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  1. Can someone tell me the loft of the old Karsten III sand wedge? I have a set of G5 irons but the sand wedge is only 54 degrees. There is virtually no chance of finding a G5 lob wedge here in South Africa. I have been sniffing around to see if I could find a wedge like my old Eye sand wedge which I loved and should never have sold. So I found a Karsten III SW and it looks right but I don't know what loft it is and wonder if it might perform anything like my Eye 2 SW. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. Just a quick question this time: did ping make a 3 iron for their G30 range? I have searched the net and most specification lists run from 3 to LW but some include the 3. And, yes, I know hybrids are easier and more popular. Thanks
  3. Not much wrong with that swing. Its very long but you are young and flexible. Swing is fairly flat, not necessarily a fault. Hard to tell, but stance looks a bit closed and shoulders a bit open at address.
  4. My (amateur) thoughts: 1. Moving your head - try to maintain spine angle and position 2. Swinging mostly with arms - make takeaway more 1 piece and coil 3. Trying to hit too hard - I don't know how to fix that!
  5. Kevlar10's comment is spot on. However .... you need to have some ability, and knowledge of etiquette, before venturing onto the course. If you are taking air shots or hitting the ball just a few yards, then consider some more off course practice. It cannot tell you that golf gets any easier; but we all become accustomed to hitting less than perfect shots.
  6. I have now measured the angle between my 6 iron shafts and the ground Using a drafting adjustable set square: ISI K 62.5, G5 60.0 Eye 2 57.5. I may be a couple of degrees out but these figures tend to confirm the ISIK are white dot. A bit odd the G5 and Eye2 are not the same. Never mind, I cannot see or feel any directional effect of these differences. Because I like the look of the Eye 2 better I am considering swapping just a couple of shafts from the ISI K into my Eye 2 just to see how they play. I can always swap them back. What do you guys think of that idea?
  7. I have never had much trouble shots going straight left or right (a strong fade is another story!). I tried the attached tip about marking the ball with whiteboard marker and found the mark on the face is consistent and vertical and half an inch towards the toe. I think that is telling me the club lie is OK, that my swing repeats but that I need to adjust my swing path. Anyway, on the subject of shafts, the fact that these JZ shafts are stiff and suit me is a revelation. I suspect they are on the softer side of stiff. My G20 driver with TFC169 shaft is regular and feels a bit soft, but when I try stiffer drivers, the ball tends to fade right. Can it be that a person uses regular shaft woods and stiff shaft irons?
  8. Following the suggestion, I asked Ping and they promptly replied to say my ISI K are JZ stiff shafts with cushin shaft insert. They confirmed the irons in the set and say they were white dot (3 degrees upright). The dots are now orange (2 degrees flat). This raises a couple more questions: 1. How do I tell if the shafts still have the cushin inserts? 2. Is there a way to use a protractor to measure if the clubs are white or orange lie?
  9. Thanks Vinsk and Adam C - comments are much appreciated. I am in South Africa. There is only 1 (indoor) launch monitor that I know of in town. My driving range also sells second hand clubs and, despite being satisfied with my Eye 2 irons, I cannot resist trying different budget sets. I am not prepared to spend R10'000 on a 1 or 2 year old set. The first thing I noticed when trying the mid iron G5 and ISI K was that they were clearly past the distance marker that my eye 2 irons were barely reaching. Regarding lie: the Ping chart suggests the orange side of red dot for me. I have had black, red and orange dot irons and never really noticed much difference; directional or otherwise. Regarding shafts: I had a set of S58 red dot with regular TFC100 shafts but struggled with consistency. I had a set of Becu Eye 2+ black dot. I think they had KT shafts which I found very hard - like a solid fence post. I also had a set with Ping ZZ lite shafts and hated them. I had a set of eye 2 black dot with Dynamic Gold S300 shafts and the ball flew well if I caught it just right, but they felt a bit hard and I often faded or topped them. The Ping shaft flex chart attached suggests I am on the border between stiff and regular. This got me thinking I needed regular shafts. My current eye 2 irons have Dynamic Gold S300 shafts soft stepped twice and I thought I was hitting them reasonably well - until I tried these G5 and ISI K irons. The G5 with graphite shafts is noticably softer on my old hands and does fly a bit higher (have yet to decide how that helps approaching greens). The ISI K irons have a nice feel - not too stiff. Its a pity they are so ugly! I think I am on the verge of discovering which shafts suit me. Can anyone confirm the flex of the JZ shaft with the 2 thin red stripes? I am afraid they are too faded to make out any flex letter. Ping shaft flex chart.pdf
  10. I am still keen for advice on why I am hitting a recently acquired scabby old set of Ping ISI Ks so much further than my other irons. Can it really just be the shaft? And, if so, what specification is a Ping JZ shaft (black band with 2 thin red rings)? Thanks
  11. I have/had the same problem. A pro suggested that I keep my arms more "connected". Although it feels unnatural and lacking in power, it gives me longer, and straighter, shots. By "connected" he meant keep my upper right arm closer to my chest on the backs wing and my upper left arm closer to my body on the follow through.
  12. I have been using Ping eye 2 irons for a couple of years. They are black dot, have regular steel shafts and D3 swing weight. I am 62 years old and play off 12. I recently picked up a set of Ping G5 irons, also black dot, with TFC100 regular graphite shafts in C7 swing weight and a set of Ping ISI K irons, orange dot, with regular (so I was told) steel shafts in C9 swing weight. I was pleasantly surprised to hit the G5s noticeably further than my eye 2s. Eye2, 5 iron: 145 metres. G5, 5 iron: 152 metres. I can see why this might be: the lighter graphite shaft, the lower swing weight, the 1.5 degree stronger loft and oddly the shafts are 1/4 inch longer. But I am curious (and very pleased) that I hit the ISI K 5 iron further still: 160 metres. The loft and shaft length are the same as the G5. I cannot see how the dot colour is relevant to distance, so the only difference that I can see, or feel, is the ISI K have a more offset and the grips are about 1.5mm thicker and are a bit softer and stickier. Maybe my ISI shafts are not regular? Only 1 still has a band: black with red rings and it says Ping JZ. Any suggestions? Thanks
  13. I like what Saevel said: "This could be a simple as training the subconscious to consistently try to remember to implement the feel we want." Now how do I do this?
  14. I always approach a shot with a swing thought. But somehow after taking my address, I often realise that I have mysteriously completed the shot (badly) without having thought about it. It is like the pressure of trying to execute the prefect shot has turned my mind to jelly. These mental lapses are even more frustrating than physical limitations because I feel I should at least be able to control my thoughts. The struggle continues...
  15. I had a putting lesson and the pro suggested that a face balanced putter might suit me better than my old Ping Anser style putter with slight toe hang. So I got a Ping Scottsdale Wolverine C putter and, of course, it was fine for a few days. It is over a year now and my putting is worse than ever. There are a lot of folks say use a face balanced putter if you have a SBST stroke and use a putter with some toe hang if you are an arc putter. If we take the line from ball to hole on a straight put to be our reference line (not an inclined plane) then on any put over a few feet, I cannot see how you can physically take the club SB or ST without all sorts of manipulations, unless you bend over 90 degrees so that your shoulder axis is above the line of the putt? Does that make face balanced putters irrelevant? Obviously not. But now I am utterly confused.
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