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  1. Driving Range Etiquette

    Only two things that bother me at the driving range. Hitting too many balls and hitting range balls that are so wore out that they fly a cork screws trajectory. I live in a beach community. A lot of people practice hitting, and actually play 18 holes barefoot. One of the regular's was an old surfing pro. He plays scratch golf barefoot, but always wears nice golf attire.
  2. Non-Instructional Golf Books

    'The Forbidden Game' by Dan Washburn My father-in-law recommended this book to me because the author is a distant relative. I started reading it and couldn't put it down. It shows how golf effected the lives of the Chinese as it proliferated China. Dan was and probably still is a writer for Sports Illustrated. He was sent to China to cover Tiger playing he first event there. He ventured off of the course and into a near by village and that's where the real story began. He follow the lives of these real people, villagers, course construction workers, and up and coming Chinese .....never before, Golf Pros. Did I mention that Golf is illegal in China! The book follows the lives of a number of people and spans over 15 years. Great book. Well written. Memorable.
  3. Well... The date didn't exactly go as planned. First of all, I purchased this club as pictured from 3Balls .com. What showed up was an older Karsten fairway wood with an all metal bottom. Not an ISI hybrid model. I returned the club to them, and was refunded the full amount. Soon after, I found one on Ebay. I received it a little over a week ago. I took it to the range, but the old magic just wasn't there. Another $40. club to add to my club boneyard. It did show me how much better I have it with my current Diablo.....3W.
  4. When your son out drives you.

    Just as an update, I've played a round with my son every weekend for the past 4 weeks. He's really improving. He out drove me on a few holes today. It's a long course, 6450 yds. The long holes used to be a problem for him. Now he's driver, 3 wood, sand wedge to the green on the par 5's. He parred a par 4 and a par 5. One OB snowman. He's getting frustrated with himself now when he makes a bad shot. I think that's a good thing. Golf offers a lot of life lessons. He's thinking about trying out for the high school golf team. I'm not pushing him. It will be his decision.
  5. I have a habit of rotating my fairway woods. Once I throw down the bucks for a driver, it stays put for at least 5 years. My irons (MP-14), over 20 years now. My putter changed from a Ping B-60 (20 years) to an Odyssey Marksman (past 10 years). Still have the B-60. My wedge is Cleveland Tour Action 56 deg that I've had for over 30 years. I've killed a rattlesnake with it. The fairway woods are like old girlfriends, you think about them once in a while, but the memory fades. There is always that one that seem to stick in your mind the longest. Mine was a Ping ISI 3- wood with a regular flex steel shaft. So I searched and searched without my wife knowing, and set a date ( 1 week shipping) to get reacquainted with my old friend:) Diablo move over..... Here's a picture. After all these years, I don't look that good either.
  6. When your son out drives you.

    His coach worked with him on his driver this week. He was drilling them out to the back fence at the range. We'll see how that translates on to the course today?
  7. 7-8 degrees upright?

    Thanks' for the tip. I took a look at their fitting process. It's very thorough. After all that precision fitting and club building, I'd still end up with a blade. Their cavity back irons are more than likely cast like everyone else. My custom club builder Bill Orr had an off brand of forged cavity backed irons that he could comfortably bend upright 6 degrees. I had him build my dad a set. I've played with them, but they are regular flex Dynamic Gold shafts, so I wasn't as accurate with them as my MP14's with 6.0 Rifle shafts. Exact same length and lie as mine. Who knows, maybe some day I'll be playing my dads?
  8. When your son out drives you.

    My son is in a major growing spurt right now. His body is growing faster than his maturity level. He sliced a few balls on to the opposing fairway. I wanted him to understand that players on the opposing fairway are hitting into him. He needs to stand behind a tree for protection from getting a ball in the face. Also to practice good golf etiquette by not distracting or impeding the play of the players on their hole. "Wait till they hit, then walk out and hit your ball back onto your own fairway, and not at them." Didn't bust my son's chops about anything else, just let him swing away. Proud for sure. My dad didn't take up golf till he was near retired, so I've always out drove him. In his late 80's my dad could probably still play, but he has balance issues.
  9. When your son out drives you.

    I've played a few rounds with my dad and my son. Special times for sure. My dad still has his golf cart with his higher performance speed pedal, but he's in his late 80's and beyond his golfing days.
  10. Being tall an advantage?

    It's too late. If I ever shaved my head, people would call me Frankenstein. Those older garage doors used to get me all the time. Thank goodness for roll-up garage doors:)
  11. When your son out drives you.

