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  1. Golf Outlets USA-shame!

    The print, which ID's the flex, the make, etc which is on the front of the shaft, is on the back. No biggie, it won't change the swing, but just sloppy work in assembly. Perhaps I should have used "on the back side of the shaft." (see pix to the left)
  2. Golf Outlets USA-shame!

    ...and so this adventure is about to end. To recap. I purchased a set of hybrids from the website of Golf Outlets USA. As it turns out, yes it was a mistake. However, Dick...i mean Gerald ...LISTEN UP>>>>they declined to answer my e-mails after the refund....LISTEN DICK>>>>>that is how thy do business...I found reviews on the internet of this action with other customers. DICK! I filed a complaint with the BBB of California. Communication opened and after negotiations they sent me a FREE hybrid. DICK!!!! FREE!!!!!!!!! Better than 1 cent! Now get this-the freakin shaft was put on backwards! I now have a new towel rack! Meanwhile at Sports Authority I pickued up a killer 5 wood....I think it's the one Elin used!
  3. Golf Outlets USA-shame!

    Who's to say it wasn't some super closeout deal or slightly damaged goods? It was a posted ad on their website! Again, the order was approved and a receipt was issued and sent to the warehouse for shipping, where it was stopped! I have no doubt that the ad was human error. The sale should have been honored. In my former business, you make mistake in an ad you "swallowed" the loss or make a counter offer. They didn't-they cancelled the order and made no further contact. My intent here is to alert you folks to this matter... By the way thanks for your support! May you double bogey your next hole. Gee, Daddy I wish i could afford Titleist sticks, too!
  4. Golf Outlets USA-shame!

    I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission as well the California Better Business Bureau. At this point, I'm not looking for clubs, but a simple apology-which I don' think I'll get in either situation. I feel I uncovered a distrustful group and am spreading the word via forums and word of mouth. If I cost the Golf Outlets USA one customer-I'm happy. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Golf Outlets USA-shame!

    Thank you Ernest...mighty nice of you. This drama is slowly fading from me...it's was just messing my head!
  6. Golf Outlets USA-shame!

    Who's to say it was a mistake? Golf Outlet's USA had and still has the opportunity to apologize saying it was a mistake. They never answered my e-mails. I wouldn't bad mouth them if they admitted it was an error. Total cold shoulder on the whole issue.
  7. Golf Outlets USA-shame!

    I still have the e-mailed receipt. However, Golf Outlets USA quickly changed their online ad after I contacted them which went unanswered. As did all followup e-mails, I have thought about filing a small claims suit, but decided really not to bother...I don't really need the clubs, it was just too good pass up. Thanks for your info. I have reconsidered ordering online and will probably to do again in the far future. I have my clubs and they work for me. I was going to donate that hybrid set to my men's golf club for a raffle at an upcoming charity event. Oh well. Hireco online store, looks real good. A bit more $$$$ for clubs, but I'm sure they're better quality than Golf Outlets USA which quality was not on the top of their list. The three clubs I bought in the past--the 15* Hybrid had glue sediment on the bottom of the shaft, and the 7W- the head had small dings. Their grips started to wear after first use on both. FOLLOW UP after posting. Had a cup of java, and thought about your legal suggestion.....I don't really want to take those dishonest bas*ards to court-besides if i do win, they'd probably give me some banged up crap set. I got their number, and spread it across the internet on this and other sites. Soon enough it pop on search engines and hopefully cost them a customer or two. Makes me happy to think that.
  8. Golf Outlets USA-shame!

    Agreed. A guy in my foursome says Hireko is very good and trustworthy. He says their clubs are of better quality by far. Guess I dipped my toe in the wrong waters one too any times. Thanks for your input.
  9. Golf Outlets USA-shame!

    Thanks, I'll check them out. I felt in the few items I purchased from Golf Outlets USA, that their quality wasn't job one. Price was cheap, though.."yer get what yer pay for !" I'll stick to named items and pay a bit more!
  10. I don't know if anyone here has experienced buying online from Golf Outlets USA in California. I have purchased some clubs and a bag from them in the past and they were okay Nothing to write home about. Recently, I discovered a set of Hybrids for a penny, plus s/h mind you. Too good to be true, but I ordered a set of four for a total cost of $7.03. Cool. Got e-mail I was approved so I sat down and waited for the mailperson. Next day comes the e-mail that I hadn't ordered fifty bucks of stuff to qualify for this offer. I respond, with an attachment of their online ad, that there is no such mention of any "catch 22." Their ad should be honored. A few hours later I notice their ad and changed to a now $18.99 per club. Guess I proved my case! Ever read George Orwell's 1984??? I suddenly became an "non-person." No answer to my e-mails, total lockout! So my friends, beware of those Golf Outlets USA dudes. I'm done with online golf shopping.
  11. 60* SW same as 60* LW

    Thank you all....I have played with a 60 LW and a 60 SW and yes there is more roll to the SW. I am an educated man that to you all.
  12. Is a 60 degree SW the same as a 60 degree LW? Thanks.
  13. Really Disappointed

    My beloved Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers of my youth proudly had a Made In the USA icon...recently I noticed they no longer wear such a mark....such is the changing tides. I remember when a Made In Japan car was considered cheap and a piece of junk....man, wish my brother in law was alive to see what happened there! My Spalding iron were made in the USA, and my Top Flites have a Made in China sticker...yet, they both hit the ball the same. Being retired, $$$ play an issue on my golf purchases. not that I have many.....balls, gloves, tee's mainly. But one thing to consider...yes stuff is made over the great waters....but where did you make your purchase? In the good ole' USA. Salespeople are working....keep buying in the USA! My 2 cents.
  14. Am I misguided carrying a 3 iron?

    Gotta throw my 2 cents in... I carry a 3 and 4 iron, as well as a 5 wood and a 2 iron. My golf mates question why so many long clubs, as the 5 wood would be fine alone. Frankly, I hardly use the or 2 or 3 iron....but it's just a crutch...I hate taking out stuff--I MIGHT NEED IT! Now, lets not get into the 3 wood and driver issues.....
  15. Reason for multiple putters?

    Well, for me when I purchased a used set of irons, the buyer included the Simmons. It was banged up for being used and struck in the bag. I used it for a while then was given the Ram as a gift. The Ram and the Simmons were both blade type and both excellent putters. A fellow golfer, has a brass putter and I tried it and was taken by the slim size and historic status of such. So I bought one. It took a while to get use to the Augusta putter. Putt count went up but it's finally coming down after I put a line where the small sweet spot is located. I use the Simmons when I need a change to my toys. The Ram my wife uses when she wants to try golf again, and again. (Her set up is a 9 iron, and the putter--but thats another story for another time.)