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  1. Good advice, Marv--thanks! And just for clarification, when I said "what was wrong with my swing," I realize that we all have our individual swing patterns, and what's right for one of us may not be right for another. But my issue was that I really didn't have any consistent pattern, and my instructor is helping me to refine that. So far the lessons have definitely been worth it. I'm confident that one day I'll be able to break 100, but I'm going to take it step by step. Right now I'll be thrilled the first time that I break 120!
  2. Scott in NC

    Hello from North Carolina

    Thanks, iacas. I just posted in the "Breaking 100" thread. Can't wait until the day when I finally do break 100! :)
  3. Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to the game, and never seriously got into golfing until this summer. Long story short, I had owned a set of garage sale clubs for over a decade that I'd occasionally putter around with on the local par 3 course, but playing was usually more of an afterthought on those rare occasions when the weather was nice and I didn't have other competing obligations or else anything better to do. Well that changed when my teenage son decided to join his school's golf team. The two of us are now out on the driving range or course every chance we get. I finally decided to spring for lessons, and my only complaint about them is why in the world I didn't start them a long time ago! :) I'm now learning everything that was wrong with my swing, and I'm hoping that that will translate to better scores on the course soon. Right now I'm mainly just playing on 9 hole, par 36 courses. My best score to date is (don't laugh, but if you do, I can take it) 61, but that was a phenomenal day when I actually birdied on a par 5, and my typical score is around 65. (Truth be known, it's really 65+, as I'll typically pick up if I reach double par, and I'll usually reach double par on around 3 of 9 holes.) I've read through this entire thread, and reading about everyone's progress has really encouraged me. I'm planning to keep working at it, and hopefully I'll be able to post a similar record of improvement! :)
  4. Scott in NC

    Hello from North Carolina

    Thanks! I'll definitely check out the "breaking 100 club" thread.
  5. Scott in NC

    Hello from North Carolina

    Thanks, Denny. I'll try to be as active as I can, but I'll need to get better before I'll have a whole lot that's useful to contribute. Plus right now I spend about 90% of my online time serving as an administrator for a forum related to my other big hobby, astronomy. Fortunately I know a bit more about that than I do about golf, lol.
  6. Scott in NC

    Hello from North Carolina

    Okay, I found an avatar pic--that of my favorite putter. Now I'll go back to lurking mode so that I can learn from all the valuable wisdom that you veteran golfers have to share. Thanks again for letting me join this great forum!
  7. Scott in NC

    Hello from North Carolina

    Thanks, guys. Now I just need to come up with a good avatar picture. Unfortunately, while I have plenty of pics related to other hobbies of mine, I've yet to take any good golf-related pics.
  8. Scott in NC

    Hello from North Carolina

    Hello everyone. I just started playing seriously a little less than a year ago. I found a heavily used set of cheap clubs at a yard sale well over a decade ago, and occasionally would putter around the local par 3 course with them (really no more than 2-3 times a year), but never started playing real courses regularly until fall 2016. My main motivation was that my teenage son plays on his school golf team, and I saw this as a sport that I've always enjoyed but never took seriously until recently, and I decided it would be worth it to develop my skills in a sport that the two of us could do together on weekends. So far we're both having a blast. My son has really outpaced me over the past year. Part of the reason is that he's grown considerably over the past year, but all the lessons that he's had have really helped him as well. So I decided that it was finally time for me to take some lessons as well, and I took my first lesson this past Friday. As I said, I'm really enjoying the game, but I have a long way to go. I keep score every round, and use my score as a way to judge my improvement. But so far I still score so poorly that I don't qualify for an official handicap. Don't laugh, but I play to a maximum of double-par on each hole before quitting (so as to not slow the game down too much), and I'm lucky if I don't max out on 1/3 of the holes during a typical round. But I'm really inconsistent. A few weekends ago I actually achieved a birdie on a short par 5 hole. Now if I could do that even half the time, I'd be set. I don't have very lofty goals at present, but I'd be happy if I could break 100 by next summer. I'll keep up the lessons and keep working at it!

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