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  1. I will let you know how it went. I am planning on taking all my rain gear and an umbrella!
  2. PaddyMac, Thank you very much for the recommendation. We are going to check out those courses. Bobby
  3. Hacker4life

    Rent/Buy a course

    Dan, I retire from the Air Force in 6 years. Can I get a job mowing the grass? I will keep it to only 6 beers during the duty day.
  4. I used to live in England for 4 years. Moved to Turkey for a couple and now living in Italy. When I was in England my buddies and I would take a trip once a year to play golf. We went to Scotland twice and Ireland twice. Next weekend on the 16th we are headed back to Ireland for a 9 days. We are going to play Wicklow, Blainroe, Arklow, and the Dublin island course. We were looking at some other courses in the area. Wanted to know if anybody knows any little hidden gems in the area. Doesn't matter if they are 9 hole or 18 holes. We just like to get out have some fun a few laughs and end it with a few pints at the pub. We did play druids glen too. But not sure if we are going to play that course again.
  5. Hacker4life

    Sorry, another chipper question

    PaddyMac, Chipping and Pitching for me has finally turned a corner and I can get up and down in a relatively consistent manner. I used to blade it, hit supper fat shots, I would use my putter four or five feet off the green. But for me I really experienced with different techniques. First is aim point. Most people when chipping and pitching focus on the pin. This is a bad aim point and most times people fly the ball the that location and it rolls out to much. For me when chipping and pitching it is pretty boring. I hit the ball on the front of the green and let it roll up. Before getting your chipper spend some time working on different techniques. Swinging the club the shortest distance leaves the least amount of room for mistakes. So if you are just of the green and have a lot of green to work with chip with a 7i. I like my PW for chipping around the green. I feel that I have a lot of confidence and can control that shot. I think step up and confidence is the key to these shots. Try putting your weight on your front foot, ball in the center stance and used the bounce of the club. Practice, practice, practice.

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