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  1. Now if I could just get a hole in one...while someone's watching...preferably being recorded....
  2. Oh okay didnt know. When I first got.the awards I was told.I needed more info so I didn't think I got it. So I added more info. I'm going back out to try to break into the 60s today. Doubt it happens tho dammit lol
  3. I've broke 90 and 80 today. On a par 71 course I played 18 and shot 73. I have the pic of scorecard. Best round I've ever played truthfully
  4. Got urs done trying to load pic, if I can't I may need ur email so u can criticize it the lighting is too bright it looks different in person Back side. Like I said I'd need ur dads name for his
  5. Ill get on it buddy once finished I'll pm.u and get ur address Your marker is in the mail as of two days ago should arrive soon
  6. I was reading today that clip towels are now considered lame. Am I just late to the party? When did this happen? Anybody here quit using them? If so why? And what we supposed to use now? Smaller towels and just lay them across the bag in between clubs? What the hell happened that made clip towels lame?
  7. Hey Marv its done if u email me ur address I can mail it Back side has my gm custom logo and it says for Marv if thats alright
  8. I try to play at least 2 to 4 times a week until I'm broke. Luckily I'm not yet. Got me a 9 o'clock tee time in morning! Yeeeeah. Gonna play my new clubs and my friend got a new set also so we are Gonna go break them in, for skins, so while I break in my clubs, I'm breaking my buddy's bank account! WOO! So often. Does everyone else try to get a round in?
  9. I'm the kind of.golfer thats surprised Taylormade hasn't sponsored me and decked me out in all new gear. If that Paige chick can get on PXG I should at least get a M1 and a set of p790s lol
  10. Something like this but on the coin marker with the letters engraved? And do u want red letters or what?
  11. Can u maybe sketch out your idea and pm it to me or email it either way, that sounds like military stuff and if I'm going to make a military related one I dont want to mess it up cuz I have huge amount of respect for our military
  12. I dont know where to ask so this seems like maybe a right place? For.the five minutes daily practice award it says that u have to post it in the proper thread. I dont know where that thread is, can someone help?
  13. Really I had the metal x milled blade and just got the new midmallet and I heard all.this shit about how the mallets are.great for.distance putting so I used it on the 8 footer. Truthfully I'm trying to decide on keeping the blade or not and so I used it next hole just so see the difference in feel.and if I really wanna sell it or keep it. Just testing feel really. I'll prob sell it now lol
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