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  1. That is exactly how my father was. I know nothing about these, but I know who he was and he usually bought the best stuff he could afford, but also hoarded some things. I might not have COA in hand for everything, but knowing who he was, I wouldn't doubt the authenticity of any of it. The big items I will hold onto for sure until I can get them appraised properly the next time I make it to Denver or Cleveland (not often living in a remote area of Wyoming). Values being all over the map confused me. One place it might be $450, another it might be $20. Gah! ? I remember as a little kid he had these old wooden clubs in the shed. Us, being little kids, would hit dirt clods with them in the back yard. No clue what they were, but I probably desecrated a beautiful antique worth a fortune nowadays. I'm sure our kids will have memories like that someday too.
  2. They are very neat. I'm especially keen on the Arch and Heavy Colonel balls. I'll probably keep them. I'm a old coin collector, so I can appreciate them, but I could also use a new prep table for my restaurant and some parts for my plane. I never even knew my dad collected such things. Wish he was here to fill me in on them. Somewhere amongst these boxes I guess there are two balls autographed by Payne Stewart. The COA were in the envelope with the Arnold Palmer one. Cheers!
  3. Ok, then that explains this, which was in the same box as the balls.
  4. Really? I know he's a legend. It does look like it. I am terrible at reading signatures. Thanks brother and props on the username! Haven't listened to him in a minute.
  5. Got a bunch more, but here are two autographed balls. I'm thinking Tiger Woods and no clue on the other. Any opinions on these? Thanks!
  6. D&M Owl Mesh, 1902 Spalding Witchy, Heavy Colonel (looks like the moon!). Sorry these posts are funky. I'm having issues posting pics with my phone.
  7. Cheal Strensall The Minister, Spalding White, Slazenger Bramble 11-99 Do&M Owl Mesh, 1902 Spalding Witchy, Heavy Colonel http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v107/AKGuitarist/IMG_20170919_161051156.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v107/AKGuitarist/IMG_20170919_161059066.jpg
  8. Thank you, Vinsk! I took them out of their cases (I hope that was ok!) to get clearer pics. Here are just the ones mentioned. The Colonel, Spalding Bramble and Arch Colonel.
  9. Hey everyone, my name is Ben and I'll be honest, I'm not a golfer (my 3 year old beats me at Putt-Putt). However, when my father died I found several big Rubbermaid tubs of golf memorabilia. I know nothing about it and a lot of what information I can find without knowing the entire history of golf seems very conflicting. I have kind of a bit of everything, from balls in display cases to signed pictures and enough Tiger Woods cards to open a store (didn't see any rookie cards, I knew enough to check for that). I was hoping someone here could shed a little light on what I have and if it's worth hanging onto, selling seriously online or just throwing it in at our next garage sale. The most interesting ones to me are the dozens of haggard old golf balls (some have early 1900s dates on the labels) in BCW style cases and two autographed balls (one I can't be sure of the name, but the other I'm pretty sure is Tiger Woods). Some names on the balls are: Arch Colonel (this one looks really cool with the little moons on it) Spalding Bramble The Colonel Slazenger Bramble 11-99 Spalding White Cheal Strensall The Minister Heavy Colonel 1902 Spalding Witchy Owl Mesh A bunch more that appear older than the hills. Thanks for your time! I appreciate it!
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