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  1. do you have or can you recommend any youtube channels with good stretches or exercsies to accompany your thread(s)?
  2. I'm 30 and have lower back stiffness (moderate, but enough to notice the difference from say 5 years ago). I'm going to give these stretches a try to loosen up. Got any golf related core strengthening exercise recommendations?
  3. I agree.... my mechanics are to blame much more than my composure, as is the case with the majority of us. If you read my comment in context of the previous comments, you'll see I wasn't claiming composure>physical at all.
  4. Yes. Composure. That's what the poll was suggesting in my opinion. Not knowledge or strategy
  5. The only thing separating me from scoring 95+ or 85 is my ball striking consistency. I proved that in my last outing when I scored a 42 on the back 9, thanks to a series of great drives and 2nd shots... my short game was average (for me) that day. My drives weren't consistent in the front 9, and I scored a 48. Everyone's different. but I've come around to the long game > short game concept (as long as your short game isn't pathetic)
  6. I expected to see a thread to help my golf game, and instead I got a headache...
  7. 2 bucks each? I need to start shopping at Goodwill
  8. 25+ Handicap 1 - 15 chip 2 - middle 3 - downhill 4 - into 5 - soft 6 i 6 - driver 7 - spinner 8 - in 9 - when a group behind us is waiting for me to tee off...
  9. just to verify that my 310 yard drive wasn't a tall tale, I went to google maps and measured distance from the tee to where it ended up. It infact was 303 yards (+/-). Not a lot of roll due to the rough I was in. The tee box was probably 10 feet higher in elevation than where it landed. So that helped too. Either way. I'll take it! I don't want to get too caught up in drive distance, because there are soo may other more important aspects to the game, but that was my shot of the day and I always wondered if I could reach 300 yards, lol.
  10. Another interesting thing is my old clubs were shortened, which I forgot about. To compensate, I was unconsciously bending my back slightly. The new clubs are the right length but I first thought they were too long because I had bad posture and the clubs weren't lying flat on the ground at address... I was watching a video on YouTube and realized the clubs weren't the issue, it was my posture! This round I consciously corrected my posture and I struck the ball well. Side bonus, each club hit father than my last set, due to a number of factors, one of which is the longer club length than I was used to... I couldn't believe I could hit a 9 iron 140! Lol
  11. Everyone's different, and my experience is a small sample size, but it seemed like I was overswinging the regular shaft. f I underswing the stiff shaft it tends to pull, which makes sense if u think about the shafts kick point being calibrated for a certain swing speed. It's almost like the harder I swing, the better it responds (stiff flex). For control purposes I don't go all out though of course. For what it's worth, I actually bought a regular and sold it for that reason! Email al at cape cod golf for a fantastic clearance price. That's where I got mine
  12. Tell me if this makes sense... I hit a regular shaft cobra f7 driver with a hard but not erratic swing (say 90%) i and was slicing it consistently - occasionally it went straight. If I backed off to say 75%, it was more predictable but still missed fairways. Fast forward to today. I used a f7 STIFF this time. I was able to consistently crush it down the middle or slightly in rough. One drive went 310!! I never did that before... however I never hit a stiff driver before Did the stiff shaft actually fix my problems? Or did I just have a good day?? For what it's worth, I shot a 90 with a 42 on the back 9! With a handful of mulligans. This was my first time out with my brand new clubs too! So distances were a little off. I'm very encouraged, but I want to temper expectations cuz it could have just been a good day. Anyway, the stiff clubs seem like a great fit for me! Thoughts? See above. I forgot to quote you!
  13. I chip wiffle balls around the finished basement sometimes, but I don't have a place to do a full swing. maybe i'll bring the clubs upstairs and try to chip them into the sink or the baby's play pen or something, lol. I putt to my son while he's crawling around so he can pick them up and play with them and (maybe) throw them back, which is fun haha. I'll keep reading - thanks!
  14. Thanks haha. Yeah I'm already more accurate with this driver than I was my last - but my last driver was terrible, lol. Do you think winter lessons are worth it, considering I won't be able to get out to play much in the winter to train muscle memory for the mechanics the instructor teaches me?
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