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  1. Hello from an okie

    Lol no not muskogee, but I do wish I lived in that part Of our state, waaay nicer courses
  2. Claim Your Achievements Here!

    Appreciate it. And yeah, I broke par, I been playing about 4 times a week this summer,y handicap has dropped from a 17 to an 11 this summer. I won't take all ur time telling u the whole story but I've played since I was 9, in high school was en route, and being scouted by OU for a golf scholarship. Got into it with the coach so.he sidelined me and kept me out of the top tournaments so I got mad and quit the Team. Dumb teenager. After that I moved and quit playing for bout 6 years, got into a wreck that nearly killed me, well did.kill me. Ended up in a coma. Got out of it, rehabbed it, ended up with severe PTSD and anxiety problems. Enter: my beloved sport. Got back into it. On the course is the only time I feel okay, not freaking out. No anxiety. Just clear headed. So I play as much as possible now. I'm working my Handicap back down to single digits. I.understand if u dont believe I broke par cuz I'm.an 11. You dont have to. I was there. I know I did. But thank you for the achievement medals. Sincerely
  3. Fitting question

    Not a bad idea. I have some impact stickers on their way in the mail, when they get here I'll try that out, thanks!
  4. Claim Your Achievements Here!

    Here's the trophy from tourney, and as for the par it was this summer at crystal beach golf course here in town, its a par 70 course shot 36 thr first nine and on last shot 33, had 2 birdies, one on par 3 17th hole the other on a par 4 10th. Lol I'm not like trying to get all the achievements or whatever but I figured I have done them might as well share, I.hope the pic of my trophy is enough, if not thats fine no biggy. Its sitting on my mantle I dont like absolutely need the trophy on here, though it'd be cool
  5. Hello from an okie

    Hey hello from Oklahoma, I'm new. Joined yesterday or the day before. Already made a couple threads. Had questions. I really dig this site dont know how I hadn't ever ran across it. Anyway just saying hey.
  6. Claim Your Achievements Here!

    So do we videothis stuff or is it things weve achieved in the past? If its the latter then I've broke 100, 90, and 80, got numerous birdies under my belt and two eagles, I don't know how to show you proof though considering those score cards are long gone. I've broken par, and won a tournament, that one I can prove got the trophy, it was earlier this year I'd have to go back on my calendar and find thr date. No hole in one though, came within 4 ft once but didnt roll in. Bout shed tears over that one.
  7. Fitting question

    Okay, I feel a little better now. Thanks for the info guys. Saved me a little worry
  8. Club preference

    I just didnt get it. I have a. Odyssey metal x milled 1 that I love and works great for me and I have an odyssey white hot rossie, that I also love the feel, balance, weight, and the way it plays. I got them both for about 200, 200 for both clubs, their used, except that the metal x is in mint condition, but 200 for two good clubs I get, 350 for a putter....it better guarantee that u jar it from 90 ft before I pay that much. But thats my opinion. I just didnt know if they're was something amazing or mystical about these that I was unaware of for that price
  9. Club preference

    Hey here's another question I been thinking about. Now I've never used one hence my ignorance on the subject, but since most Scotty's are custom done titleist putters, why are they so high? Do they putt better than the normal titleist would? Or is the price because he has customized the look and added stones or maybe miller the face, whatever. What's the big deal with the Scotty?
  10. Fitting question

    Really? Well I feel dumb, I have always thought that the dot system was for the shaft length
  11. Fitting question

    Oh yeah that makes sense better to just see a fitter. They feel the right length so hopefully the only change needed would be the lie. If something length wise needed changing u reckon I could use my same shafts or would I have to change? I love the shafts I have
  12. Bag thoughts.

    I'm new so u dont gotta pay ATTN to me.but I have always used stand bags, my latest a callaway warbird, liked it but I'm usually in a cart so I moved to a Taylormade Catalina bag and I love it, bigger than a stand but smaller than your normal cart bags. I will prob use this one till it comes undone. Plenty of room, it separates each club so.they dont knock and it has a cooler pocket that can hold 4 12 oz bottles of water, and two handles to make carrying easier. Just my 2 cents
  13. Fitting question

    Hey I'm new so if this has been asked just point me to the thread. I played ping white dots forever, and played them very well, until a friend said the white dots were too long. I recently bought a set of TM tour burners graphite shaft. Same length. What I want to know is there a way to measure or check myself to see if they're too long. Like set up to swing, and leave the club against something and check to make sure face is laying correct? If not and I go to have a fitter check them for me, and they need adjustment, can I have them fit and keep the shafts on them now, cuz I love these shafts.