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  1. Chipping from Rough vs Fairway

    Wedges are the bane of my existence. I have better luck taking a gentle swing with a five or seven iron out of the rough or certain hazards. Like WuTiger said, hit to a spot, not the goal/
  2. Why am I breaking driver shafts at hosel?!

    He's got all that, has tried a heat gun and it still won't pull out. He is going to do the drill press next. This is not his first time removing a shaft, just the first time one has caused him serious grief.
  3. Bought a few "new" clubs today.

    If the 580 XD is like the 540Xd, you'll dig it. I was experimenting with different degree drivers and nabbing all sorts of them off Ebay dirt cheap. Even at its age, the 540 is still a nice club, I'm sure the 580 is as well.
  4. Why am I breaking driver shafts at hosel?!

    Trust me, it happens and not due to abuse. I broke a brand new macGregor 3 iron on the very first swing at the driving range after pops bought me the clubs. On my downswing, the head flew off as soon as the ball was hit.The ball bounded about ten feet to the right, the head about 10 yards to the left. The driver I posted above was about 15 years old and never abused. It was my all time favorite club so it was well cared for and I am too cheap to bust clubs out of childish fits of rage. The club also hadn't been used in a decade, then maybe 20 strikes this summer, just as the OP said, head dangling off strands of graphite. The guy who is repairing it has had a hell of a time extracting the shaft from the hosel, too.
  5. Why am I breaking driver shafts at hosel?!

    I've had it happen twice. Once on a brand new club, the other on a 15 year old. Both graphite shafts.
  6. A few buckets and a hot little caddy later and...

    I meant that my hands don't have to follow each other and aren't locked together when off the club. I was able to roll my left wrist a bit over the top and it is not affecting my right hand. I am, however not locking my fingers as much anymore. They're still locked, but not as pronounced.
  7. A few buckets and a hot little caddy later and...

    Mine move independent of each other.If I start with my left hand more on the top of the club, the right doesn't necessarily have to change positions, right? Or am I not following you?
  8. Every damn time I hear that phrase, address the ball
  9. Does Anybody Still Use Ribbed Grips?

    I prefer ribbed grips. My Hogan Apex clubs have them. It's not difficult to get the rib where it belongs. The label embossed into the cap of the grip is your guideline..
  10. A few buckets and a hot little caddy later and...

    And to edit, it was turning my left wrist over, not my right. Someone corrected me again?
  11. A few buckets and a hot little caddy later and...

    Thanks, she's wonderful... Oh, golf You guys were son right, having another set of eyes on your swing is crucial. It's hard to fix yourself.
  12. Brought my girlfriend to the range to watch my swing and she noticed a lot going wrong, more than she was able to fix. However, she cured my nasty slice. The past week I'd been losing distance and the slice had been getting worse. She noticed that my back swing was far too long, especially considering I have very little flexibility anymore. I was also turning my club over on the follow through. She had me adjust my back swing to keep my hands lower and turned my right hand over just a half inch or so. It actually became uncomfortable to take a long back swing, so that was a bonus. Immediately, my drives jumped past 250 on the fly and went where my feet pointed. After four balls, I launched three past the pin my rangefinder says is 290. The distance wasn't so much the thing that made me happy, the total lack of slice overjoyed me. I hate this game a little less today ? We're going to try a video next time out so you guys can have at it ?
  13. Damage to Top of My Epic Driver

    I tend to agree. Changes in sound, pitch, etc in wood, metal and pretty much any material generally means the integrity has been compromised. One thing that struck me, what in the hell is a duct or anything doing so close to the area where people are swinging clubs? It just seems counter-intuitive when you build a driving range to have shit in the way, right?
  14. Fat Irons after watching this video

    Releasing the club early has been an issue for me due to back injury. It's something I try to keep in my mind when I swing, as well as keeping the club face closed on follow through. Both things have screwed my drives and irons. I can honestly say 2 and 3 are things to look into.