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  1. on my continued quest to break 70 for the first time... after a kick in birdie on 13, i was three under par and then promptly made bogey on 14,15 and 16 to shoot even par 72. Can't call it anything but a choke job...again. 😥
  2. Sunday on 18 i pushed my drive deep into the trees right and managed to hit a 35-40 yard cut out and onto the green to about 20 feet and then made the putt!
  3. Finally managed to birdied #16 and 17 this weekend to complete all 18. Saturday on 17 i came up about 9" short of my first ace. Sunday, i finally birdied 16 with a 20 footer that advanced me to the next round of our match play tournament.
  4. Survived the trip to Pinehurst and back- so far. Will love to go back again sometime, but probably not in mid-July! I grew up in Florida and do not remember heat and humidity like this past few days. Definitely think that we needed more time to get around to all the things we wanted to do and see. Managed to play 2,4,5,7,8, 9 and the Cradle from Thursday afternoon to Sunday am, but after all that golf I had very little left in me to go out and see the sights. We did manage to go to the Brewery and swing by the Holly Inn (stayed at Carolina) but after all that golf - and four trips into the main clubhouse to shop for souvenirs - i was done. A few thoughts... 1) Taking a caddy or at least a forecaddy is awesome. Walter forcaddied for us on #2 on Saturday while we used push carts, and there seems no coincidence that this was the only good score for the week (75), His stories and insight to the course especially on the greens were invaluable. I wish he had been with us on #4, because i was LOST and managed a crowd pleasing 90 there the day before 2) Everywhere we went in Pinehurst folks were amazing. Guests, employees, locals were all very friendly and made us feel welcome. Not so much at #9, though. We started at #7 (80) on Thursday pretty much straight from the airport, and there was someone in the parking lot welcoming us and he told us all about the course, tips and details about the course. At #9 (84) we had to go look for someone to acknowledge that we were even there. We had to go find a cart ourselves and figure out where the first tee was. No starter, nothing. Fun course, and it was more familiar to play one round on some bent grass (the Bermuda got me good down there...) 3) I thought #8 may have been the hardest course for us. Maybe we just got on the wrong sides of more greens or something, but man it was tough out there. I thought i was playing decently but the green complexes tore me up. lots of three putts en route to an 86. 4) #5 was a fun round, but i thought it seemed really nothing that special. Looked like a 50 year old course that ran through a 50 year old neighborhood that could have been anywhere i have lived. 5) The Cradle was cool, and looks to be even more fun the bigger the group. 6) Thistle Du... i putted so many off the green... 7) I wanna go back...
  5. Jekyll and Hyde again... If I am good enough to make 5 birdies in a round how can I still make 4 double bogies in the same round? This game is so frustrating. 5 birds and shot 79.
  6. My ability to get up and down from all over the place is the only reason I have worked my index down to where it is now. On our par 5 #9 I got it down to having 59 yards in for my third shot and totally fatted it - it got almost halfway there... First club toss of the year. Yep, walked up and holed it our for bird from about 30 yards. I guess that's still up and down?!?!
  7. 71 again yesterday. Need to learn to play the last four holes. I have gotten to 15 tee at -4,-2 and -2 three of my last four rounds and only shot 71,72,71. Great for me, but really need to work on closing. Really want to break 70 this year.
  8. I think it is cart path only for #4 as well, so we may just walk that and get pull carts. (but I'm not walking 36 a day in July!)
  9. I do believe that breakfast and dinner are included, but if there is a can't miss place to go for dinner, let me know! I am assuming we will try to find time to hit the brewery, too. So many things to try and get in, while getting as much golf as possible, too.
  10. I was planning on going down to Streamsong with a college buddy this summer, but apparently some of the course are being worked on until October. So, I floated the idea of Pinehurst instead, and he bought in! So we have booked the 4 day 3 night package, staying at the Carolina Hotel, and have tee tines already set for #2,4,7 and 8. We hopefully should be able to squeeze in the Cradle and 2 more. Need your help on picking the last two. I know there are several threads talking about Pinehurst, and I have read through them all -on this site and others. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. I figure I will take a caddy on #2, but maybe just that one. I have never taken one before, and while I look forward to the experience, a caddy plus a good tip is way more than I am typically comfortable paying for a round of golf. While I know that there are a lot of great other courses, I really would like to get to Tobacco Road, Mid Pines and Pine Needles, but I think that will be another trip. So what do you guys think? 1,3,5,6,9 - pick two. Also, any other tips on what to do, where to go (or not) would be greatly appreciated. I don't know how I am going to get any work done for the next five weeks 😀 ! Thurs #7, hopefully the Cradle Fri - #2, ? Sat #4, ? Sun #8 and then to the airport
  11. After chipping in for eagle on #10, I was at -4 during a round for the first time ever. (Pretty sure I had never been 3 under) I don't think that I actually "choked" but did let a few get away at the end (damn trees). Still encouraged with my 71 and first sub-par round of the year!
  12. Always sad to see courses close, even worse when it's yours... We've had at least three close in the Tacoma area in the past year or two. Lipoma Firs, Brookdale and Fort Steilacoom you will be missed.
  13. So excited for the posting window to open up yesterday in our area. It was time to take my new "2" course handicap out for a ride...to the tune of a excruciatingly painful 85. My short game is typically really good and it was just dog crap all day. Granted, greens that are soggy and pock marked don't help, but it was horrendous. Can't wait to get back out there to hopefully get this out of my head and find something positive to think about.
  14. not creative, but we just call ours "2 Man 3 Way"
  15. tell me that slope rating is a typo....
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