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  1. I've only tried a couple of times, so ALL hope is not lost, YET...
  2. I played my first round match in our Men's Club summer long match play tournament yesterday. I had to give my opponent 5 strokes, and knowing that he beats me straight up sometimes, I was concerned. This was probably the most I have ever stayed focused in a round of golf. Despite shanking a wedge from the middle of the fairway on #7, I still made an improbable up and down from the woods. We were all square through 16 and he finally flinched on 17 and 18. I shot even par 72 and won 2 up.
  3. Yep! Did it finally... shot one under today!
  4. Five five month check in... #1. Done ... Club Champion was a neat experience, but if your swing is awful that day, fitting is pretty much a waste of time. That day I was pulling everything 30 yards dead left. So no real good info with which I could base new club purchases. I ended up buying a “new” D,3w and 2 hybrids on callawaygolfpreowned.com for less than $600. The driver is working out great and I am still finding my way with the others. #2 ... the main reason I am posting tonight... shot a one under 70 today at a course I’ve never played. Woohoo!!! #4. Definitely have gotten a lot of golf in so far this year. Today was the 25th score I have posted in three months. Bandon trip is not happening, but Reno is in 3 weeks! #5.. still no movement on my weight... still trying to figure out how to drop a little wight and keep it off without going to extremes, but I’m still trying... #6... still have only birdied about half of the holes on my home course.
  5. I had a set of their 52,56,60 degree wedges for a while. There was one thing that they were great for...these are the only clubs that i have ever snapped in frustration. It was so liberating to be free of the Warriors. 😀
  6. I have lurked on this site for years, and have finally started posting a little, at least... Time for me to claim my glorious achievements! i wish there was one for shooting par... 😞 I have broken 80 had eagles and won team tournaments, but never individual... (don't want what i haven't earned). And will continue to read my new copy of LSW that i got last week.
  7. In hopes of finding a "silver bullet" to help my game, I finally broke down and ordered Lowest Score Wins last week. I've only gotten through the first 1/4 of it so far, but there are some interesting tidbits in there.
  8. thanks for posting this. Info seems to have been coming slowly on this.
  9. Heading to Reno the last week of June. There should be at least a couple dozen of us. Playing Wolf Run, Wildcreek, Arrowcreek and Lakeridge. I've never been, so if anyone has any info, I am all ears!
  10. Sunday i hit two of the best shots i have hit in several years. #12 big uphill dogleg left- tee shot went through the fairway into the trees. 193 yard out and i hit about a 40 yard cut and it rolled right up onto the front of the green. I can hit that shot, just not normally on purpose! 🙂 On the next hole i was under some trees 105 out and punched one that came off perfectly again, hit just short of the green and rolled all the way to the back pin about a foot and a half. Unexpected birdie!
  11. Gotta keep trying. Looking forward to the day that i "win" and have to figure out who gets the invite to go with me!
  12. I can't believe that no one on here has chimed in! Sounds like an awesome opportunity. Hopefully someday I'll make it out there.
  13. There are several nice golf courses in the Spokane area. Indian Canyon, Hangman Valley and The Creek at Qualchan are all impressive municipal courses, expecially for the price. The Coeur D Alene resort course was probably the nicest I have ever been on. Stay at the resort, take the boat to the course and you will not be disappointed. Its' been a long time since I have been, but I remember that Circling Raven was really nice as well. It's been three years since i have been, but Gamble Sands was nice, but in the middle of nowhere, not sure what else there was to do, but golf. They were the first course that i had seen that had those "golf boards", those are fun! Last year, I played Kalispel G&CC last year (formerly Spokane CC) as part of a stay and play with the Northern Quest casino, again... really nice- a lot of history there- course was founded in 1898 and hosted the the first US Women's Open. You could go down to Pullman and play Palouse Ridge- another winner.
  14. 1- Finally get fit for clubs! My HiBore is getting pretty long in the tooth. Club Champion full bag fitting next week... if nothing else, it should be fun with all the "toys" they will have to play with. 2- Break par at least once. Shot a couple of 74s in 2017... and a couple of 73s in 2018, and then to finish off the year I finally shot a 72 (winter rules still count, right?) 3- Be competitive in the club championship this year. Maybe I can't beat them, but I want to hang with the big boys for two rounds. If only I can stay out of my own head, I know that I can do it. (Any suggestions on how to not think too much?) 4- Play and practice as much and possible. Hopefully there will be a couple of golf trips in the cards for me this year as well. Reno and Bandon are in the works. 5- Keep my weight in check. I lost 120 lbs last year and have now gained about 30 back. I need to find a middle ground to maintain. This, I think, will be harder than breaking par. 6- ...one more I heard on a podcast this week. Birdie every hole on my home course this year. This will be fun to track. #2 and 12... I dunno.
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