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  1. Always sad to see courses close, even worse when it's yours... We've had at least three close in the Tacoma area in the past year or two. Lipoma Firs, Brookdale and Fort Steilacoom you will be missed.
  2. So excited for the posting window to open up yesterday in our area. It was time to take my new "2" course handicap out for a ride...to the tune of a excruciatingly painful 85. My short game is typically really good and it was just dog crap all day. Granted, greens that are soggy and pock marked don't help, but it was horrendous. Can't wait to get back out there to hopefully get this out of my head and find something positive to think about.
  3. not creative, but we just call ours "2 Man 3 Way"
  4. Congrats on the hook-up! Keep us in the loop when this happens. Jealously awaiting the details from down in Puyallup...
  5. Managed to only hit 7 GIR, but with just 25 putts managed to get around in par 72. One birdie, one bogey, with a lot of good chips and clutch 4-5 footers.
  6. all right... manage to get all of the bogeys cleared off the spreadsheet, at least. Two new birdies, up to 5 now in three rounds. Amazing that I made 3 birdies with 35 putts yesterday...
  7. Saturday, we had a "Shamble" tournament. I made 4 birdies, but won't count those as I wasn't playing off of my own tee shot every time. Too bad though, as I birdied the #1 handicap hole on the course. Played Sunday, and managed 2 birds.
  8. I'm in. Managed to get one round in before the snow. Hole #8 is off the board- 17 to go!
  9. I have been following, and I am sure it will all work out at some point, but to initially see that many drastic changes is a big pill to swallow. I can imagine a lot of the older folks that I play with having a bit of difficulty with this.
  10. Well, I just saw that my index went from 3.8 to 3.4. The par on my course that was par 72 from every tee box is now either 68,70, 71 or 72. And, depending on which set of tees I play my course handicap varies from 0 to 6. This is more change that I anticipated... Let's see how this works out.
  11. back in 2010 #18 was "only" 585 from the whites. Still have the pic from the GPS in the cart saying I had 225 left in. Unless I catch a cart path really well, that will be the only 360 yard drive I ever hit.
  12. When the guys in our Men's Club play every weekend we typically have 20-30 guys, and we typically have a few different games. We do a group honeypot for KPs, low front 9, low net back 9, low net and low gross. We also usually have Nassau games in each group. Most of us also have standing bets with each other on personal low net, too. Several of the guys that are scratch, one, two or three handicaps play straight up, though. And as I got down to a three this year (back to a 4 now), I am being told that I should be playing them straight up now. Since I beat them straight up (sometimes, not often) I should just suck it up and play straight up. I broke par finally three times this year, but still don't fee like I am in their class. For you folks that are hovering around this index area, what are your thoughts?
  13. I think that the only real part for us in the US that seems to not be 100% clear is the PCC. I would like to see some examples of what these instances (which I don't think will be that common) would look like. Is it subjective or an automatic response to scores posted that day? If there are eight (I think I read that's the minimum) scores posted one day, and 1 person shoots their number and the other seven shoot 8-10 over their course handicap, what happens?
  14. I think that "imagining" is the only way I will experience that...
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