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    Wrong ball from water?

    Many thanks for your responses. When I was docked two shots for hitting the wrong ball, it didn't feel is if it was correct. For we had both entered the water at almost the exact spot and it was my opponent that scooped out the ball before I had time to to inspect it. I didn't realise he was playing a same make and number ball, although he had marked his with a smile and two dots, and I had marked mine with just two spots. I could see the two spots (the smile was out of sight) so assumed it was my ball and dropped it outside the hazard alongside my opponent and we both then hit our third shots. It was only when I retrieved my ball from the hole (having chipped in) he noticed the smile and announced I had hit the wrong ball and insisted I be penalised a further two shots. My sincere thanks for your assistance.
  2. MartinKillips

    Wrong ball from water?

    At a par three this week both my opponent and I hit almost identical shots into a lake. My opponent picked out one of the balls (it was unplayable) from the water and dropped it at my feet. I thought it was my ball. I then went to the drop zone and chipped it into the hole for a three. My opponent dropped a new ball from his bag and chipped on also and took five. My opponent then noticed that the ball I had played was his, (we had both played the same make and number ball but his had a small smile drawn under the number that I hadn't noticed when he scooped up the ball from the water and dropped it at my feet). He then said I must be penalised and a five was recorded for me rather than a three. I accept that the ball I dropped from the water was his - but regardless I thought any ball that lands in the water and is unplayable (whether retrieved or not) was considered as a 'dead-ball'. So playing his in error rather than a new one from my bag, shouldn't incur a penalty. Can someone tell me the correct ruling, please?

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