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  1. SupaR6

    Breaking Driver Shaft at Hosel (3 in 1 Week)

    I had the same problem last year. My drive was always straight. solid and I take an easy swing to hit 200-220. Low irons I did well but struggled a bit with high irons. Then, one day after taking a week off from several 18 holes the previous week, I went over to my local 18 hole at Riverside and on the 1st hole I did what I normally do, nice and easy but this time when I came through my swing (which felt good) I noticed that despite feeling a good "ping", I had the head fly down about 20 yards and ball about 30. There went my new Callaway Big Bertha. I thought it was damaged for the same reason so... on to trying another. So, I grab my semi-new Ping G. Take another easy swing (at this point, people are watching) and "ping"... broke again, except this time the head was still hanging on by a thread of graphite. Third attempt (I'm determined to break them all, I guess), I grab my other new Callaway, an XR16, take an easy swing and break that at the hosel as well sending that head 40 years down field and ball 10 yards further. I took that one. Now, I'm pissed because I know it's me but don't know "why". Three drivers, purchased at three different locations. Next hole, I take my remaining Callway Razr X Black Widow and hit a nice straight ball down the fairway. But, at this point, I'm spooked. I can't lose $1-1200 (easily) in drivers because I've become a stubborn bad golfer. So, for the remainder of the year, I spent the entire time using mostly irons only. For whatever reason, no matter how much time I spent at the range or on technique I couldn't hit my driver properly and kept sticking it out there hitting the hosel, despite feeling like I was pulling it left. I just lost my drive. The good news is I got MUCH better with my low irons and can pop a high back roll up on most greens from 50-100 (putting, a different story). This year during our first outing I hit all my drivers well and didn't feel any of the issues I had the previous. My best recommendation, don't over practice. Don't over hit. Take a break until you've forgotten about the previous issues with driving and focus on your irons. It'll come back. I would recommend the Callaway Razr-X Black Widow though. It hits nice and straight and it's cheap. Breaking a $50 driver is SO much easier than one which is $5-900 (or more). Best of luck! BTW, you can view all three of my broken heads and shafts in my profile pic. 😐
  2. SupaR6

    Why am I breaking driver shafts at hosel?!

    Honestly, I feel like I'm hitting a little of everything. When at the range off mats, I tend to graze the bottom which I can tell from the feedback of the rubber tee's. When on the course/grass, I tend to top the ball. I have noticed my heel shots as the ball direction is unmistakable. Off to the left, sharp and extremely short and low. I hit far better shots with my Hybrids than almost any club. Then my wedges, then irons. Driver, the least well. I think I'm trying too many setup and swing techniques almost trying too many corrections. I over pivot a bit and struggle with stable feet tending to come up on the ball of my left foot. I played baseball for nearly 14 years so I'm trying to keep from feeling like I'm stepping (or want to step). So, my next real question... is it worth it to try and replace the shafts if the manufacturer ignores me? I never really hit the GBB as I'd just bought it. The XR16 definitely felt the best, went the longest and gave me the most confidence. The Ping G SFT, I also didn't hit more than a few times but I enjoyed it. I'll try and post some pics of the leftovers and driver murder scene. "Driver-homicide" is going to be my new nickname. Thanks Lihu!
  3. SupaR6

    Why am I breaking driver shafts at hosel?!

    Yeah, I'm going to grab some Scholls on my way to the range this morning and get to spraying. I appreciate that feedback. I'd definitely consider lessons and they're in my plan for the immediate. I've honestly just struggled a bit finding a good teacher that isn't booked through the end of the year but I know it's needed. I'm also building out a practice area in my garage and trying to decide on a practice SIM. Something that is actually useful for improving my game and maybe a side game for those days we can't play. Something not $20k but $5k and under.
  4. SupaR6

    Why am I breaking driver shafts at hosel?!

    Yeah Satch, I don't get too frustrated either, mostly because I've only been playing a few months so I expect that I'll suck but I'm also seeing rewards from lots of practice and drill based instruction. I also just pick up my high loft wedges and slow down when I can't hit a long club. I could personally accept hitting hotels three times in a row (almost) breaking three expensive clubs but the first driver I've ever owned, my Callaway Razr X Black, was my abuse club. It's what I learned my swing on at the range, struck ground, hosel, air and just about everything else. It's also the only driver I still have alive. Lol. It's taken abuse from three relatively new golfers and lots of it. Yeah Lihu, I agree, just wish I knew which of those it was so I could work on that part and feel comfortable buying something new as I really want a controlled drive. I think tensing my back and downswing, feel to me, like they need work. I went and hit off a GCQ yesterday and it showed me more that I just need consistency. A Skytrack and/or some kind of SIM that shows club/ball data may be in my near future. At least, before a $500 driver.
  5. SupaR6

    Why am I breaking driver shafts at hosel?!

