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  1. Extending PW and SW?

    Thank you for the feedback. Your answers are very clear. Sounds like I just need to learn how to play the clubs.
  2. Extending PW and SW?

    Hi Everyone, Hoping to get some opinions (outside of my golf circle) on something that has been bugging me about my PW and SW. My Callaway XR irons are already extended 1 inch (sized and fitted, with +2). As a 6 foot 4 male, I am struggling to consistently get down on my PW and SW. Is the thought of extending just these 2 clubs further (to say, match my 6 iron length) a crazy thought? Why would these 2 clubs have to be the shortest in the set? I admit to being relatively new to the game (love it by the way), and taking lessons. But as I make progress, I still find myself topping the ball with these 2 clubs. So my question would be - why should I not extend my PW and SW length to match my 6 iron? THANKS!!