    I started my son playing golf when he was 4 yrs old. Now he's 14 and 5'10. He's play'd in a youth program, local youth tournaments, and summer camps up till 2 years ago. He had been playing club travel basketball for the past 2 years. He wanted to start playing again, but he'd grown out of his junior clubs. So I bought him a used set of Callaway X-18 iron and some Callaway woods. We started going to the range a couple of weeks ago. He's had one lesson with his long time youth golf coach. He's hitting a nice draw, but just raw potential. We played a twilight round yesterday, and he surprised me. He realized all the sudden how much power he has with a driver in his hands. He started slicing his drives but keeping them in play. He even out drove me on a few holes. He was hitting greens, but his putting was all over the place. We came to a 170 yd par 3 that's over a deep ravine. He walks up to the tee, drops his ball and hits and 8 iron. He hit it pin high 10' right of the pin. I hit 7 iron short of the green, and bogied the hole. He par it:) It's so much funner for both of us playing golf together vs. watching him play basketball and me yelling at him.
  12. Being tall an advantage?

    I'm 6'7. Walking into a golf shop, looking at all those nice new irons and knowing that you'll never be able to play most of them really sucks. You can only look at the best forged irons. So Mitzuno blades (which I have), or a muscle back modified blade. That's it! 6 degrees upright puts tall guys in no mans land. Super upright swing too. Hitting a draw is pretty hard. High fade is my shot. I've got over 35 years of dealing with it. I would say long heavy arms don't help anything. Let's not even get into size 15 shoe designs on the clearance rack:) I can hit long balls, but it's always been awkward to hit my short irons a solid distance. I tend to play a 3/4 swing for accuracy. Hit my head on the roof of the golf carts all the time.
  13. 7-8 degrees upright?

    Thanks Buckeye. I'm sure I've slowed a bit, and I need to just play the rust off my game. I did check the lies on my MP14 irons and they off by 2 to 3 degrees. It's been probably 6 or 7 years since I checked them. I'm going to do a lie swing test on to see where I actually should be, then have them adjusted. I searched online and it looks like the Mitzuno's are about my only option for a 6 degree upright lie. BTW, I always have a buckeye on my desk that my father in law gave me. He was a Buckeye as well.
  14. 7-8 degrees upright?

    Newbie to the forum here. I'm 6'7 and 54 yrs old. I've been playing since I was about 7 yrs old. I lived on a golf course growing up, so lots of playing time. I've had periods where I didn't play for maybe 5 years on and off. Lately, being one of those periods. My son is 14 and 5'10, and hits a perfect little draw every time he swings. He's decided he's done with basketball (for now?) and wants to get back into golf. So I dusted my bags off, and we've been hitting the range together. My son's long time golf coach says that he could make the JV golf team right now. I started him when he was 4 yrs old. We'll be playing a twilight 18 (maybe) tomorrow afternoon. For me being so tall has it's draw backs. No off the shelf irons being one of them. I have friends who were golf touring pros and caddies who have given me advice about club fitting for very tall guys. None of them are over 6' though. My neighbor worked for a golf & tennis club manufacturer. He said they could make me some graphite shaft clubs that would be 1-1/2" over in length. So I ordered some. They were better than the DCI's I had, but I hit the 2 iron 230 yds and the 8 iron 185 yds. I had 3 wedges to try to cover my shorter game. The driver didn't even fit under my bag cover. It was such a noodle. I could hit it a mile anywhere but the fairway. One day (in my late 20's) I did a walk on with a guy who was my height and build, and was a collegiate player and scratch golfer. I hit his clubs and it was a moment of clarity for me. He had forged Mitzuno blades that were +6 upright, and 1" over Riffle shafts. The next day I went to to Custom Golf Shop in Orange, Ca and talked to Bill Ore about it. He said Mitzuno's blades have a very high quality ( malleable steel ). A lot of other forged clubs would end up with cracked hosels and cast clubs would just break. I bought a used set of MP14's and had Bill build them with Rifle shafts. +6 upright (though he did some different because of the steep loft on the shorter clubs) and 1" over (9 thru SW the same length). I hit them solid for years. I've had to have some of the lies re-bent because the steel has memory. Years later at a Golf tournament, I asked Phil Blackmar who's 6'5 and was commentating on the golf course, how he had his clubs built. He said, 1" over and 3 or 4 degrees upright. He said he has long arms and low hands, so he didn't need them as upright as others. Maybe 10 years ago, I too bought a set of custom cavity back Ping I's with the Maroon lies 4.5 upright, 1.5" over online for a steal. I thought they might be a little more forgiving than my blades:) I started playing worse and worse. I gave them a good 4 months of adjustment time, and to no avail. One day I grab my old blades and my pings a took them both to the range. Ping 7 iron, sprayed right then left. My MP14 7 iron, just pure smooth right at the target. Same with the rest of the clubs. Sold the Ping's online the next day. Now almost 25 years later, I'm still playing my custom MP14's. At 54 I'm feeling a little less flexible, and not hitting my irons as far or consistently. I know I need some months of regaining my stroke again, but just wondering do other companies now make cast clubs that are more upright 'off the shelf'? Or do the newer MP blades play some much better that I should consider a newer custom build?