    Stock shafts Club. At least on the GBB and XR16. I'm unsure about the Ping G SFT but I'm pretty sure it was stock as well. I'll snap a pic but I know the XR16 had a Speeder Evo 565, stiff just from shopping replacements. Buckeye, I could totally see abuse occurring in the GBB as I bought it used from Edwin Watts but the XR16 was new and wasn't my range rat. Still, all three? The odds seem to in someway, be more directed at me.
  6. SupaR6

    Why am I breaking driver shafts at hosel?!

    I'll definitely try that as both were purchased from the same seller, who is a PGA certified reseller. I appreciate the advise on this front as I almost refuse to spend another $3-400 to save these guys. I do have my OG Razr X Black and Aeroburner ti fallback on. If I'm striking at the shaft/hosel side, I'd guess I may reproduce that in my Aeroburner since the shaft is so damn long.
  7. SupaR6

    Why am I breaking driver shafts at hosel?!

    Honestly iacas, I'm not 100% sure. I'm acutely aware of my tendency to top the ball but I'd probably have trouble determining if I'm hitting so poorly that I'm even close to touching the shaft with the ball. I went through a time period a few months ago where I was learning swing fundamentals in grip and swing plane and I could easily be found guilty of hitting dirt/turf entirely before the ball. But for the issues I encountered yesterday, the strike on the ball where I broke my Ping G SF, then right after my GBB felt so good. The feedback had told me I hit it perfect and should expect to be a nice distance. Normally, I can tell when a hit is thin or thick or on the heel/toe. That said, I'm searching for feedback so I'm obviously not extremely confident in my issues. I've been into disc golf since I was a kid, mocking stick golf. Now, I find my mockery as kid as ignorance as I've never enjoyed (or spent the $$$) a sport more. billchao - that's what worries me. If it's as simple as I'm nailing the hosel area of the shaft in my strike vs the ball, I can make efforts to fix or be very aware of that. However, if it's my swing, I've got to tread cautiously as I'm already out about $1k in drivers thus far and it'd be nice to keep one longer than a few months. I need proper lessons, but here in DFW, it's feast or famine. Most of the coaches with good accolades and who operate at a range/course somewhat nearby are booked 3-6 months out. I'm afraid of getting used to my bad swing and having to spend a ton of time fixing something that becomes natural. Yeah mcanadiens, it was rouch out there yesterday. This all happened on Hole 1. While my buddies were all eager to help by offering up their drivers (heavy sarcasm), I wasn't too keen on breaking a friends club. I ended up playing the remaining 17 with my hybrids and G Max 4 iron. It's actually a bit crazy how far you can hit those Ping G Max irons, which I use for lower lofted irons (2-5) and G's/M2's for the higher end. Actually, I have left them in my 4Runner a for a few really hot days this summer, which can get 99-102 in general temp during the day. Who knows how hot in my truck. But, it's not been consistently nor has it been frequent. Mostly because I'm worried about someone breaking in my car at night and stealing what they can. I live in a good area but kids are kids and money is money. I'd bet out of 60 days, I've had them in my trunk area for 5 of those days. Maybe 10. Doe this heat up epoxy or brittle the plastic?
  8. Hey all, new to the forum and relatively new to golf as well so thanks in advance for any replies/advise. Several friends and I decided within the last few months we'd take up the sport inline with disc golf, giving us a lot of options for outdoor activities here in TX. I wanted to preface my next statement with just how new we are to golf but also that we aren't as bad as I would've expected and we practice, a LOT. We play 18 holes once a week and 4 times at the range, specifically off grass (vs mat) and we have experienced (almost scratch) golfers playing with us about once a week. I personally got bit by the "I must try various clubs to see how they hit" bug. So, I have a bit of an investment in a range of forgiveness clubs, all a bit pricey. Recently, I've somehow broken three driver shafts, almost all at the hosel, on pretty good swings. Or so I thought. All of these have happened at on the course. All of them right off the tee. What seems to happen is I tee up, go for a nice gentle backswing and controlled follow through and what feels like a good strike, just to look down at my club head dangling off the shaft, still attached by strings of graphite/shaft. None of the drivers involved had touched the ground, which was easily detectable by the fact the tee was almost untouched and ground undisturbed. The three drivers in question were a Callaway XR16, Callaway GBB (2016) and a Ping G SF Tech. One was broke last week at the range off grass and two in a row (literally) at the course, again, none hit the ground. Is it possibly my swing on the follow through? Could topping the ball with a certain swing be my issue? My club head speed tested ranged between 100 and 110. I could believe a small fracture in the shaft from transporting the clubs around but one of the drivers (GBB) I just bought that afternoon and was transported separate in my backseat with nothing near it. I appreciate any feedback and if someone has encountered this because everyone at the course that day said they hadn't seen anything like it. I definitely need to work on my swing and many other things, so if that *could* be the cause, without smashing the ground (or even touching), I'll stop buying drivers and use an old G5 I picked up for nothing until it's better. But, needless to say, I'm a bit timid on heading to my local PGA Store and buying a new GBB Epic, Ping G400 or M1/M2 if I'm going to break it. As a side note, I have an older Callaway Rawr X Black that was my first purchase and hasn't had a single issue. It's also been swung the most and was bought very used. Thanks all!

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