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  1. This whole built like a linebacker thing.

    It's some horse crap I've always noticed about sports reporting. I don't know if it's deliberate deception, trying to make athletes seem like larger than life supermen or trying to make them seem like genetically superior beings. But I can guarantee that every height and weight entrance in media guides and in reference sites exaggerates the size of these people across the board. I met Kris Bryant, who is listed as 6'5 everywhere. Well, I'm 6'2 and he's my height. I golfed with Steve McMichael who was probably listed at 6'1 and 280. He was probably 5'10 and maybe 280. Again, seeing the rest of the Cubs at the convention, there was one guy taller than me. Half the infielders who were listed over 5'10 were nowhere near that. Growing up near Galas Hall I ran into Bears all the time. Very few guys were that tall. The only guy I recall truly towering over me was Julius Peppers. At the few PGA events I've been to, I can say most golfers are 5'10-6'2 and none weigh more than 200 pounds. Golf is a game that relies on flexibility. The more musclebound you get, I'd say you'd affect your swing adversely.
  2. How long is your golf commute?

    I have to add another to my three courses. I just remembered Geneva National is 13 minutes from my back door. I just don't go there too often. So make that 4 in a fifteen minute drive and probably 20 within a 45 minute drive
  3. How long is your golf commute?

    I live in a fairly rural area in SE Wisconsin and have three courses less than a 20 minute drive. One coarse is actually a great course, the other two are nice, but full of butchers.
  4. I've said this before and I'm sure a lot of people will disagree, but my personal feeling is GI clubs don't really make you a better golfer, they mask your bad habits and technique. If you're already that good, why not use better clubs. I got GI clubs after breaking my back and when I hit blades I was all over the place. The GI clubs his my shoddy strike points. When I went back to PW or blades, I was forced to fix my shit habits.
  5. Optimize Existing Irons or Buy New?

    You can get some amazing deals on five year old irons on EBay.
  6. Clip towels

    It's an old bag and towel for sure. I've got a ton of old gear since I took a decade off after breaking my back. MacGregor Golden Bear blades, anyone? I think Jack was still in his 30s when these irons came out lol.
  7. Very true. As an anecdotal bit to this thread, I have a set of cheap MacGregor cast irons that probably cost 250, tops. Probably even came with a bag. I can outhit or equal all of my other expensive forged and perimeter weighted and cavity back clubs(some are forged) with these irons. I'm starting to think maybe I shouldn't have wasted money on other clubs. Especially those Cobras. Meh
  8. Clip towels

    I've had this goofy towel for years. Norman was my favorite back in college.
  9. I orders some Lamkins that are identical to the grips currently on the clubs. Those spiral grips seem to treat me right, so we're going with those.
  10. Clip towels

    Not cool, my ass...
  11. Older clubs to fit

    I'm using a 20 or so year old set of Hogan Apex plus irons. They feel better, suit my swing better and travel just as far as all the newer clubs I've tried. Even the old 40 year old golden bear irons I have still perform at a good level. They may fall a few club lengths shy of newer irons, but I hit long anyway. I think as long as they were quality clubs to start, most anything is going to still suit your game. I'm sure this is wrong advice, but older clubs haven't hurt my play. I find myself grabbing the old clubs vs my TaylorMade way too often.
  12. Just a reflection. I do carry this club in a bag with 10 year old TaylorMade, though
  13. Monthly Award Winners Thread

    Congratulations to all the other award winners! Thank you! This place is great. Super friendly staff and members and an amazing resource for all things golf and now guitars!
  14. Interesting thoughts from all. It certainly seems to me that any new to newish club of any quality can out distance a 40 year old club. But my conclusion is not scientific at all. While I pushed my cavity backs and Perimeter weighted clubs further down range, it wasn't by much. Maybe 5 yards tops. That can still be my not swinging well enough after back surgery, who knows. But I will say this, the slice I developed once I picked up GI irons is gone with blades. But, I also have hit some balls of the end of the face with GI and had the ball go 170 yards. I tipped a few yesterday and I was lucky to get 170 feet. One went less than 60 feet. But I grew up on blades and personally feel they teach you golf properly. I just don't see how GI irons ever make you a better golfer. They seem to be technique band aids. By far, the most pleasant irons inswing are Hogan apex plus. They have smaller heads and seem to just rocket the ball where I want it to go. They don't punish you for mistakes as badly as these blades do but they still let you know your swing sucked. The GI clubs just don't seem to do that and I firmly believe they allowed me to build some bad habits while I was learning to swing again. I'm going to spend the rest of the fall with these 40 year old blades, remember my dad and I golfing as the 20th anniversary of his death approaches and enjoy the fact that I can still golf. I'd love to find a scientific way to measure the distance on these clubs vsbmy others, just for curiosity.
  15. How old are your irons?

    Which set I have a 35-40 year old set of Golden Bear blades, a 30 year old set of perimeter weighted MacGregor graphite shaft irons which to this day are my favorites. The set of Apex plus Hogan's my dad cast aside for these Spalding Executive irons that I also have. Both sets are from the mid 90s. The Apex clubs I'd swing with confidence any day. Then there's my TaylorMade RAC clubs which are maybe 10? I just picked up a set of Cobra AP irons thinking they'd out perform the Taylor's. I was wrong. Those cobras have to be 8-10 as well.

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