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  1. I like what Saevel said: "This could be a simple as training the subconscious to consistently try to remember to implement the feel we want." Now how do I do this?
  2. I always approach a shot with a swing thought. But somehow after taking my address, I often realise that I have mysteriously completed the shot (badly) without having thought about it. It is like the pressure of trying to execute the prefect shot has turned my mind to jelly. These mental lapses are even more frustrating than physical limitations because I feel I should at least be able to control my thoughts. The struggle continues...
  3. I had a putting lesson and the pro suggested that a face balanced putter might suit me better than my old Ping Anser style putter with slight toe hang. So I got a Ping Scottsdale Wolverine C putter and, of course, it was fine for a few days. It is over a year now and my putting is worse than ever. There are a lot of folks say use a face balanced putter if you have a SBST stroke and use a putter with some toe hang if you are an arc putter. If we take the line from ball to hole on a straight put to be our reference line (not an inclined plane) then on any put over a few feet, I cannot see how you can physically take the club SB or ST without all sorts of manipulations, unless you bend over 90 degrees so that your shoulder axis is above the line of the putt? Does that make face balanced putters irrelevant? Obviously not. But now I am utterly confused.
  4. I am struggling with a couple of contradictions with my swing: 1. Keep the upper body, especially arms, loose and supple to promote a swing rather than a hit; but do have tension in the lower body through coiling for power. Not being a natural athlete, I find myself either totally floppy, like a bit of spaghetti or totally rigid, like a plank. How do you practice to feel this separation? 2. Keep the head or spine still and use a one piece take away. When I make a wide takeaway, rotating my chest and arms together, I find it so hard not to sway to the right. The pros are so good at starting to turn their arms and shoulders without moving their head at all. How do I train myself to get this separation? I think my observations are valid because (on the rare occasions) when I achieve these goals that I am trying to describe, the shot is so easy and long and straight, but please feel free to suggest that I am trying to do the wrong things.
  5. Have just got a set of i15 irons and I am surprised how much further (almost a club) and straighter I am hitting them than my eye 2s. I can't help myself when it comes to second hand clubs, so now I think a set of i20s or i25s would be ideal (because they can include matched wedges). Trouble is, finding a set of red dot, graphite shaft, 3 to SW here in South Africa is very unlikely. So my question is: what other makes and models might feel and perform similarly? Thanks
  6. Thanks for that. The TT lite is definately not a Ping shaft because today I managed to pick up a couple of old 3 irons with the same TT lite shafts for only R40, I will swap them into the 4 and 5 irons. The Ping shaft in the 2 iron is still an enigma. I will be happy if it is a light weight regular flex then I can just leave it. I am not sure that I can tell the difference between R or S but not knowing, plays with my mind when I hit it less than well - was it me? was it the shaft?
  7. I picked up a set of Ping eye 2s with (mostly) DG S200U shafts; I feel these shafts are a just a bit too stiff for me. The 2 iron has a Ping shaft but no flex. It has a black top band, a blue Ping man and a blue bottom band. It is hard to get a sense of feel for this shaft. Can anyone tell me what flex and weight it is? The 3 iron has a "TT lite" shaft in R flex (green and black shaft sticker). I like the feel of this one. Searching the net for details, I find only "TT Lite XL". Can anyone tell me if TT lite is basically the same thing as TT Lite XL or what the difference is? Thanks
  8. Now that I am over 60, I "believe" (but of course my senses could be fooling me) that a regular flex suits me better than a stiff flex and feels softer at impact. I hit the ball quite high enough. I have a spare set of irons with DG S300 shafts that feel a bit like fence poles. I would like to try soft stepping them twice, myself. What difference do you think I might be able to feel ? How much difference will it make to trajectory? Thanks
  9. Re changing the swing weight of my Ping s58s: the dealer in Johannesburg said they change the insert in the tuning port and charge R250 per club. With freight there and back that is out of the question. So I dug out my old 1975 Wilson Dynapower irons, which are regular flex D4, and shot my best 9 holes in over a year. Why do I keep trying different irons? (we all know the answer to that!). Seems to me that if you can make half decent contact, what works for you is far more important than club age, cost, looks, GI, SGI, etc, etc.
  10. I have been struggling with consistency with my latest Ping s58 irons and find they are about C8. My old irons were about D2. I am not big or strong but feel that the D2 allowed me to sense the club head a bit better. Does that make sense? Can anyone tell me how to add weight to my Ping s58s? I am in South Africa so I have been unable to buy lead tape to try and doubt I will find someone to do them for me.
  11. If your 3 wood feels best at D5 then, with your strength, you should tape up your driver to D5 and try it. I don't think you should make any one club way different from the others but... all my sand wedges are about 3 points heavier than the rest of the sets. If you have an accurate scale you can get a fair estimate of swing weight at home using a table like the attached. sw.xls
  12. First of all thanks for the replies. It is pleasing to see how folks offer advice to a complete stranger. I recon I should work with my Ping S58s until I can pick up a used set of something like graphite shaft G25s. I might never find such a thing in South Africa - you guys in the USA are lucky you have such a huge market. On the question of feeling the club head: I read opposing view about its importance. I have never had much idea where it is. Maybe this is why I am so inconsistent. I could sort of feel the club head in my old regular steel shaft D3 swing weight irons but not in my newer graphite shaft C8 swing weight irons. I can feel a bad or good strike with the newer irons, but not what the club head is doing. Being in South Africa, sending my clubs to Ping for adjustment is out of the question. If I try lead taping my S58s to increase swing weight a bit and assuming it does help, does anyone know if I can add weight myself in the tuning port? (to make it look tidy)
  13. My first post and looking for some feedback on choosing a set of irons. I took up golf again a year ago at the age of 60, after a 35 year lay off. I am very slight, swing speed 95mph and my handicap is 17 but that will improve when I fix my short game (40 putts per round). Currently using Ping s58 with regular graphite shafts. I know they are not GI but I find them easy to use, longer and mishits are less painful than any other club I have tried. I have tried Ping eye 2 and eye 2+ with stiff steel shafts but timing seemed a lot more difficult. I like the s58 but there is no sand or lob wedge. I tried a g15 7iron and loved it but then there is no 2 or 3 iron (home town is called the windy city). Questions: Would I give up distance moving from s58 to say G20? Graphite shaft should be less tiring and less jarring on hands that are starting to get a bit arthritic? Graphite shaft might give me give me a little more distance over a steel shaft? Any idea how much on a 27 degree 5 iron? Seems to me I should just stick with my s58? Thanks
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