!
  7. Hello from England

    thank you @RussUK for your message. Good to see a fellow Brit also enjoying the fine weather we have today! And @RandallIT - thank you for the info. I will take a look at the the links and the advice you have given above. Much appreciated! cheers
  8. Hello from England

    Hello Sand Trappers I have been a LONG time reader of this website - I have been meaning to sign up and start contributing for a while now, but as with a lot of things in life, have only just managed to do so! Just wanted to introduce myself to you all. I live in sunny England, am married with a small kid. Fortunately, I still manage to get out to play 3-4 times a month, which I'll take given my current situation. I am a very keen golfer and think about the game and my swing a lot (some would argue too much?!). I play off a 17 handicap but feel with some proper practice and improved concentration, I can bring that down to a more respectable 12/13. I have been saying that for a while, so clearly it is much easier said than done!!! Anyway, ramble over - wish you all happy golfing and I look forward to being able to contribute to the various discussions on this great site! Cheers, Golfingfiend